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How Much Is Bread At Aldi’s

By David Krug 8 minute read

We use the phrase “the best thing since sliced bread” to describe something truly exceptional. Bread is one of the most common items we buy at the grocery store because of its many uses, including toast, sandwiches, and breadcrumbs.

You’ll find a wide variety of breads at an Aldi supermarket, but you may be surprised by how many varieties are available on any given day. Before you buy any Aldi bread, familiarize yourself with the following facts.

In 2022, Aldi Bread will be available

L’oven Fresh, Specially Selected, Simply Nature, Fit & Active and liveGfree are just a few of Aldi’s bread brands. Basic white and wheat loaves, hamburger and hot dog buns, dessert loaves, bakery-style loaves of a higher price point, and seeded and organic loaves all fall into this category. Between 69 cents and $5.49, you can get one.

Continue reading to find out more about Aldi’s bread selection, prices compared to other retailers, and what customers have to say about the product’s quality.

What Kinds of Bread Can You Find At Aldi?

Aldi sells bread under five of their own private labels, as previously mentioned. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

In Freshness.

The bread and bread products offered by L’oven Fresh are comparable in price to those found at Aldi.

  • Slices of whole wheat or multigrain bread can be replaced with Sandwich Skinnys ($1.65 for 12 ounces), a great alternative to Arnold sandwich thins.
  • It’s a larger, more robust loaf of bread that can handle more toppings. 12 Grain Bread Wide Pan – $1.75 for 24 oz;
  • $2.09 for a 20-ounce loaf of Artisanal Style Bread, which looks and tastes like bread from a local bakery. These loaves are dense and make excellent sandwiches.
  • For hot dogs, when you want to pile on the toppings, or for sausage, peppers, and onions straight from the grill, I like to use the $1.69 for six 15-16 oz. center split deli rolls. In addition to being sturdy, these breadsticks also toast well.
  • Cinnamon Raisin or Cinnamon Swirl Bread – $1.79 for 16 oz.; These are fantastic sweet pieces of toast and taste amazing with just butter.
  • To serve with spaghetti and meatballs, try these garlic knots, which cost $2.75 for 10.4 ounces.
  • For 79 cents, you can get 11-12 ounces of hamburger buns, which aren’t very sturdy or large, but they do the job.

It’s best to keep an eye out for Aldi Savers during the summer grilling season for deals like 50 cents per bag.

  • It costs $1.39 for a 12-ounce serving of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. Do you enjoy King’s Hawaiian Rolls? You don’t have to make any special trips to other supermarkets to get Aldi’s version of this name brand product.
  • It is a bargain at 95 cents for 20 ounces of honey wheat bread, which has a slightly sweeter flavor.
  • The 79-cent hot dog buns are a great way to stock up for a big BBQ when you know you’ll be serving a lot of hot dogs. For 79 cents, these hot dog buns aren’t as flimsy as you might think.
  • Wheat or Multiseed Bread – $3.99 for 14 oz.; Keto Friendly Aldi carries keto-friendly bread, and you’ll be even more impressed by this bread when you see the price comparison below.
  • 69 cents for 20 oz. of Split Top Wheat Bread If you have small children, Aldi’s cheapest wheat bread is a great option, especially if you’re looking for a low-cost bread option.
  • Cheap Aldi white bread is 79 cents for a 20-ounce loaf, and it’s a classic. Perfect for making simple grilled cheese sandwiches or bologna sandwiches.
  • 14 oz. of Zero Net Carb Bread costs $2.99 This was originally called Aldi Find, but it was so well received that they decided to keep it! Love Aldi for doing that.

Stores frequently sell out of this item because of its high demand.

Intricately vetted

In addition to bread, the Specially Selected label encompasses a wide range of products, but here you can see that they include gourmet-style loaves, rolls, and buns from all over the world.

  • It doesn’t matter whether you cook these flatbreads in the oven or on the grill, they make excellent pizza bases.
  • 3.65 cents for 10.58 ounces of Brioche Buns Adding brioche bread to a sandwich or cheeseburger elevates the dish to a new level. Toast them if you can!
  • 2.89 dollars for a 9.52 ounces of Brioche Hot Dog Buns. The brioche buns, on the other hand, give hot dogs a unique flavor (again, toast them before using for an extra dimension of flavor and texture).
  • For your next family dinner or holiday meal, serve these delicious Brioche Rolls ($3.90 for a 12-ct. package of 16.9 oz.) as an elegant side dish.
  • It was $3.99 for 14.11 ounces of bread, but I couldn’t find the exact price for this item, but it was the price for a similar item (brioche, the same weight bread) and Aldi is consistent with pricing.
  • If you’re used to eating your sandwiches on white or wheat bread, these Aldi-sourced ciabatta sandwich rolls are a welcome change of pace.
  • $1.65 for 9-12 oz. of French Baguette The French baguette is a timeless classic that goes great with soup or salad, or you can just tear off chunks and eat it with cheese.

Aldi’s baguettes are part of a line of “take and bake” breads, which means you can bake them at home and control how crispy or soft they are.

