How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

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Amazon is already one of the top online stores to use when looking to save money. Its pricing is difficult to match due to its immense size. It is simple to understand why consumers enjoy shopping at this e-commerce behemoth when you take into account its extensive product selection, membership benefits from Amazon Prime, and the Subscribe and Save option.

Shopping on Amazon may be pricey even with its cheap rates and services like Amazon Prime. A few internet shopping binges might drastically damage your financial account if you’re not careful.

Fortunately, there are several methods to acquire free gift cards to reduce your Amazon expenditure.

Ways On How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

The following strategies for obtaining free Amazon gift cards are your greatest choices if you want to increase your monthly savings without giving up the pleasures of Amazon purchasing.

1. Taking Surveys Through The Following Survey Websites

A high-paying internet career is not taking surveys for money. Actually, one of the lowest-paying side jobs available is working on survey websites.

However, there are ways to earn additional money in your leisure time on survey websites. Users may also exchange their account balance for free Amazon gift cards on several well-known survey websites.

The hourly income on survey websites isn’t that high. Other challenges include disqualifications, running out of surveys, and offers that are occasionally not credited.

But if you want to get free Amazon gift cards without having to spend money or put any work into it, survey sites are a good choice.

Survey Junkie

Along with paid surveys, several survey companies provide consumers the chance to earn money through features like download incentives or cash-back bonuses. It solely provides surveys on Survey Junkie. You may take surveys for points anytime they are offered after joining Survey Junkie and completing a welcome questionnaire.

U.S. users of Survey Junkie may redeem their points for a variety of free gift cards, including Amazon gift cards, for as little as $5 worth of points. Members from Canada and Australia can withdraw money using PayPal and then online purchase Amazon gift cards.

Swagbucks Surveys

Since 2008, the extremely well-known survey website Swagbucks has started rewarding its users. Members may earn points by completing surveys, making online purchases, downloading applications, viewing videos, and using the Swagbucks Search engine to do web searches.

Free Amazon gift cards are among the many prize choices available on Swagbucks. A low cash-out requirement for a survey website, numerous gift cards may be purchased for only $1 in Swagbucks points.

Pinecone Research

For voicing your opinion, Pinecone Research members can receive free gift cards and PayPal cash. Pinecone Research is owned by Nielsen, a well-known data and market research firm, and it pays members for participating in surveys.

After signing up, you start getting emails with survey invites that each pay $3. Compared to other websites that provide paid surveys, this is a lot higher. Receiving survey invites that are relevant to your demographic data also makes it unlikely that you will be dismissed midway through a survey.

Once you get 300 points, which is $3, you may redeem Amazon gift cards and other prizes. This indicates that doing only one survey is sufficient to reap the rewards of joining Pinecone Research.

2. Make use of the Amazon Trade-In Program

Using the Amazon Trade-In Program is one of the simplest methods to get free Amazon gift cards. This service allows you to trade in unwanted items for Amazon gift cards. The trade-in program accepts thousands of qualifying goods in the following categories:

  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Kindle readers
  • Headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and Amazon Echo devices
  • Textbooks
  • Gaming consoles, controllers, and video games
  • Home security systems

This application is both free and simple. You may search the trade-in shop to see if the item you wish to trade in is accepted.

Trade-in products must “match the exact version presented in the Trade-In search results or on the product page on,” according to Amazon. If it meets the requirements, you’ll be able to receive some free Amazon gift cards. There are four steps to trading in an item:

  1. Choose Item Condition. Amazon’s Condition Criteria website describes each category’s condition standards.
  2. Select Return Options. If Amazon determines that your trade-in is in poorer condition than mentioned in your application, you have two alternatives. Amazon has the option of returning the item for free or continuing with the trade-in for a smaller reward amount. On your trade-in application, you select your choice.
  3. Get ready to ship. Enter your shipping information and pack your goods. For free shipment, Amazon Trade-In allows you to generate a prepaid UPS shipping label.
  4. Send Your Product. Your submission form specifies a deadline for shipping your item. Please keep in mind that any smartphone or home security system you send through the trade-in program must be unlocked or deregistered.

It might take up to ten business days for a trade-in to arrive at an Amazon location and be processed. Within the following two business days, you will get an email confirming whether Amazon accepts or rejects your trade-in, as well as the trade-in value.

