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How To Use Home Depot Store Credit Online

By David Krug 3 minute read

For customers, Home Depot provides a generous return policy that allows them to return items without a proof of purchase and exchange them for Store Credit.

It’s understandable if you’re wondering if you can cash in your Home Depot Store Credit for actual money. See what I discovered about it!

In 2022, can Home Depot store credit be converted to cash?

As of 2022, Home Depot customers will no longer be able to use their Store Credit for cash.

When an item is returned to Home Depot without a receipt, the retailer offers Store Credit in lieu of a refund. A customer’s Shop Credit may only be used on purchases made in the actual store.

Keep reading to find out why Home Depot won’t let you cash in your Store Credit, how to check your Store Credit amount and other helpful information.

Why am I unable to convert my Home Depot store credit into cash?

Returning an item to Home Depot results in a non-transferable Store Credit card that cannot be exchanged for cash.

There are also other ways in which this credit can be used, such as when the consumer uses their picture ID to redeem it in-store.

For returns that don’t qualify for the original payment method, Home Depot often offers Store Credit.

Returns of items purchased with Store Credit or without appropriate proof of purchase will not be accepted.

Because the credit was granted in return for an undesirable item, it cannot be converted to cash under these circumstances.

In the original form, this credit was not available for repayment because it was linked to a return.

There has been a new change at Home Depot to prevent customers from selling their store credit online. Store Credit cannot be redeemed for cash as a result of this policy.

Can I use my store credit online?

In order to utilize your Home Depot Store Credit online, you must go into the store. Home Depot put this policy in place to keep its consumers safe from those trying to purchase counterfeit Store Credits online.

Can I use my Home Depot store credit at any Home Depot location?

If you have a valid picture ID connected to your Home Depot Store Credit card, you can use it at any Home Depot location to get cashback.

To avoid fraudulent conduct, such as return fraud and the online sale of store credit cards, a government-issued picture ID is necessary throughout this process.

How Do I Check My Store Credit Balance at Home Depot?

A cashier at a Home Depot store is the only way to check the balance on your Home Depot Store Credit card.

Be aware that Home Depot Store Credit cards cannot be used to check their balances on the internet.

To check the status of their Store Credit, consumers could formerly call Home Depot and speak with a representative.

Can I Buy Gift Cards Using Home Depot Store Credit?

Buying Home Depot gift cards with store credit is not permitted. Instead, Home Depot gift cards can be purchased using cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal.

Additionally, Home Depot Consumer Credit Cards cannot be used to purchase Home Depot Gift Cards.

Home Depot Gift Cards are acquired through a third party, which means that Home Depot does not have the ultimate say on how the cards are obtained. This might explain why Store Credit cannot be used to purchase Home Depot Gift Cards.

How Can I Exchange My Home Depot Gift Card for Cash?

Gift Cards from Home Depot cannot be returned or redeemed for cash. As a result, if you have a Home Depot gift card, your only two alternatives are to spend it or trade it for cash with someone else.

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Bottom Line

You cannot convert Home Depot Store Credit for cash at this time. Because the Store Credit cards are connected to the picture IDs of specific customers, the Store Credit cannot be used by anybody other than the owner of the card.

If you have a valid picture ID, you can spend your Store Credit at any of Home Depot’s stores. You must visit the shop to check your Store Credit balance since this can no longer be done online.

David Krug