How Much Does Walmart Charge For Tax Preparation

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No matter how hard we try, tax season always comes around. It’s unpleasant while it’s happening, but the results are worth it in the end.

It’s now easier than ever to submit your taxes, thanks to Walmart’s partnership with tax preparation service providers on-site for almost three decades.

Getting your taxes done at Walmart is a logical choice for many individuals because the business has hundreds of sites around the country. Here is Walmart’s comprehensive tax filing guidance.

In 2022, how will Walmart’s tax filing process work?

Tax preparation services are available through Walmart’s relationship with Jackson Hewitt, the second-largest firm in America.

During tax season, customers at Walmart have the option of scheduling face-to-face meetings or arranging for document drop-offs. Walmart’s tax preparation services start at $48.

More information regarding the procedure, additional tax preparation services Walmart offers, dates and locations, and how Walmart helps the receipt of your return may be found below!

How Does Walmart Tax Filing Operate?

Customers can now schedule in-store tax preparation appointments online, thanks to Walmart’s long-standing agreement with Jackson Hewitt, the nation’s second-largest tax prep service provider.

In Walmart, Jackson Hewitt sets up temporary cubicle-style offices throughout the tax season. These tend to be found towards the entrance of the store, separated from the rest of the store by tall dividers.

Customers can choose between face-to-face, sit-down appointments with a tax professional who leads them through the procedure, or a drop-off.

When you choose the drop-off option, you may go shopping while the tax professional takes care of the paperwork.

The following are the three promises made by Jackson Hewitt in each instance. Long-term precision is guaranteed, as is the maximum return feasible, and tax preparation is typically completed within an hour or less.

As stated on Walmart’s tax prep website, trained tax specialists can manage your tax problems, from the basic to the sophisticated.

That implies that no matter how complicated your tax preparation may be (especially for contract workers), you can bring it to Jackson Hewitt at Walmart.

After the end of the tax season, Jackson Hewitt customers who require tax services should contact one of their offices directly.

How Much Does Walmart Charge for Tax Filing?

Walmart’s tax-preparation services start at $48 per return, but the price can go up based on how complicated your financial position is.

Generally speaking, the more complicated your filing is, the more you should budget for it.

What Are The Deadlines And Locations For Tax Filing At Walmart?

Over 3,000 Jackson Hewitt mini-offices are set up at Walmart shops across the United States. Before or during tax season is the ideal time to check Jackson Hewitt’s website for locations.

Enter your location into a search and you’ll be presented with a list of all the nearby offices, including Walmart locations.

The filing season often begins in the first few weeks of January, which is when most offices begin setting up. You may anticipate them to be gone by the middle of April when the tax season concludes.

What Should Be Brought When Filing Taxes at Walmart?

Walmart recommends that everyone bring the following items to submit their taxes:

  • W-2s and other kinds of income documentation (1099s for contractors)
  • Your driver’s license or a state-issued ID
  • No need to have the card; just know what it is. Your social security number
  • If you still have them, your federal and state tax returns from the previous year (if any).
  • The names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers of any dependents

Please note that this list is not complete, and you may need to bring other items.

Does Walmart Provide Online And Software Tax Filing Services?

Walmart understands that some people prefer to complete their taxes themselves in order to save money.

Customers will be able to access H&R Block’s online tax filing services, as well as their own for-purchase tax preparation software, without having to deal with Jackson Hewitt at all.

With costs starting at $8 in past years, the software that can be purchased is very affordable for the average user.

How Do You Receive Your Tax Refund at Walmart After Filing?

Refunds are available from Jackson Hewitt and Walmart in three distinct ways. You can first cash your refund cheque at Walmart when you receive it.

If you don’t have a bank account, this is an easy way to pay for your purchases. Pay attention to the fact that Walmart charges a little fee to cash a cheque at their location.

Prepaid cards are an additional option. Reloadable debit cards are an excellent alternative for those who do not wish to carry large amounts of cash with them at all times.

Finally, direct deposit is the method for receiving your refund. Be sure to bring in your account details, such as the number and name of your financial institution.

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Bottom Line

Walmart has always been a master of one-stop shopping, and it is in this vein that they provide services like tax preparation to its consumers in-store.

Walmart customers may either meet with a Jackson Hewitt tax professional one-on-one or drop off tax preparation services while they shop after scheduling an appointment online.

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