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How To Read Walmart Receipt

By David Krug 5 minute read

In the event that you need to return something you purchased at Walmart, an associate will print or email you a receipt.

The information on your receipt is unique to you, but how many people can decipher a Walmart receipt? Receipts from Walmart will be explained in detail.

A Walmart Receipt Reading Guide For 2022?

A Walmart receipt’s most prominent feature is the product names, their serial numbers, and the total price, including any applicable discounts. It’s the receipt number that appears at the bottom of the page. Tax compliance is represented by A, B, P, R & S. N, X, and O represent the tax status of the individual. Using Walmart’s online receipt lookup tool, you can find and print duplicate receipts.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about Walmart’s codes and acronyms, as well as how to make a duplicate receipt.

Walmart Receipt Numerical Codes: What Do They Mean?

From top to bottom, Walmart receipts are strewn with long and short numeral codes that can be difficult to decipher. What these codes mean can be found here!

Walmart’s receipt has a list of codes and their meanings that can be found below their store address.

This line of your receipt will begin with a store name and zip code.

  • This is the store’s identifier, ST#
  • This is the OP# used to identify the cashier.
  • This is the cash register’s serial number, which is #TE
  • Transaction reference number (TR#)
  • The 12-digit serial code, which is unique to each item purchased, is listed in the middle of the receipt.

Right-hand side, you’ll find the prices for each individual item. You’ll see the total cost, debit tends (indicating that a refund should be issued to this card), and any additional charges.

For cards, the last four digits of your card will appear after ‘U.S credit/debit’ (depending on your usage).

In the event that you need a refund, having this information on hand will be helpful to both you and the cashier. You’ll also find the merchant’s receipt reference (REF) number on the same line.

Abbreviation “APPR” stands for “Approved,” which indicates that the bank has given its approval to the transaction in question. If you used a chip card, you may have seen a ‘AID’ code, which is used to identify a card’s use.

The ‘TC’ number, which is part of the transaction codes, can be found further down the page.

In the end, the C# is the receipt’s unique identification number; it is one of the most important ones to print on the receipt. You can see the date and time of purchase below the barcode.

How Do You Read A Walmart Receipt To See What You Bought?

It is common for Walmart to use abbreviations to shorten the product names of items purchased during a transaction. For example, “Org” stands for “organic” and “VG” stands for “vegetables”.

On the receipt, you can also look for an item by its unique serial number. Many high-end products, such as televisions, radios, tablets, and smartphones, include a serial code as part of the product’s design.

To find a product’s alphabetical name and other information, type that number into’s search bar.

Alternatively, you can use the Walmart + app to scan the QR code on your receipt. A photo of each item on the receipt should be provided.

What Are the letters A, B, P, R, and S on a Walmart Receipt Symbolized By? 

You’ll notice letters like F, R, and B on the receipt if you pay attention. Sales tax compliance is a factor in all of this, and the rules differ from state to state. For instance:

A represents only the first tax.

  • B = Only Tax 2
  • P is the sum of taxes 1 and 4.
  • Taxes 1 and 6 are R.
  • S = Taxes 1 and 7

Each tax rate is based on a specific product:

  • General merchandise is taxed at a rate of one.
  • Tax number two is the food tax.
  • Tax 4 is the tax on food that has been prepared for consumption.
  • It’s tax number 6 for wine.
  • Beer is taxed at a rate of seven percent.

Is Your Receipt Included in Walmart’s Return Policy?

The return policy of Walmart is usually found on the back of the receipt. In order to make a return, you must do so within 90 days from the date that appears on the front of your receipt under the barcode.

If the return policy isn’t printed on the back of your receipt at your local store, don’t panic! You can find the full return policy on Walmart. Contact Walmart customer service instead.

Which Letters Stand For What On A Walmart Bill?

N, X, or O may appear on your receipt after the item’s price, on the right side of the document. The tax status of a product is denoted by one of these letters:

  • The letter N denotes that the item in question is exempt from federal income taxes.
  • X said the item was taxable.
  • It is not a taxable sale if you buy and sell items marked O

What Happens if You Forget Your Receipt?

All refund requests must be accompanied by a valid purchase receipt. They are, on the other hand, incredibly easy Fortunately, Walmart has an online service that can help customers locate lost receipts. Zip code or city and state of purchase, date of receipt, and total amount paid are all required information.

When asked for proof of purchase, Walmart recommends that customers bring in a financial statement.

Next, provide the type of credit card used to make the purchase and the last four digits of the card number. The receipt lookup facility can be accessed online once you’ve gathered the necessary information.

How Do I Use the Receipt Lookup Tool?

Employees at Walmart are permitted to reprint receipts, as long as they do so immediately after printing the first. However, you can create a duplicate receipt online using the Receipt Lookup tool.

Select the store from which you purchased your receipt and the date of purchase first. Using the last four digits of your unique card number, type in your card type (debit for all debit cards). Once you’ve entered the receipt amount, click the “Lookup receipt” button.

On the next page, if your receipt has been verified, you can download and print it. If you paid with cash, a check, or a gift card, you may need to contact Walmart customer service.

We’ve also got information on who makes the Walmart Great Value products, whether or not Walmart can check your receipt when you leave, and how to return items without a receipt at Wal-Mart.

Bottom Line

In addition to identifying the product names, prices, and serial numbers, Walmart receipts also include discounts, payment methods, and the amount of cash returned to the customer. Sales tax compliance is indicated by the letters A, B, P, R, and S, while item tax status is indicated by the letters N, X, and O. Locate the barcode’s receipt number. The return policy is on the back of the product. Use the Lookup feature to copy recipes.