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How To Get Pay Stubs From Instacart

By David Krug 4 minute read

Instacart shopping is a great experience for many reasons, including the flexible hours and low start-up cost.

Full-service shopping, on the other hand, is contract work, making it more difficult to obtain official payment information.

Is it possible to obtain an Instacart paystub as proof of income? You won’t want to miss what I’ve found out!

Will Instacart Paystubs Still Be Available in 2022?

No pay stubs are issued to full-service customers in 2022 because they are not Instacart employees but rather independent contractors. The Earnings section of the Shopper app can be accessed by shoppers who need to show proof of income. Each year, Instacart sends out 1099 tax forms.

When it comes time to file your taxes each year, you’ll want to know more about how you can get an Instacart pay stub and how you can keep track of your earnings.

Is There a Way to Get an Instacart Paystub

With tens of thousands of full-service shoppers in the United States, Instacart does not send out paychecks.

This is because full-service shoppers are actually independent contractors, just like a freelance writer or a self-employed photographer, for example, when it comes time to file taxes.

However, proof of income is required in many situations, such as when applying for low-income benefits, changing payment information for student loans, or applying for a mortgage loan.

When it came to reporting your earnings, you had to do it all on your own – in the form of Excel spreadsheets and the like.

It was only in 2021 that Instacart heeded the call of its customers and implemented a new accounting system.

Customers can now see their earnings and promotions “progress in real-time” by downloading the Shopper app’s Earnings section.

This is where you can print out screenshots of the relevant information so that you can cross-reference them with your bank account deposits.

Institutions requiring proof of income must know that you are an independent contractor, not an Instacart employee.

This lets them know that they shouldn’t be expecting to receive actual pay stubs.

This should be used instead of paystubs in most cases by freelancers who need to show proof of income.

If you need proof of income, it’s still a good idea to talk to the institutions that require it to find out exactly what you need.

However, the Shopper app’s Earnings feature should be of use.

How Do You Track Your Instacart Earnings?

The Earnings section of the Instacart Shopper app keeps track of your earnings.

If a customer has left a tip in addition to the base payment from Instacart, you will see it here.

It’s interesting to see how much time you spent working each day, how many batches you finished, and how much money you made in total.

To see a specific day in the week, you can click on the week in question in the Instacart dashboard.

Is Instacart a Way to Make Money?

As a result of federal tax law, Instacart earnings over $600 must be reported on a 1099 form, which means they will be taxed.

The only caveat to this is if you’re using it as proof of income.

So, if you’re applying for a home loan and worked at Instacart for less than three years, your freelance earnings would not be included in your income statement.

Your income from Instacart is likely to be considered only in that situation, and not for anything else.

In contrast, if you’re updating your student loan information or applying for a lower-income benefit, you won’t need to provide the same extensive documentation of your income.

Your earnings history from Instacart will suffice, as long as you can provide proof of that.

Exactly how does Instacart go about sending 1099s?

Tax forms for independent contractors are sent out by Instacart each year during the tax season.

A third-party company may send you an email with your 1099, according to Keeper Tax.

You can, however, request a paper copy by calling Instacart.

Go back and take a look at your earnings from the company to see if you received one.

It’s possible that you didn’t earn more than $600, in which case Instacart doesn’t have to send you a form because the income isn’t taxable.

Do Instacart Shoppers Have to Pay Income Taxes?

Using the 1099-NEC form, independent contractors from Instacart file their taxes.

You will need a 1099 for each app that you delivered.

Keep in mind that the IRS gets an exact copy of your 1099, so it knows exactly how much income you should claim.

As a rule, it’s best not to under-report or under-report anything.

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Bottom Line

Customers who use Instacart’s full-service options will not receive pay stubs in the mail, but Instacart has made it easier to track earnings in the app.

Full-service Instacart shoppers who earned more than $600 receive a 1099-NEC from Instacart at tax time, and the company also sends the earnings report to the Internal Revenue Service.