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Ikea Cancel Order

By David Krug 3 minute read

If you’ve ever made a mistake with an order, you understand how difficult it can be to repair it. With a store as efficient and speedy as Ikea, this tension might be magnified!

As a result, we’ve put together a comprehensive tutorial on how to cancel or modify your IKEA purchase. You’ll learn all you need to know if you keep reading!

IKEA Order Cancellation in 2022 – How To Do It?

If a consumer wants to change, postpone, or cancel an IKEA purchase, they may check it up at and do so. In the United States, you can call IKEA at 1-888-888-4532 to get more information.

If you place an IKEA purchase and decide to cancel it within a few days, the furniture will already have been chosen, packaged, and is most likely on its way to you.

To help you get started, we’ve put up a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Call Customer Service Right Away

After placing a purchase, you’ll want to phone their customer service hotline as soon as possible. Customers in the United States may reach IKEA at 1-888-888-4532, while those in the United Kingdom can reach IKEA at 020 3645 0000.

Automated answering services or customer support representatives will answer your phone call. Alternatively, you may talk to them about the problem and say that you’d like to cancel your purchase.

It is necessary to listen to the call alternatives when an automated answer asks whether you have made a purchase if you have an automatic response.

At this point, you have two options for confirming: either speak “yes” over the phone’s speaker or touch a certain key on your keyboard. You will be connected to an IKEA employee after answering the required questions. You’ll have to tell them why you’re canceling the order.

Step 2: Keep a Note of Your Order Number

Your order number will be required by IKEA personnel to check the order’s status and determine if you are still eligible to cancel the order. To get your order number, you may look for it on your receipt or in your IKEA purchase confirmation email.

The ‘order history’ part of your IKEA online account may also contain this information. You may expect your IKEA customer service representative to ask for your entire name and address when you call to confirm your order.

This data is required for purposes of security and verification.

Step 3: Find out if you may cancel your IKEA order.

If an order cancellation is feasible, your IKEA telephone adviser will let you know once the verification process is complete. In order to cancel an IKEA order, you must do so at least two days before the delivery date. If you need to change or cancel your order, please do so by phone before this deadline.

In order to cancel your IKEA purchase, you’ll have to phone the day before it’s scheduled for delivery. To put it another way, your order will already be on its way.

Step 4: Confirm Refund Payment Details

When canceling a purchase, your IKEA phone adviser may ask for your credit card information for security reasons.

Our recommendation is to get an email confirmation of the cancellation as well, in case there are any complications in the future.

Step 5: Receive Your Refund!

Within a few days of canceling your IKEA order, you should get your refund. You should keep an eye on your emails and bank account to see if the money has been passed across to you yet.

If it hasn’t, you may call IKEA’s customer support at the same number you used to cancel your order.

I Placed An Ikea Order Online, But I Want To Make Changes.

This link will let you attempt and make changes to your Ikea order that you’ve already placed online. Because the order is likely already being processed, you’ll have to act quickly.

Bottom Line

There are a few fast methods to cancel your IKEA order and still get a full refund thanks to contemporary technology. Phone IKEA’s helpline immediately for the fastest response — they’ll be pleased to assist you!