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How Much Is A Po Box Las Vegas

By David Krug 5 minute read

When it comes to shipping and receiving mail, USPS is one of the largest shipping distributors in the country. There are a variety of options for receiving mail, such as using a PO box instead of your home address.

USPS PO boxes cost money, but how do you get one? Here’s everything I found out after doing some research on the subject!

A USPS PO Box in 2022: How Much Will It Cost?

Depending on the location, size, and payment period of a USPS PO box, prices will vary. Price ranges of $13-$44 for three months and $21 to $75 in six months are available in the smallest PO box, and $64-$360 for three months and $109 to $625 for six months are available in the largest box.

Remember that purchasing and setting up a PO box involves quite a few steps, so read on for more information!

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Postal Service PO Box?

The price of a USPS PO box depends on the location, size, and the length of time you are renting it. Additionally, if you rent a USPS PO box, you may be charged additional fees.

However, one of the most important determinants of price is the location of the PO box.


However, the US Postal Service categorizes PO box locations into two categories: “Market-Dominant” and “Competitive.”

The fees at so-called “competitive” post offices tend to be higher as well.

Additional services such as longer hours of access and electronic notifications when you receive mail are commonly offered by these PO boxes.


When renting a USPS PO box, size is also an important consideration.

For example, the five most common sizes of post office boxes are extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large, all of which are about 15 inches deep.

You should take into account the type of mail you expect to receive when deciding on the size of the PO box you should rent.

A 3′′x5.5′′-sized extra small PO box can hold up to 10-15 letters or two rolled-up magazines.

With 15 letters and five rolled-up magazines in a 5-by-5-inch box, the small PO boxes are slightly larger than the extra small boxes.

Large envelopes fit perfectly in medium PO boxes, which are also 5.5″ x 11″ and can be stacked flat rather than being rolled.

Next, large PO boxes, which measure 11′′ x 11′′ and can hold two shoe boxes and 15 letters, are one of two options that are ideal for receiving packages.

Finally, if you plan to receive multiple or large packages in addition to regular mail, an extra-large PO box is the best option.

A flat rate USPS package, as well as other parcels, will fit in an extra-large PO box, which measures 12″ x 22.5″.

Term of Payment

The length of time you have to pay for your PO box is also a factor in determining its price.

Paying for a PO box, for example, is referred to as a “payment period.”

If you choose a longer payment period rather than a shorter one, your monthly payment will be less expensive.

Nevertheless, the majority of post offices accept payments over a three- to six-month period, with a few accepting payments for a full year.

It makes financial sense to choose a longer payment period when purchasing a PO box in order to get the best deal possible.

To see how much different factors affect the cost of PO boxes, you can check out this helpful chart and article.

Additionally, you can use this USPS page to look up a nearby PO box location and get an estimate of the cost.

Is it possible to get a USPS PO Box?

There are a few options if you want to rent a USPS PO box.

On the other hand, you can apply for a PO box online or in person.

You can apply online for a post-office box.

Using the USPS website, select a location and size for a PO box before submitting your application.

If the size of the PO box you selected is available at the location you’re looking at, you’ll be prompted to reserve it. You’ll be asked if you want to join the waitlist if you can’t get in.

As an alternative to being put on the waiting list, you can try a different postal service location or PO box size to see what’s more convenient for you.

You can, however, fill out all of the information and be added to the waitlist if you’re certain about this particular location/box.

The post office will then call or text you to inform you of the availability of your PO box after you’ve been on a waitlist.

For the next two days, you’ll have the option of reserving the box for yourself.

The alternative is to fill out PS Form 1093 online and select your payment period if your box is available for reservation (yay!). Once you click “Submit,” your PO box will be delivered to you!

Your PO box will be yours to use for the next 30 days after you’ve submitted the necessary paperwork.

Bring the 1093 form, as well as two forms of acceptable identification with you.

Obtaining a Postal Service Box in Person

Print out the 1093 form, fill it out, and bring two forms of acceptable ID to the post office to rent a PO box.

When you apply for a post office box rental in person, you get two benefits: you can verify your identity while you’re doing so!

Visit this page to learn more about the forms of identification accepted by USPS when renting a PO box.

We also have posts on whether or not USPS delivers to PO boxes, how fast is USPS expedited shipping, and whether or not USPS updates tracking.

Bottom Line

When renting a PO box through the United States Postal Service (USPS), a customer’s price is based on location, size, and the length of time they intend to use the PO box.

In addition, PO box prices rise with the size and popularity of the location, but fall with the length of the payment period.

To that end, you can fill out PS Form 1093 to request a PO Box, either online or in person.

In order to rent a post office box, you must bring two forms of identification to the post office to prove your identity.

David Krug