How Much Is A Bunny At PetSmart

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PetSmart has grown to be the go-to place for animal lovers across the country, with over 1650 locations providing a wide choice of live pets and pet products.

So if you’ve always wanted a bunny as a pet and asking does PetSmart sell bunnies? The results of my investigation are in!

Does PetSmart sell bunnies in 2022?

In 2022, PetSmart will not be selling rabbits at any of its stores. PetSmart stopped selling bunnies because of animal activists and for animal welfare, as selling pets is viewed as unethical by many people.

As an alternative, PetSmart has teamed up with an adoption facility that advertises their bunnies online in order to provide a safe and secure adoption procedure.

They also provide additional information about bunnies online to help inform their customers. PetSmart bunny adoption has been made pretty simple and accessible.

There is a $50-$125 adoption fee when adopting a bunny, and the adoption process requires that the customer be at least 18 years old.

When and why did PetSmart stop selling bunnies in-store, what is the adoption procedure like, if PetSmart offers rabbit grooming services, and much more? If you want to find out, keep reading!

Has PetSmart ever sold bunnies?

PetSmart used to allow consumers to interact with and purchase live bunnies in their locations before 2007. As of today, PetSmart does not sell live bunnies.

Bunny enthusiasts flocked to PetSmart in droves to adopt a furry friend and stock up on treats, food, combs, and other trinkets.

Why did PetSmart stop selling bunnies? 

This decision was made in response to concerns expressed by PetSmart CEO Phillip Francis about the increasing number of bunnies ending up in animal shelters just a few days after being acquired.

Another reason PetSmart ceased selling bunnies at this time was due to many rallies and email concerns from animal rights groups.

In spite of this, PETA animal rights advocates claim that soon after PetSmart made this declaration, the company resumed selling live bunnies in its stores.

Bunnies were once again removed from PetSmart’s inventory following a massive protest from animal rights advocates.

How can I adopt a bunny through PetSmart?

A total of 9.5 million pets have been successfully adopted by PetSmart customers in the United States and Canada over the past 26 years.

Because of this, adopting a rabbit from PetSmart is a simple procedure for bunny lovers. To adopt a rabbit from PetSmart, simply follow these steps:

  • Please click on ‘Adopt’ in the upper right-hand corner of the PetSmart adoption page for more information on adopting a pet today.
  • Specify your location by entering your zip code.
  • Take use of the drop-down option and pick “Other” instead of “Cat or Dog.”
  • Simply click on the image of a rabbit that catches your eye.
  • Find a phone number or email address in the ‘My story’ section to contact the organization about this pet. Your interest in adopting this animal has been expressed.

Make sure to keep an eye on your email for a response from the bunny’s owner, so that you may ask for further information about adopting the animal.

How much does it cost to adopt a bunny from PetSmart?

PetSmart’s adoption hub charges a range of adoption fees, ranging from $50 to $125 per rabbit. Each bunny’s adoption price is listed in the ‘My tale’ part of their page.

Do PetSmart bunnies come with any age restrictions?

PetSmart’s policy is that in order to adopt a rabbit (or any other animal) from one of their locations, you must be at least 18 years old.

So that PetSmart can verify your age, you must have a valid government-issued picture ID with proof of your date of birth.

Where else can you adopt bunnies?

There are a variety of different ways to find a bunny for adoption near you, same as many other small animals for pets.

You can also adopt a rabbit or other new pet from PetCo, if there is one more local to you than your nearest PetSmart.

Local shelters and rescue groups are another good option for finding bunnies that are put up through their individual adoption process.

Bottom Line

Live bunnies are not available for purchase at any PetSmart facility or online. When it comes to bunnies and other animals, PetSmart works with an adoption center as its business partner. Anywhere from $50 to $125 is the price range for adopting a rabbit.

For those who want to buy a live animal from PetSmart, the shop still carries a variety of smaller animals at most of its locations. For example, you’ll find rats and mice among the little creatures that you’ll find here.

Frequently asked questions

What are pet mills?

Pet mills are one of the main reasons that many retailers have stopped selling popular pets, like rabbits, and have started only adotping them out.

Animal rights activists have helped to raise awareness on the dangers of pet mills.

Pet mills are where animals are bred in poor and inhumane conditions in order to meet the demand of pet owners.

How do you take care of pet bunnies?

Bunnies love gnawing on things in order to keep their teeth trimmed. Because of this, you need to make sure that there are no exposed electrical wires or other hazardous things that they can get to and chew on. Pet rabbits take a lot of care, and need a lot of attention, like all live animals.

Pet rabbits need a roomy enclosure to live in, with proper bedding. You will also need to buy rabbit pellets for them, and feed them fresh greens and the occasional fruit, in order to keep their diet varied and healthy.

Appropriate food and a habitat for rabbits is one of the main ways to keep your new pet happy and healthy. If you have any other bunny care questions, you should always ask a PetCo employee, or your local vet.

Can you have bunnies around other pets?

It completely depends on the temperment of your pet bunny and the other pet(s) that you want them to be around.

If you have your bunny around your cat or dog, you will need to keep a close eye on them, in order to ensure that none of your pets get hurt. Cats and dogs are significantly bigger than bunnies, and might inadvertently hurt them, even without meaning to.

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