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Coming up soon is Black Friday, and with it comes the annual reminder to start planning for Christmas spending.

How many people do you need to purchase for, and how much are you willing to spend on each? Many organizations’ spending plans for this year are lower than in previous years due to the state of the economy.

The Xbox Kinect has been a popular gift this holiday season. To buy or not to buy an Xbox Kinect for the gamer on your holiday shopping list, is the question. Then let’s go right into it and find out!

Even if you’re not familiar with the name Xbox Kinect, you will be soon. To promote it, Microsoft is shelling out $500 million.

It’s an Xbox 360 accessory that allows for motion control, in case you were wondering. There are no buttons to push; instead, players control the action with their bodies, like with the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move. 

However, Kinect does not require a controller to detect motion as the Wii and Move systems do. Cameras, infrared sensors, and microphones are used to determine your location and the content of your speech.

It’s awesome because you don’t need to hold anything while you play. That remote control is never going to fly across the room and smash another TV or the window again!

This video will give you a glimpse of the mechanics of Dance Central, one of the most rated games available.

Whether It Works

When I finally got to try out the system, it exceeded my wildest expectations. It works remarkably well if there is some room to move around while playing.

Because of the potential need for space, you should check on available quarters before proceeding. Distance from the sensor needs to be between 6 and 10 feet.

Six feet is plenty of room for a single player. There must be a return to 8 feet if a two-player game is to take place.

Playing with one other person didn’t necessitate rearranging furniture, as a 6-foot diameter playing area was required in both of my homes, but playing with two players necessitated relocating a couch.

The beautiful thing is that even those who don’t usually play video games can pick up on the mechanics and have fun. Your lady won’t need to be taught the ‘A’ key combination.

Get in the air and give it a try if you feel the need. If you need to hit a ball, just swing your arm. Dance Central and Kinect Adventures are the only two games I’ve had a chance to play so far with the Kinect.

They are both simple to learn and play. We had a blast, and so did everyone who came out to play at our last party.

In addition, the voice commands are a neat feature. Words like “Xbox Play” can be used to activate several functions.

Most individuals, however, would rather not have to say “Xbox Play” but instead utilize a remote control. Even so, it is an impressive technological achievement and performs admirably.

How Will The Kinect Be Enjoyed?

The tech is great, and it completely destroys the Wii when it comes to games and technology of this nature.

However, being a dedicated player, I haven’t found many titles worth playing on it. My wife is interested in using it for fitness-oriented activities, so I decided to get it for her. 

She had been considering purchasing a Wii so that she could play Wii Fit, but then she discovered the Kinect. We took a chance since she decided she preferred it. And that suits her just fine.

The answer is yes; it’s a hit with her. For myself, I prefer the more serious, classic games like Halo and Call of Duty.

Like the Wii, it’s probably not the best choice for the hard-core gamer on your Christmas list, but it’s perfect for games that get the heart rate up and get the blood pumping.

Nonetheless, it is perfect for games at social gatherings and is enjoyed by virtually everyone. 

Last weekend, we brought it to a friend’s house and had a blast playing Dance Central and hanging out together.

Likewise, if you have a child attending university, I think this would make a fantastic present. My roommates and I would have had a great time playing this back in college.

For those who like the Wii’s motion-controlled party games, the Kinect is sure to be a hit.


In terms of cost. The sensor may be purchased independently of an Xbox for $150. The excellent Kinect Adventures game is included.

The Kinect is available in a $300 combo with an Xbox for those who don’t currently own an Xbox. Certainly, that’s a lot more than the Wii, but if you can swing it, it’s certainly worth it.

Remember that the Xbox is one of the top hardcore gaming systems and the Kinect is included in the price of $300.

Bottom Line

What you want from a gaming system is ultimately up to you. This is an innovative new take on gaming for fans of motion controls, fitness games, and get-togethers with friends and family.

The release of more games is something you should wait for if you are a serious gamer. 

For the price and features, we couldn’t be happier, but unfortunately, there aren’t enough games for me to play just now. Eventually, I’m sure someone will create a game that truly piques my attention. 

For the time being, I can keep playing my favorite Xbox system’s extreme games. Here, the Xbox bundle package is actually becoming a one-size-fits-all gaming machine due to its many customization options.

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