Amazon compensates for trade-ins by transferring the value of the gift card directly into your Amazon account. Only in the United States is Amazon Trade-In accessible. Furthermore, you must send things from a U.S. address or Amazon will return them to you.

The trade-in value varies according to the condition and worth of your item. The newest Kindle reader, for example, may earn up to $20 in Amazon gift cards, but an Xbox One can earn more than $60.

Put unwanted electronics and textbooks aside the next time you do some spring cleaning and see whether they’re qualified for the Amazon Trade-In program to potentially earn some free Amazon gift cards.

3. Get Amazon Cash and Reload Bonuses

If you’re a regular Amazon customer, there are methods to earn gift cards in exchange for your purchases.

To get the most out of your Amazon shopping, sign up for Prime Reload and become an Amazon Prime member. Prime members who recharge their Amazon gift cards will receive a 2% bonus.

Using Prime Reload is a breeze. A debit card and U.S. bank account number are all you need to use Prime Reload if you live in the country. When you use Prime Reload to reload your Amazon gift card balance, you get a 2% bonus on your gift card balance.

If you’re already a Prime member, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this simple technique to boost the value of your Amazon gift card. Using Amazon Cash for the first time is another option to get free Amazon credits. Customers can use Amazon Cash instead of a debit or credit card to make purchases.

To begin, go to an Amazon Cash facility, validate your account using your phone number or Amazon app barcode, and deposit money into your Amazon account balance. Amazon Cash users can only contribute $5 to $500 at a time.

For new users, Amazon Cash is now rewarding them with a $5 Amazon credit for every $20 they add to their Amazon account balance. Some well-known merchants have partnered with Amazon Cash, including Western Union, CVS, 7-Eleven, Allpoint, Rite Aid, and GameStop.

You may save money and receive a bonus on your Amazon gift card balance by utilizing Prime Reload and Amazon Cash while you’re planning a trip to Amazon.

4. Make use of Shopping Reward Apps.

In order to save money while buying online, you may use mobile coupon applications and browser extensions. Shoppers may also earn rewards like Amazon gift cards and cash back by using popular shopping sites.

Free Amazon gift cards worth hundreds of dollars a year are unlikely to be obtained using these purchasing applications. In the long run, though, they’re a free and easy method to save money while purchasing online.

If you use the following applications regularly, you may earn Amazon gift cards for free.

Fetch Rewards App

Cash back may be earned by using the Fetch Rewards app when you buy at a variety of participating brands. Fetch Rewards is different from other applications in that it only asks that you purchase items from their list of partner companies.

You get points for uploading receipts to the Fetch Rewards app. Fetch Reward points may be redeemed for $3 at a rate of 3,000 per member each year. Fetch Rewards members get access to a wide variety of gift cards, including free Amazon gift cards.

Honey Browser Extension

Shoppers may save money by using the Honey browser plugin, which automatically applies discounts at checkout. Honey Gold is a cash-back feature included in the Honey service. Shop at more than 4,000 different stores and earn Honey Gold.

Free Amazon gift cards and gift cards to companies like Walmart, Macy’s, and Target are available whenever you earn $10 in Gold.


In exchange for shopping for sponsored deals and uploading their receipts, Ibotta, a well-known rebate software, provides its customers cash back. In-store purchases at Ibotta partners or online purchases made through the Ibotta app allow members to receive cash back.

After accumulating $20 in rebates, you may use PayPal or one of a choice of gift cards to withdraw your money. More than 1,500 brands and merchants work with Ibotta, so there are many ways to save money.

Drop Free Cashback App

Shop at your favorite retailers and earn cash back with Drop, another free cash-back app. New Drop users may choose five retailers from which they will automatically receive cash back, making this program a lot easier to use than other similar apps.

Walmart, Uber, Starbucks, and Target are just a few of the many options. The Drop app also has a rolling list of sponsored deals and sign-up incentives that earn additional Drop points for using the app to make purchases. Drop points may be exchanged for a variety of free Amazon gift cards.

Bottom Line

It is easy to save money while shopping on Amazon. Amazon customers may save money when they purchase online by taking advantage of promotions like Subscribe and Save, Amazon Prime discounts, and competitive prices. Free Amazon gift cards may be earned by using the aforementioned strategies.

These tactics will not make anyone rich. However, it’s never a terrible idea to get free gift cards. The next time you buy on Amazon, you may use the free money on your gift card to make a wonderful purchase.

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