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Members of Amazon Prime receive exclusive benefits, such as expedited shipping and a prepaid credit card. Some Prime members may not be aware of the service, but they may profit greatly from Amazon Prime Pantry. Find out if this service is right for you by reading on.

Prime Pantry’s Operation

The Prime Pantry is a section of Amazon’s main marketplace that is exclusive to Prime members. (Prime Pantry is available to everyone, not just those who have paid for a membership to Amazon Prime.) To no one’s surprise, Prime Pantry sells the same types of nonperishable goods as you’d find in your own kitchen pantry, including cereal and snacks, as well as housekeeping supplies and carbonated beverages. Things like first aid kits, toilet paper, and cosmetics are also included.

In addition, many new parents appreciate Prime Pantry’s extensive selection of infant care products. Prices are on par with those at supermarkets and discount warehouse clubs, with the exception of Costco, which was shown to be less expensive than Amazon Prime Pantry in a head-to-head comparison.

Amazon Prime Pantry does not carry perishable commodities like fresh meat, dairy, or fruits and vegetables in part due to the shipping time (for more on this, read on). The store does not sell any frozen foods either.

You may shop for groceries on Amazon’s Prime Pantry page. While browsing Amazon, you may come across products labeled “Prime Pantry exclusively,” indicating that they are exclusive to the subscription service.

Products from Prime Pantry can be added to your shopping basket on the Prime Pantry website, the main Amazon website, or the Amazon app. When you add an item from Prime Pantry to your shopping cart, it will be automatically sorted into a designated section of your cart just for Prime Pantry products. Prime Pantry goods you’ve added to your basket will be shown, along with a running total.


As a result of the bulkiness of the products included in the Prime Pantry, shipping is handled differently than it is for regular Amazon orders. There are two delivery choices available to Prime Pantry members:

  • Prime Pantry subscribers can pay a flat monthly charge to have all orders of $10 or more sent for free.
  • If they opt not to pay the surcharge, then they will have to add at least $35 to their Prime Pantry order before they qualify for free shipping.

Prime Pantry orders that don’t meet the free delivery criteria will be charged a fixed rate. For a complete breakdown of costs, please review the Prime Pantry Agreement.

While most Amazon Prime purchases are shipped through air, Prime Pantry shipments are shipped via ground. As a result, their delivery time is extended by up to four business days compared to that of ordinary Amazon Prime purchases. Furthermore, Amazon Prime Pantry is not available to customers in Alaska or Hawaii due to the fact that ground shipment is only available inside the mainland United States. P.O. boxes, college dorms, and other nontraditional locations are not acceptable for Prime Pantry deliveries.

Since Prime Pantry orders are sent separately, they will never arrive along with your regular Amazon Prime two-day delivery.

Advantages of Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime Pantry members get access to products that aren’t available to other Amazon shoppers. They also receive weekly emails with exclusive offers, coupons, and discounts on Prime Pantry’s most popular products.

The Subscribe & Save program may be used on some Prime Pantry goods. By signing up for recurring deliveries at intervals of your choosing (weekly or monthly) and paying a discounted fee, you may take advantage of the Subscribe & Save program. When you sign up for five or more subscriptions with the same delivery schedule, you’ll receive a 15% discount on each one.

Disadvantages of Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry won’t be able to fully replace your weekly supermarket run because it doesn’t sell any perishable goods. However, the AmazonFresh delivery service is only available in a small number of big cities, so if you’re looking for a program to replace your weekly food shopping, you’ll need to search elsewhere.

Aside from that, if you sign up for AmazonFresh, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Prime Pantry at no extra cost.

The brands of most Prime Pantry staples are rather average. Nothing at the store is going to be cheap, and you won’t find any generics either. Prime Pantry is not the greatest option if you have a strong preference for either expensive name brands or inexpensive generics.

Should You Join Prime Pantry?

Prime Pantry is a grocery shop exclusive to Amazon Prime members; in order to qualify for free shipping, customers must spend $35 or more in the store within a single month. If you find a Prime Pantry item that is either not sold in your area or is much less expensive on Amazon, it may be worthwhile to add more things to your cart in order to reach the $35 minimum required for free shipping. If you order from Prime Pantry, please keep in mind that delivery may take longer than usual.

Prime Pantry is offering new customers a free 30-day trial. If you see something you want in the Prime Pantry shop but don’t feel like hunting down enough things to reach the $35 minimum, you can always take advantage of the free trial and buy only what you need. After the first 30 days, you’ll need to determine if the monthly fee or spending $35 or more on each Prime Pantry order is worth it to continue receiving the item(s) you want.

Bottom Line

You may save money by not paying the monthly cost and instead waiting to add Prime Pantry goods to your order until you reach the $35 threshold necessary to receive free delivery. In this way, you won’t have to pay anything more for your Prime membership in order to have access to the Prime Pantry. With this method, Prime Pantry becomes a fantastic value for any Amazon Prime member.

Do you frequently use Prime Pantry? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below. Please explain why you stopped using Prime Pantry if you tried it.

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