How To Return A Digital Rental Book On Amazon

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Reading material has become an increasingly popular pastime because to Amazon Kindle’s ability to store numerous books on one device and access them at any time.

However, customers who have purchased an Ebook from Amazon and wish to return it may be unsure of Amazon’s return policy. Keep reading to see what I discovered if you’re interested!

Return Policy for Amazon Ebooks in 2022

Amazon users can return any Ebook purchased from their account within seven days of purchase. Customers can also return unintended Ebook purchases to Amazon for a refund within seven days. In addition, customers can borrow Ebooks from Amazon and return them whenever they want for as long as they keep their rental agreement open.

Learn how to return rented Ebooks, get a refund, and other helpful information by reading this post! Continue reading this page!

How do I return an e-book to Amazon?

Using the following procedure, users can return an Ebook purchased from Amazon.

In order to see all of your prior Ebook purchases, visit and log into your Amazon account.

There will be an expiration date in bolded type beneath the book if it is suitable for return. If it is not, you can still return it.

Please return your qualifying book by selecting the “Return for Refund” option.

In the pop-up window that appears after selecting the return option, select the reason for return.

Customers who request a refund will be immediately refunded with credits that can be used to purchase another Ebook on their account after the return request has been processed.

However, Amazon Kindle owners should be aware that they can only download up to 10 books at a time.

This means that if they want a new book right away, but already have ten in their library, they’ll have to delete or unload one of their older purchases.

Do Kindle Books Have a Return Policy?

Customers can return Amazon Ebooks within seven days of purchasing them if they purchased them using an Amazon Kindle. In the event that a consumer requests a refund, Amazon Ebook credits will be issued.

Ebook purchasers should be aware, however, that they can only have up to 10 Ebooks on their Amazon Kindle at a time.

The only way for them to read their newest book right away is to temporarily delete one of their other nine novels from their library, since they already have ten of them downloaded.

Can You Get a Refund for an Amazon Ebook Rental?

Amazon Rentals offers clients the option of renting tangible books, which can be returned at any moment if they choose to extend their rental duration.

Amazon does not currently allow customers to rent Ebooks.

Amazon customers can, however, return a leased book in the following manner:

  1. Amazon’s “Manage Your Rentals” page can be accessed by logging into your account.
  2. Select “Return rental” after finding the book you want to return.
  3. You’ll then need to choose a drop-off site, which can either be an Amazon pickup place or a local parcel service.
  4. You can print out the shipping label and the packing slip provided by the rental company and put the rental in a box with the packing slip.
  5. The rental can be dropped off at the mailing address.

What Happens if You Don’t Like Kindle Books?

Customers have seven days from the date of purchase to return any Ebook they downloaded to their Kindle. To ensure that buyers are able to read the book before making their decision, they are given seven days to do so.

Customers cannot, however, return any Ebooks after the seven-day return period has expired.

Audible and Amazon Rental both allow customers to return their rented or purchased audiobooks for a full refund if they decide they don’t like them after the first listening.

Refunds for e-books purchased from Amazon?

When a customer requests a refund for their Ebook, they will be repaid automatically.

Customers who receive refunds from Amazon will typically receive credits to go on future Amazon Ebook purchases.

Why Did My Amazon Ebook Order Get Canceled by Mistake?

The Kindle Content Help section of is a great place for customers to go if they’ve accidentally purchased an Ebook. If you need to return a Kindle book order, click the “Start Your Kindle Book Return” button in the yellow toolbar.

Bottom Line

Kindle Ebooks can be returned to Amazon within seven days of purchase. You may use the credits to buy other Ebooks on

The customer service area of Amazon’s website provides a “Return a Kindle Book Order” option that users can use to return an Ebook that they purchased by mistake.

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