  • Another “take and bake” option from Aldi, these Italian loaves are excellent with a big bowl of pasta, providing just the right amount of carbohydrate to round out the dish perfectly.
  • 3.99 dollars for 17.6 ounces of original or garlic naan bread, or 12.7 ounces of mini naan bread; Simply the best naan bread I’ve ever had. I’ve made pizzas with them (in the oven and on the grill) and roasted them in a hot skillet with olive oil to serve with hummus dip as an appetizer.

A lot of bread is included in the price, so you may end up having to freeze half of what you buy. In fact, it’s very good at both freezing and thawing.

  • Bread Sliced Brioche Loaf – Plain or with Chocolate Chips – is a must-have for breakfast or French toast.
  • While most people will appreciate the convenience of pre-sliced sourdough, I would prefer if they sold whole sourdough loaves. However, my own bias has no effect on the flavor’s outstanding quality.

Nature for its own sake

There are more and more products under the Simply Nature label in Aldi’s organic section each year. GMOs, artificial ingredients, and preservatives are not used in the products.

  • It’s not only organic, but it gets all of its protein from plants, too, in the form of Simply Nature Oat So Healthy® Honey Oat Bread ($4.29 for 27 ounces).
  • A 27-ounce loaf of Graintastic 21 whole grain and seed bread from Simply Nature Organic costs $4.29 and is jam-packed with seeds; This organic seeded bread has five grams of protein per slice and is sure to please anyone who enjoys the flavor and texture of seeded breads.
  • For $2.95 for a 16-ounce loaf, Aldi’s Simply Nature Sprouted 7 Grain Regular or Low Sodium Bread is a great value.

This is a good example because the Knock Your Sprouts Off is available in a low sodium version for those who want to reduce their intake of the common additive.

Some Other Labels

There are two other labels of Aldi’s branded bread, both of which cater to specific diets.

  • Every dieter knows the importance of finding a bread that does not cost a lot of points, and Fit and Active 35 Calorie 100 percent Whole Wheat Bread is no exception.

It’s great that Aldi has added bread to its Fit & Active line so that dieters don’t have to go out of their way to find it (or spend a lot on special bread).

  • $5.49 for 20 oz. of liveGfree Wide Pan Gluten-Free Bread – White or Whole Grain If you’re looking for gluten-free options, Aldi can hold its own with any other supermarket in the country. You won’t believe how much less expensive their g-free bread is when you see it.

Is Aldi Bread of a high standard or not?

Bloggers, commenters, and I all agree that Aldi’s bread is excellent.

When ranking her five favorite Aldi breads, Jelisa Castrodale of theKitchn. chose basic white bread, French baguette, Fit & Active loaf, brioche buns, and a sourdough.

Commenters on the Zero Net Carb bread thread were ecstatic about the bread’s flavor and texture, and some were heartbroken that they couldn’t find it at their local Aldi. Listening to their customers is a priority for them.

For their list of Aldi’s best healthy foods to buy, included Aldi’s 100 percent whole wheat bread.

However, I can say that my personal experience with Aldi’s bread has been nothing but pleasant.

You can stock up on hot dog and hamburger buns, pre-baked loaves, sourdough loaves, etc., and they’ll all taste just as good months later when they’re taken out of the freezer. I’ve done this many times.

Does Aldi Bread Cost Less than Other Bread?

How do Aldi’s prices compare to those of other supermarkets? Look at the following examples.

Aldi sells a loaf of white bread for 79 cents, and Walmart’s Great Value label costs 88 cents; this is a staple in most families’ kitchens.

Compared to Walmart’s Arnold sandwich thins, Aldi’s “skinnys” retail for $1.65 for a 12-oz 6-pack. bag; Walmart’s Arnold sandwich thins retail for $2.98 in a 6-pack. Purchasing the Aldi brand will save you over $2.

In addition, we’ll take a look at an organic loaf of bread. Bread at Aldi costs 18 cents per ounce, while bread at Wegmans costs 23 cents per ounce for organic sprouted multigrain.

Finally, there are options for those who are gluten intolerant. Aldi’s: $5.49 per 20 oz. (or 27 cents per oz.) Wegmans: $5.99 to $6.99 per loaf (or 33 and 44 cents per oz, respectively).

Which Aldi Bread Is The Best?

Simple white bread from Aldi costs just 79 cents per loaf.

Because it is customizable, denser, and thicker (so it can hold up better in big sandwiches), I think the second-runner-up should be the Take and Bake Italian loaf, which freezes and thaws perfectly.

Which bakery does Aldi use to supply its loaves of bread?

In the absence of in-store bakeries, you may be wondering where Aldi gets its bread.

For a given label, many different manufacturers and wholesalers can contribute products.

According to ingenious Redditors, Aldi’s hamburger buns are actually made by Bimbo Bakery, the company that also produces brands like Brownberry, Entenmann’s, Sara Lee, Thomas’ and Boboli.

Evidence suggests that Aldi has a longstanding relationship with Bimbo Bakery and that many of Aldi’s L’oven Fresh bread products come from Bimbo. I cannot, however, guarantee that this is the case.

Bottom Line

From L’oven Fresh to Specially Selected and even a few breads for specific diets, all of Aldi’s breads are well-priced compared to other retailers’ offerings.

Bread from Aldi can be used for a variety of purposes, from making homemade breadcrumbs to serving as a breadstick in fondue. It also makes a great sandwich bread.

David Krug