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If You Get Terminated From Amazon Can You Apply

By David Krug 4 minute read

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is a popular choice, but it’s also a large employer in the United States, employing both staffs who work from home and those who work in the company’s warehouses.

As a result, potential Amazon employees may be wondering about Amazon’s policy on terminating its employees and how simple it is to be dismissed.

Keep reading to see what I discovered if you’re interested in finding out more!

In 2022, Amazon’s Termination Policy

In accordance with Amazon’s scoring system, employees may be dismissed if they accumulate up to just six points.

An employee’s misconduct, such as taking time off without permission, chronic tardiness to shifts, and clocking out of work too early or too late, can score them points and lead to their dismissal.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Amazon’s point system for terminating employees, the reasons for Amazon’s firings, if Amazon rehires dismissed employees, and other relevant information, keep reading!

Can You Be Rehired by Amazon Following Termination?

Employees who were dismissed from Amazon may be able to reapply for a position after a specified amount of time.

As a result, this may or may not be the case. For ex-Amazon employees, the length of time they may return to the firm will vary based on their prior position in the company and which Amazon division they were a member of, according to current employees.

For example, one Amazon employee indicated that staff employees who were sacked must wait a full year before reapplying at Amazon, while another employee stated that the minimum wait time is 90 days.

This means Amazon’s policy for rehiring dismissed employees will differ based on the reason they were let go, where they worked, and their position within their firm.

How Many Points at Amazon Lead to Termination?

Employees are written up by Amazon using their point system, which, according to former Amazon employees, may result in a person’s dismissal if they accumulate six points.

While Amazon requires six points to terminate an employee, some supervisors within Amazon divisions may be more forgiving, since some Amazon employees have been recorded to receive up to thirteen points yet still be employed.

Since Amazon may fire workers based on a written-up transgression, such as being often late to work or taking unrequested time off, little infractions may be unnoticed even if they give an employee extra points.

What Are the Reasons Amazon Fires Employees?

If an Amazon employee consistently breaks any of the company’s regulations, they risk being fired. Amazon enforces a tight set of standards for all of its workers.

Fireable offenses for Amazon employees include:

  • Donning a limited-edition set of makeup (lipstick, heavy makeup, etc)
  • The practice of bringing gum to work and chewing it throughout a shift
  • Beverage consumption during a shift (water only)
  • The incorrect packing of orders
  • Slowly but surely
  • Working while ill
  • In and out of work too late or early.
  • Too much talking (warehouse workers)
  • Wearing a costly watch and other jewels
  • A tardy arrival at work

While some of the aforementioned infractions are less serious than others, breaching these rules will raise the possibility of being terminated, potential Amazon workers should be aware of this fact.

In order to guarantee that they can achieve the essential job criteria, potential employees should think about these employment conditions before taking a position at Amazon.

Are severance packages offered to terminated Amazon employees?

Employees who are terminated by Amazon are offered the option of accepting a $5,000 severance payout as part of their departure.

It’s not clear whether or not ex-Amazon employees who take severance money are barred from applying for future positions there.

As a result, Amazon employees who want to return to the company in the future are advised not to accept the severance since they will be automatically unable to do so.

It is strongly recommended that employees who plan to leave the company take the severance money.

Does Amazon Provide Alternatives to Termination?

There is no guarantee that an Amazon employee who has committed reprimandable conduct would be fired immediately.

A two-month training program, called Pivot, will be offered to them instead. After completing the Pivot course, staff employees will return to their usual tasks as soon as they have completed their probationary period and passed the exam.

Due to this, employees who need a job at Amazon must take a refresher course before returning.

However, if employees are able to find work elsewhere, they may prefer to take the severance payout.

Does Amazon hire to terminate employees?

Sources say certain employees are hired with the knowledge that they would be fired in order to achieve quotas for the number of people Amazon expects to lose each year.

It’s not uncommon for Amazon to recruit people who aren’t as well-qualified for a job since they can be fired for poor performance.

People who are worried about getting employed because of concerns like these are recommended to withdraw their applications from Amazon or contact their manager.

To find out more about Amazon’s vacation policy, background check policy, and transfer policy, please visit our postings on those topics.

Bottom Line

A minimum of six points is required for an employee to be terminated by Amazon, according to the company’s rules.

Employees might be dismissed for a variety of reasons, such as being often late or taking unplanned time off from their duties.

In most cases, sacked Amazon employees have the option of taking a two-month course to improve their work ethics instead of receiving a $5,000 severance payout from the company.

David Krug