How To Set Up Safeway Employee Discount

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Numerous retail and supermarket shops reward their employees with holiday pay, employee discounts, medical coverage, and gym memberships, among other incentives.

If you are contemplating applying for a job at Safeway, you may be wondering if they provide employee discounts. If so, continue reading this post to see what I discovered!

How To Set Up Safeway Employee Discount in 2022?

As of 2022, the employee discount at Safeway grants all employees a 10 percent discount on store brands and a 5 percent discount on all other brands. To be eligible for an employee discount, Safeway employees must have completed their probationary term and possess an AirMiles card that can be swiped at the cash register.

Continue reading to find more about how Safeway employees may utilize their discount, what they can purchase with the discount, and more!

What are the requirements for Safeway employees to utilize their discount?

Before they are qualified for the employee discount, Safeway employees must get two essential items. Before becoming eligible for a discount, all employees must first finish their probation term. The probationary term at Safeway is three months long.

After their probationary term, Safeway employees must also obtain an Air Miles card. This card will function as a discount card and will be swiped at the register when staff members choose to utilize their discount.

The Safeway personnel cannot get their employee discount without an Air Miles card. Safeway workers must register their card number in Employee Self Service (ESS) on the Albertsons/Sobeys employee site in order to use their Air Miles card.

Can Safeway workers share their employee discount?

Employees of Safeway are permitted to share their discount with any member of their household. As long as their Air Miles card is registered through the Sobeys web, both the employee and family member are able to enjoy the discount.

Can Safeway employees utilize their discount across all departments?

Employees at Safeway can apply their discounts on the majority of in-store merchandise and in every department. However, discounts are not applicable to all goods. The following items are listed:

  • Liquor
  • Fuel
  • Tobacco
  • Tickets of chance
  • Postal Service Gift Cards
  • Minimum price regulation items (ex. milk)
  • Exceptions in-store (specifics will vary per store)
  • Diverse things sold by a third party (specifics will vary per store)

Moreover, certain non-discounted products, such as those sold by third-party vendors, may differ by shop.

Staff members and prospective employees of Safeway are strongly encouraged to consult with their store manager on the products that fall under minimum price regulation, in-store exceptions, and third-party seller products.

Where may Safeway employees utilize their discount?

Due to Albertsons/Sobeys’ ownership of Safeway, workers are permitted to redeem their discount in select Albertsons Companies shops. The following stores are eligible for the Safeway employee discount:

  • Sobeys 
  • IGA 
  • Thrifty Foods 
  • Foodland 
  • Fresh Co 
  • Lawtons Drugs 
  • Rachelle Bery 
  • Les Marchés Tradition 
  • IGA Extra 
  • Sobeys Urban Fresh 
  • Atlantic Co-op 
  • Chalo! Fresh Co 
  • Price Chopper 
  • Marche Bonichoix 

Employees of Safeway may use their Air Miles cards to receive their employee discount at any of the stores listed above.

Please note, however, that FreshCo workers cannot earn Air Miles points and may only use their card for the discount.

Where cannot Safeway employees receive their discount?

There are a few Albertsons Companies outlets that do not allow Safeway employees to enjoy their discount. The following are they:

  • IGA Express 
  • Cash & Carry 
  • Farm Boy 
  • Pete’s Frootique & Fine Foods 
  • Voila by Sobeys 
  • Fast Fuel Retail 
  • Needs 
  • Marche Omni 
  • Sobeys/Safeway Liquor Stores 
  • Boni-Soir 
  • Voisin 
  • Thrifty Foods Liquor  

What are Safeway’s additional employee benefits?

In addition to the employee discount, Safeway employees receive a variety of other incentives upon employment. The following are the benefits:

  • Health Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Dental Insurance 
  • 401k Plan 
  • Retirement Plan 
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave (unpaid) 
  • Military Leave (unpaid) 
  • Family Medical leave 
  • Vacation and Paid Time Off (after one year of employment) 
  • Reduced and Flexible Hours 
  • Commuter Checks & Assistance 
  • Legal Assistance 
  • Employee Assistance Program 
  • Tuition Assistance 
  • Gym Membership 

All employees are eligible for PTO after one year of employment. In addition, normal employees receive two weeks of paid time off, while shop managers receive five weeks of paid leave.

Bottom Line

Employees at Safeway receive a 10 percent discount on store brand items and a 5 percent discount on any other name brands available in the shop.

To redeem their discount, employees must have completed their three-month probationary term and obtain an Air Miles card. Employees of Safeway are permitted to use their discount in select Albertsons/Sobeys locations and may share their discount with their immediate family.

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