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I spent roughly $50 on razors last year. And as someone who shaves daily, it feels amazing to have cut my personal care budget so drastically.

I didn’t even have to make any major adjustments to my normal self-care practices. Just stopped buying the more expensive brands and learned how to make my razors last longer.

You may find razors at much lower prices these days thanks to online retailers and growing competition among razor manufacturers. No matter how often or what region of your body you shave, you can find an inexpensive razor that will get the job done.

How to Reduce the Cost of Razors

Modifying your shopping habits to seek discounts on razors and shaving supplies is one method to cut expenditures. Other strategies entail switching razor brands or modifying your shaving routine.

Use these money-saving shaving tips together and you can reduce your annual shaving expenditures without sacrificing quality.

1. Online shopping

Online shopping is a convenient and economical option. Like other types of personal care goods, razors may be purchased from a variety of online-only brands at prices that are much lower than those of industry giants like Gillette.

Depending on the number of blades you want and whether or not you want to sign up for a subscription, you can get a razor from any of these companies for a dollar or less.

  • Bic
  • Dorco
  • Schick
  • ShaveMob
  • Solimo

If you’re not buying a disposable model, you’ll also need to spend a few dollars more on the handle. The smoothness of your shave will be affected by the type of razor you use, but single-blade razors, such as the disposable razors sold by Bic, will not.

Choose either ShaveMob or Dorco for a close, comfortable shave. You can find a good compromise with Solimo, while Schick offers the widest selection, from budget disposables to high-end safety razors.

Those who shave frequently and routinely should use a subscription service, such as ShaveMob or Amazon if you use Subscribe & Save. Prime members may enjoy free two-day shipping and up to 3% cash back when they buy Bic, Dorco, Schick, and Solimo with their Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card.

2. Boost the durability of your razors

Too rapid a razor turnover might lead to wasteful spending. Fortunately, there are a lot of hacks you can apply to make your razors last longer.

Remove any remaining shaving cream or hair from your razor by giving it a quick rinse. If you want to keep the blade from rusting, dry it right away after you’re done shaving. Then, instead of keeping your razors in the shower, keep them in a dry, upright position (to speed drying) somewhere else in the bathroom.

Having a pre-shave routine helps extend the life of your razor by reducing the likelihood of clogs, uncomfortable snags, and blade dulling.

  • Get yourself a trimmer. Before you shave, shorten your hair to a few millimeters. One can buy a variety of trimmers for less than $30.
  • Experiment with pre-shaving products. To get rid of dry, dead skin, use an exfoliating cream. A pre-shave oil, available for less than $15 on Amazon, can also be used to smooth hair and protect against razor burn.
  • Make of the Hot Water. Before applying any pre-shave products, shaving gel, or foam, it is recommended to run hot water over the region you intend to shave. This will assist open your pores and soften the hair.

With only a few tweaks to your regular shaving procedure, you can get an extra week or two out of each razor. Depending on how quickly you go through razors and how much they cost, that might be an easy $50 to $100 in savings annually.

3. Maintain a straight and sharp razor

In addition to extending the life of your razors, sharpening them will allow you to get a closer, more comfortable shave. Amazon has several options for razor blade sharpeners that cost less than $10. You may sharpen your razor by passing it across the surface of one of these sharpeners, which functions similarly to a whetstone.

But you can make it last even longer if you sharpen it often and maintain a straight edge on the blade. And an old pair of denim is all that’s required.

Place the denim flat on a table or other stable surface. Then, with the blade facing away from you, repeatedly push the razor down the leg of the jeans, using just light pressure each time. 

Since you aren’t intending to shave your jeans, you should shave in the opposite direction that the razor is moving. Stripping is a process used to smooth and polish a blade. To learn more, check out a video on YouTube.

4. Consider using a Razor subscription service.

A large number of razor subscription services have emerged in recent years and quickly gained a sizable customer base. These businesses frequently provide new customers with a razor handle and many cartridges to use as they get started with their service. 

You can schedule deliveries of new cartridges every month, or every two, three, or six months. Subscription services are advantageous because the cost of new cartridges is low.

For around $10 to $15, you can get a starter kit from a razor subscription service that includes a handle, two to four razor cartridges, and sometimes even extras like shaving cream. Next, you can choose how frequently you need replacement razor blades according to how often you shave.

