How Much Does Publix Pay 14-Year-Olds

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As a parent, you may question if Publix hires at the age of 14 for any employment in its stores. For all your enquiring minds, look no further! Please continue reading to find out if Publix hires people at 14, and if so, what occupations someone as young as 14 may do at Publix.

In 2022, will Publix hire at the age of 14?

For non-management positions like bagger and cashier, Publix employs 14 and pays $8 to $10.50 an hour in 2022. The hourly rate is determined by a variety of factors.

Also, federal law states that 14-year-olds cannot work more than three hours per day or 18 hours per week throughout the school year. If you’d like to learn more about Publix recruiting 14-year-olds, including which positions are available and other commonly asked topics, continue reading.

Is It Possible For A 14-Year-Old To Be A Publix Cashier?

As long as you’re at least 14 years old and meet the following requirements:

  • Capable of reading and writing
  • Capable of solving simple math problems
  • Can be friendly and responsive when providing client service
  • Capable of following directions
  • Capable of comprehending instructions and directions

How much money can a 14-year-old earn working at Publix?

Child labor laws in the United States prohibit anybody under the age of 14 from working more than eight hours each day. However, throughout the school year, a 14-year-old can only work for three hours every day.

If you’re under the age of 18, you’re not allowed to be employed for more than 18 hours per week during the academic year, or 40 hours per week during the summer.

At Publix, what jobs may a 14-year-old apply for?

There are a few different jobs that a 14-year-old can get at Publix, which is a great opportunity to learn new skills and develop a work ethic.

Furthermore, the list of entry-level jobs that a 14-year-old can get at Publix are non-management jobs and include:

  • Cashier
  • Floral Clerk
  • Front Service Clerk
  • Bagger

In Florida, does Publix hire at the age of 14?

If you reside in Florida, Publix will hire 14-year-olds. However, only the roles specified above, such as bagger and cashier, are available.

In Georgia, does Publix hire at the age of 14?

For Publix in Georgia, you must be at least 14 years old in order to work there. As a result, 14-year-olds may expect to work at a job that is below entry-level. Only four hours per day may be worked on school days, and no more than eight hours per day may be worked on the weekends.

In Tennessee, does Publix hire at the age of 14?

Publix employs people as young as 14 in Tennessee, so you can obtain a job there.

In Alabama, does Publix hire at the age of 14?

To apply for a job at Publix in Alabama if you are 14, you must be at least 14 years old, as per the state’s child labor regulations. A cashier or bagger is an example of an entry-level position you may land. Additionally, you’re only allowed to work for a total of three hours every school day and eight hours per day outside of school.

In South Carolina, does Publix hire at the age of 14?

Yes, children as young as 14 are allowed to work in both North and South Carolina, therefore you can begin working at Publix at the age of 14.

In Virginia, does Publix hire at the age of 14?

Virginia does allow 14-year-olds to work, thus Publix does employ 14. Like other states, you are limited to a smaller working day than other employees.

What Does Publix Pay 14-Year-Olds on an Hourly Basis?

Since salary varies from store to store, Publix pays 14-year-olds the minimum wage or more depending on the region.

It also relies on the circumstances at the time when you apply. As an example, if Publix is anxious to hire cashiers, baggers, and other entry-level staff, the salary may be greater. If you work at a store, you can expect to make between $8.50 and $10.50 an hour, depending on your position.

What Does Publix Pay 14-Year-Olds on a Yearly Basis?

Working part-time at Publix as a bagger or in a comparable entry-level position may make you between $7,000 and $11,000 per year, depending on your age. We also have postings on Publix’s attendance policy, Publix bereavement policy, and Publix drug tests.

Bottom Line

Publix will recruit a 14-year-old for entry-level jobs like cashier, bagger, flower clerk, and front service clerk. However, the hourly cost for 14-year-old employees ranges from $8 to $10.50, depending on the area and employment role.

Additionally, if you’re 14 or older, you may work at Publix in Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Due to federal restrictions, 14-year-olds can only work three hours a day and 18 hours a week while school is in session.

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