How To Tell USPS To Leave Package At Door

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It’s amazing that the United States Postal Service, which delivers millions of pieces of mail every day, can provide such individualized and particular service to its consumers.

Fortunately, USPS is well-equipped to handle this. When it comes to their package delivery, they include features like Delivery Instructions to ensure the recipient does not miss out on anything vital.

Do you know what delivery instructions from the US Postal Service are? Here’s how I’ll explain it to you:

In 2022, what will the US Postal Service’s delivery instructions be?

The USPS Delivery Instructions program is a free service that allows package recipients to specify where their box will be put for pickup. Specific areas on your property, at the Post Office or even at a separate address are all examples of locations where they can be contacted. On the parcel tracking page, you’ll find the USPS Delivery Instructions option.

Continue reading to learn more about USPS Delivery Instructions, including why you should use them, how they operate, if your package qualifies, and how to get started.

In what ways are USPS delivery instructions beneficial?

Using USPS Delivery Instructions if you’ve had items stolen, spoiled by terrible weather, or hidden from your spouse is a great idea!

As a former recipient of USPS delivery, I can attest to the usefulness of this service for those who have previously been disappointed.

The last thing you’d want is for a package that couldn’t fit in the mailbox to get wet on the side of the road because it was left there in the rain.

When it’s raining and you won’t be home for the delivery, you can instruct the courier to leave the package between the front door and storm door, so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Porch pirates (those who steal packages) can be prevented by requesting that the parcel be held at a post office for you to pick up at your own convenience.

I believe this is a vital service that USPS has implemented in order to alleviate the burden on their end that comes with countless delivery queries and claims.

What Are the Usps’s Delivery Instructions Procedures?

USPS Delivery Instructions is designed to allow receivers of eligible items to tell the mail carrier where they want them to be delivered.

You must have a USPS account and be logged in to use this service.

It is also necessary to set the delivery instructions prior to marking the item as being ready for shipment.

You’ll need to input your package’s tracking number on in order to use the Delivery Instructions tool.

Look for a heading that reads “Available Actions” to your right of the progress chart, according the USPS’s directions.

If Delivery Instructions are an option, they will be listed beneath that section of the screen.

To verify your address, click the down-pointing chevron icon to the right of the Delivery Instructions sub-heading.

Then you can decide what to do next based on your personal preferences:

  • Send it back to the place where it was first delivered.
  • You can hand it off to a friend or neighbor.
  • Make a different domestic delivery location the recipient’s responsibility (extra charge)
  • Keep it at the Post Office.

For each option you select, you will be asked to provide different information.

There are a number of options, including the option to leave it at the original delivery address.

You can also include your own directions, similar to those found in a locked garage. You can advise the mail carrier how to close the door by providing them with a code.

It is also possible to choose a Post Office hold, but if you do, you must select which one.

“Check out” is required if you’re just providing basic delivery instructions, which will be free of charge.

But if you added additional services or requested premium delivery, you would be charged.

Visit this USPS paper for the complete illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

What USPS Delivery Instructions Can I Use?

You’re not alone if you’re having trouble writing Delivery Instructions. What could be of assistance? What is the logical conclusion?

For the USPS delivery guy, here are a few fantastic examples:

  • ‘Could you please put the delivery in our garage?’ I said. To gain access, enter the XXXX code on the lock box. Close the door by pressing the Enter key.”
  • “Please place the package on the right side of the porch, where it will not be visible from the street.”
  • It’s fine if you drop it off at the doorman. “It’s my pleasure, and I appreciate your time
  • “Please carry the box to our front door.” There is a second-floor entrance on the left, and we’re the third one down.”

Please take note of the manners and simplicity of each lesson.

Is the US Postal Service’s Delivery Instructions service free of charge?

For USPS delivery instructions, the most basic options can be found for no cost at all! These are some examples:

  • On-site delivery of the package to the address of your choice.
  • package delivered to a neighbor instead of a post office (on your same route)
  • Hold/pick-up at the post office

The Delivery Instructions feature allows you to add extra services for a cost. The following extras are available:

  • Moving your shipment to another domestic address that is not on your carrier’s delivery route (or within your zip code)
  • A PO that isn’t your delivery PO can hold/pick up your package for you.
  • It’s possible to upgrade to Priority Mail or Priority Express for delivery.
  • Signature Requirement and other Extra Services

Can the US Postal Service Tell You If Your Package Is Eligible for Special Delivery Instructions?

Enter your tracking number on the website to see if your parcel is eligible for delivery instructions.

Look to the right of your tracking progress bar when you see the results. The “Available Actions” heading will appear.

Subheadings with drop-down menus, such as Text Updates and Email Updates, appear below that.

It’ll be stated at the bottom if you qualify for Delivery Instructions.

You will, however, not be able to access Delivery Instructions at all if you are ineligible.

Delivery Instructions can only be used if you have a USPS account.

However, if you don’t already have an account, you can use the Delivery Instructions approach to sign up for one right now.

USPS Delivery Instructions Request Cancellation?

There are no edits or cancellations for Delivery Instructions requests once they’ve been finalized on

It’s possible, however, that an old-fashioned solution can be found.

The next best thing, according to a r/USPS thread, is to stick a message to the mailbox for your mail carrier.

Deliveries that are currently taking place on your property will not be affected by this.

If you want the postal carrier to leave the package at a neighbor’s house or take it to the Post Office, you can’t leave a note for them.

Why not add a little something extra and ensure that the postal worker follows the directions in your note?

Leaving them a baked product or bottle of water will make them more willing to transport your goods.

If you want to learn more about USPS, you might want to look into if USPS sends text messages, whether tracking is updated, and whether Sunday delivery is available.

Bottom Line

Recipients can use the USPS Delivery Instructions service for free to designate exactly where and how their parcels should be delivered.

Checking to see if your product qualifies for free shipping is as simple as going to the tracking page for your order.

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