The most effective razor subscriptions reduce the per-razor cost to between $1.75 and $2.50. You’re not getting a cheap disposable razor here; rather, you’re getting a high-quality one with, say, five blades plus lubricating strips for a close shave.

Popular options for monthly razor deliveries include:

  • Athena Club
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • Billie
  • Flamingo
  • Harry’s

Free delivery is included with your purchase of any of these razor memberships, with the exception of Flamingo, where a $15 minimum purchase is required. Moreover, you can stop receiving razors whenever you choose, so you aren’t obligated to pay for a whole year’s worth of supplies.

Since the costs are comparable, your decision should come down to personal taste. While I did enjoy using both the Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, I ended up preferring Harry’s due to personal preference.

To ensure you get the greatest possible shave, you may always try a subscription service for a month or two and then switch to another brand.

Just know that razor subscription aren’t cheaper than shopping with Amazon brands or disposable razors. But you save time with a subscription, and you’re still getting quality four- or five-blade razors at a lesser price than many major razor brands with the same blade count.

5. Check out the dollar shop

You get what you pay for when purchasing a cheap razor. You can save money by purchasing disposable razors from dollar stores like Dollar General and Dollar Tree if you aren’t finicky about the brand you use or if you only shave rarely.

Individual disposable razors for men or women can be purchased in packs for around $1. They aren’t as high-quality as popular brands like Venus razors, but you also won’t have to buy them online or sign up for a subscription program to get them.

Also, you may find popular brands like Bic, Venus, and Gillette in select dollar stores. As a result, you can also find high-quality razors here. These razors won’t be $1, but if you find them, check out how much more expensive they are at the dollar store compared to the supermarket or online.

6. Purchase in bulk

Sometimes stocking up on razor blades is the most cost-effective way to cut costs over the long run. The warehouse club Costco is a great illustration. As of this writing, a four-pack of Gillette Mach3 cartridges costs around $3.25, while a box of 20 replacement blades costs around $1.85. When it comes to razors for ladies, Costco isn’t much cheaper.

If you’re looking to stock up on razors, both men’s and women’s, Walmart is a good bet. Actually, you can buy razors in bulk online at prices that are significantly lower than retail, with many cartridges costing significantly less than $1 total.

As of this writing, a pack of eight Schick Hydro Silk razor cartridges costs $29.99, or around $3.75 each. However, a smaller two-pack at Target will only set you back $8.99, or $4.50 per razor.

Still, it’s a good idea to look at Amazon’s costs compared to those of other retailers like Costco and Walmart. However, by stocking up while your preferred razor is on sale, you can save money over the course of several months.

7. Cut the Extras

The price of razors is determined by a number of things. The price of a razor can be affected by a number of factors, including the brand name, but technology and features are the most important.

In general, while purchasing a razor, you should look for the following features:

  • Sword Serial Number. The number of blades on a razor is correlated with its price and perceived quality. However, the more blades a razor has, the more it irritates the skin, thus those with sensitive skin should only use two or three blades at most.
  • Reusable versus Throwaway. Disposable vs. Cartridge. In general, the quality and performance of cartridge razors exceed that of their cheaper alternatives. Long-term, you save money using them as well.
  • Turning the Head. You can find razors with rotating heads sometimes called contour razors that make it simpler to shave areas with an irregular shape, such as the neck, chest, and legs. However, the cost increases with this.
  • Trimmers. Some razors come with a tiny trimmer on the handle for grooming your beard or bikini area. On the other hand, if you use a trimmer frequently, you can save money by purchasing one of the many trimmers available at low prices on Amazon.

Overall, if you don’t have a specific need for a particular razor feature, it’s not worth the extra money to get a razor with that feature.

8. Change Brands

Manufacturers of razors and other shaving products are keen on fostering unwavering customer loyalty. Don’t switch razors if the one you’ve been using has served you well and is reasonably priced. If it has been a while since you last compared costs, though, you may want to do so.

Different subscription razor providers periodically hold sales that make their services cheaper than their rivals. Another consideration is whether or not the price difference between brands of razors sold in-store justifies switching. There is little to lose if you wait to buy in bulk until you know you enjoy them.

