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How To Be A Good Department Manager At Walmart

By David Krug 4 minute read

For someone who enjoys managing the daily operations of the retail shop and is in the market for new employment, Walmart may be an option to explore for the position of Department Manager.

The following is some of the information I collected while researching this position.

In 2022, what does a Walmart department manager do?

In 2022, Walmart department managers are responsible for ensuring that the activities of a certain department are running well.

You’ll be responsible for hiring, training, and correcting your department’s employees, as well as organizing and stocking your department’s merchandise. 

A department manager must be able to multitask and be detail-oriented in order to succeed in their position.

What is the hourly compensation for a Walmart department manager? Is it a decent job? If so, read on to find out the answers to these questions!

At Walmart, what is a Department Manager?

It is the job of a department manager at Walmart to oversee everything that goes on in a certain area.

In general, your duty is to make sure that everything in your department functions properly so that sales and earnings may improve.

Some additional responsibilities for a department manager are as follows:

  • Organize and distribute work to employees.
  • Employees should be educated about the company’s rules and processes.
  • Keep an eye on the performance of your employees and make necessary modifications if you see any problems.
  • Educate new hires and supervise staff
  • Be responsible for hiring and promoting your department’s workers
  • A well-stocked inventory is essential.
  • The merchandise has to be arranged.
  • Products are packaged and labeled.
  • Remove any damaged goods from the store’s inventory.
  • Remove any items that have expired.
  • Be on track to meet Walmart’s financial targets for your department.
  • Ensure that everyone in the department is safe
  • Install price tags and product information on all products.
  • Relate to consumers and vendors in a timely manner
  • Help clients locate what they’re looking for and respond to their inquiries
  • Resolve consumer complaints and difficulties.

Walmart department managers may also be responsible for other tasks, which will depend on the specific department and store requirements.

How much do Walmart’s department managers earn?

Walmart’s department managers make an average of $15.05 per hour, however, salaries can range from $12 to $20 per hour based on the store’s size, location, and degree of expertise.

In addition, if you’re currently employed at Walmart and are promoted to a department manager position, you may earn a raise if you’ve proved yourself to be a diligent worker.

What Skills Are Required for a Department Manager Position at Walmart?

To work as a department manager at Walmart, you’ll need at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and the following qualifications:

  • The ability to perform many tasks at once.
  • Be a good leader
  • Possess monetary expertise.
  • Computer literacy, particularly in the areas of Excel and Word
  • The ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Be kind and approachable.
  • Be able to change your mind.
  • Ability to keep things in order
  • Organize the working hours of your employees.
  • Ability to achieve and sustain predetermined objectives
  • Put the needs of your customers first!
  • Possess a working grasp of dispute resolution.
  • Successfully complete the Walmart Manager Job Application Assessment.

What is Walmart’s Employment Evaluation for Managers?

In order to become a manager, you’ll have to pass a written test that assesses your decision-making abilities and your capacity to prioritize.

This test must be done regardless of whether you are a new hire or already working in another Walmart employment role.

To summarize, we’ll look at the following parts of the evaluation:

  • Running Your Business
  • Managing Your Day
  • Working with Associates
  • Tell us Your Story
  • Describing Your Approach

Not passing this exam does not mean that the post has been given to you. You will have to wait a specified period before applying again.

Is it a Good Job to Be a Walmart Department Manager?

Being a department manager at Walmart is a great position to have since it allows you to have fun and is a lot less stressful than other management roles. Employees in this position also benefit from the salary and other perks that come with it.

An added benefit for employees is the satisfaction they get from neatly organizing and labeling inventories and other items for the convenience of clients.

Cons, Working weekends and holidays; keeping up with the never-ending stocking requirements in some sections; working nights and weekends; not having a flexible schedule.

You may also have communication problems with the senior administration, depending on where your shop is located.

It is true that certain Walmart shops have excellent management that treats all employees fairly and values each one’s contributions regardless of position.

In order to obtain a sense of how well the business is run, it is advisable to read staff feedback for your location.

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Bottom Line

Department managers at Walmart are responsible for overseeing all areas of a certain division, including product organization, shelf replenishment, work delegation, employee development, as well as recruitment.

Additionally, you will be expected to reach the store’s financial goals, which demands you to be innovative and come up with fresh ways to promote your department’s items.

David Krug