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How To Quit Instacart

By David Krug 3 minute read

DoorDash, Uber, and Shipt are all part of the gig economy, and Instacart is only one of many. As a result, some customers decide that Instacart isn’t the right fit for their needs and go on to something else.

Instacart can be uninstalled, but how? What’s it like to go through that? Before you sever ties, I have the solution you’re looking for!

Can I Quit Instacart In 2022?

Contract workers, not business employees, Instacart’s full-service customers are free to leave the firm in 2022. The app can be deleted and the shopper card can be destroyed without any official notification. However, if a shopper is certain they won’t return, they can completely erase their account.

For more information about Instacart’s shopper termination policies, including whether or not Instacart can permanently delete your account, read on!

Can You Quit Instacart at Any Time?

As a full-service shopper, you have the option to discontinue using Instacart at any moment.
If you’re a full-service shopper (meaning you shop and deliver), one of the benefits of working with Instacart is that you aren’t an employee of the company.

But even if it’s not in anyone’s best interest, it means that you don’t have to give any advance warning before shutting down the service. You already choose your own hours as a full-service customer; now you may opt to never work another hour again.

In contrast, if you are a customer in a business, you are an employee because you get paid hourly and don’t rely on tips for the majority of your income. If you live in a state where you are employed “at-will,” you can either leave or be dismissed at any time; if you live in a state where you aren’t, you must be given notice.

If you’re leaving your job but have good relations with your coworkers, it’s polite to give them some notice.

How Do You Cancel Your Instacart Shopper Account?

It’s possible to completely deactivate your Instacart account if you know for sure that you won’t be using the service any more. It’s a simple process that can be completed on a smartphone.

Instacart shopper customer service may be reached at (888)-246-7822. When you call, a customer care specialist will answer your questions and guide you through the cancellation process.

Using the Instacart Shopper app’s live chat feature, you may achieve a similar effect.
If necessary, you can video conference with a customer service representative using this text-based feature.

Customer assistance for Instacart Shopper is accessible around the clock, so no matter what time you decide to cancel, Instacart is there for you.

If You Quit Instacart, Do You Return Your Shopper Card?

The Shopper card is typically destroyed by customers who no longer use Instacart. Some people chop it up, while others toss it in the trash. It’s up to the customer to figure out what to do once they’ve stopped using Instacart because the company hasn’t made any public instructions available.

However, we all make hasty decisions that we later regret, so it may not be a bad idea to keep it. It will be necessary for you to wait for Instacart to provide you a new Shopper card should you return to the service.

Last but not least, if you contact Instacart Shopper customer service to request the deletion of your account, you can inquire about what to do with your gift card.

Can Instacart Fire You?

As a full-service shopper with Instacart, you can’t be fired since you’re a contractor, not an employee. Sadly, Instacart has the power to delete your account so that you are effectively fired from the service.

Instacart employees, on the other hand, are treated differently because they are paid hourly and have access to benefits. Yes, Instacart may sack its workers in this situation.

Your Instacart Shopper account can be reinstated if you believe it was terminated in error.

Bottom Line

Full-service shoppers for Instacart are independent contractors, not employees, and can leave the firm at any moment if they like. Nevertheless, you may wish to keep your Shopper card because Instacart will always be available if you decide to return.