9. Avoid Pink Tax

Clothing, homes, and cosmetics are just a few areas where women typically pay more than males. The pink tax refers to the discriminatory cost that is based on a person’s gender, and razors are a clear illustration of this phenomenon. Take Gillette as an example. It manufactures Gillette razors for men and Venus razors for women.

On Amazon, I was able to purchase a pack of eight cartridges for the men’s razor brand Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide for $26, or $3.25 each. While on Amazon, a bundle of six Gillette Venus Extra Smooth razor cartridges will set you back $26.47, or $4.41 per razor.

If two razors are both intended for delicate skin and contain five blades, it’s hard to see why one would be significantly more expensive than the other. You’re getting less for your money with the Venus razor because it doesn’t have a precise trimmer or a rotating head like the Fusion5 ProGlide.

As an additional illustration, consider Gillette. Whenever you go shopping, keep an eye out for the men’s equivalent of your favorite women’s razor brand to see whether you’re paying any more than they are.

On top of that, some females argue that men’s razors are superior to their female counterparts because they produce a closer shave. You can save money by switching to a cheaper men’s razor the next time you need a refill and avoid the pink tax.

10. Use a safety razor.

A safety razor often called a butterfly razor or one-piece razor has individual blades that may be replaced independently. Safety razors cost $20 to $30, making them more expensive than both disposable and cartridge razors.

Safety razors are more expensive to purchase, but replacement blades are far more affordable. As the blades are constructed of thin, sharp steel, they are simpler than both disposable and high-end models.

Since there is only one blade making contact with your skin during a shave with a safety razor, some people claim that it provides a superior shave and lessens skin irritation and razor bumps.

Spare blades can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $0.07 each. As a general rule, a razor blade will only last you a couple of shaves. Even if you shave every day and throw out your blade after each shave, you’ll still spend less than $50 a year on razors. Blades are also available for purchase in large quantities.

However, keep in mind that there is a learning curve for shaving and that it is easy to cut yourself if you aren’t careful. In order to learn how to shave well using a safety razor, you need to watch some tutorial videos online. 

Shaving your legs or chest may require different techniques than shaving your underarms or face, so it’s a good idea to check up on a tutorial tailored to the area you’ll be working on.

11. Use Apps to Get Cashback

Save money on food, cleaning supplies, and personal care items like razors using cash-back rewards programs.

Most of these apps perform similar functions. Most apps ask you to preselect rebates before you even install them. You can prove that you made a qualifying transaction by uploading a snapshot of your receipt. You can get free gift cards, PayPal money, or even cash by collecting receipts.

You can also use rebate apps or cash-back credit cards to get cash back on your purchases, which you can then combine with coupons for even greater savings.

Some of the most downloaded rebate and discount coupon applications for razors are:

  • Checkout 51
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Ibotta

Using a rewards app won’t result in financial success. But if you use a couple of free applications to find and take advantage of rebates and discounts, you can save $240 a year.

12. Utilize browser extensions for shopping

Using shopping browser addons is one of the simplest methods to save money when shopping online. These extensions automatically determine whether the retail website you are visiting offers cash-back promotions. 

Some extensions even automatically apply discount codes during checkout, allowing you to make savings right away.

They can help you save money on any purchase you make. However, a number of shopping extensions partner with well-known razor companies and subscription programs to help consumers save money on razors:

  • Capital One Shopping
  • Honey
  • Ibotta’s browser extensions
  • Rakuten 

Just be careful when shopping to only use one extension at a time. It may be impossible for coupons or cash-back rewards to function if multiple extensions are enabled at once.

When you shop, turn off all of your extensions before turning some of them on to see what kind of benefits you can get from each. Enable that extension once you’ve found the best reward and then complete your shopping.

Bottom Line

Shaving costs easily add up with the availability of so many expensive options and the necessity of replacing razors so frequently.

Fortunately, online subscriptions, apps, and regular razor maintenance significantly reduce the cost of your shaving routine. Additionally, you can always take advantage of store loyalty programs or use apps like Flipp to identify in-store specials so you can save money each time you replenish your supply of razors.

If you follow a few pointers, you can shave more closely and effectively while saving money.

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