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How Much Is A Money Order At Publix

By David Krug 3 minute read

The use of money orders is widespread, however, not all retailers sell or cash them. As a result, knowing which businesses accept money orders might be useful. Keep reading because I’ll tell you if Publix accepts money orders and so much more, including a list of the store’s phone numbers.

In 2022, will Publix still accept money orders?

Most Publix shops will limit the number of money orders to $500 beginning in 2022. In addition, Publix only offers money orders; it does not cash them.

A money order costs between $.89 and $.99 and can be obtained at the customer service desk during regular business hours. To learn more about money orders at Publix, including the cost and how they function, please continue reading.

Do all Publix shops take money orders?

Money orders are available at every Publix, no matter where you reside.

Are Western Union Money Orders Accepted at Publix?

Despite the fact that Publix offers money orders, you are unable to cash a Western Union or any other brand of money order.

When Can I Buy Money Orders at Publix?

7 am to 10 pm is the time frame for most Publix stores where you may obtain a money order for cash. In addition, you may purchase a money order in a matter of minutes if a customer care representative is on duty.

How Much Does It Cost At Publix To Buy A Money Order?

A money order at Publix costs between $.89 and $.99. Paying for a money order can be done in cash, prepaid debit card, or a regular debit card at any Publix location.

Does Publix Accept Money Orders Made By Credit Card?

For money orders, Publix does not take credit cards, but it does accept debit cards.

Is Publix Accepting Checks in Place of Money Orders?

As a payment option, checks aren’t accepted for purchasing money orders at Publix.

Is There A Money Order Limit At Publix?

Most Publix stores have a $500 maximum for money orders. So, if you require a $2,000 money order, you’ll need to purchase four $500 money orders.

The manager has the last say on whether or not you may buy a money order for more than $500 at select Publix stores. If you want to purchase a money order for more than $500, you’ll be required to provide identification.

You may also buy as many money orders as you like from Publix, as long as you don’t go over the $500 limit on each one.

Publix Accepts Which Kind Of Money Order?

Western Union is one of the most popular money transfer services in the United States.

What Is The Proper Type For A Publix Money Order?

In order to complete a Publix money order, simply follow these steps:

  • Put the name of the recipient on the money order
  • Put your name in the purchaser area
  • If it’s a bill, then add the account number to the money order
  • In the section with “Purchaser Signature,” sign your name
  • Keep the receipt attached to the money order

Ask a customer service representative or check online if you’re having trouble filling it out. There are several video lessons and tips to help you.

How Do I Get A Tracking Number For A Publix Money Order?

It’s simple to trace a Western Union money order purchased at Publix. Simply call the Western Union phone number on your receipt if you need to cancel an order. Using the automated system, you may find out if and where the money order is and if it has been cashed by entering the 11-digit code.

Is Publix a Money Order Refunder?

The Western Union money orders that Publix accepts do not have a return policy because of this. In order to get a refund, you’ll need to get in touch with Western Union. You’ll also be charged $15 for requesting a refund over Western Union, so be aware of that.

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Bottom Line

Money orders may be purchased at any Publix location, but they cannot be cashed there. As a result, you’ll have to purchase additional money orders if you require more than $500.

Finally, you’ll need to pay for your money order with cash, a prepaid debit card, or a debit card to complete your transaction. There is unfortunately no credit card payment option for money orders at Publix.