How Much Does It Cost To Microchip A Dog At Petco

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If your dog or cat goes missing, having them microchipped is a fantastic method to track them down.

Considering that Petco offers a wide range of services oriented toward pets, it makes sense to microchip dogs there. Read this article to find out if Petco does this!

In 2022, does Petco implant microchips in canines and felines?

In 2022, Petco’s veterinarians will be able to microchip both dogs and cats. Besides this, Petco also scans an existing microchip and updates its information if the pet’s new owner wishes to modify the microchip’s registration data.

For $28 in every state, Petco utilizes chips from 24PetWatch. The veterinarians at Petco say that removing a microchip is impossible.

To discover more about microchipping dogs and cats at Petco, including fees, how to get in touch with Petco, and more, keep reading this article!

How Does Petco Perform Microchipping?

Since microchips are tiny, Petco uses a needle to implant them. You don’t need anesthesia or surgery to do this procedure.

Otherwise, this is the standard practice. Just make an appointment at Petco and your pet will be microchipped by an in-house veterinarian, as detailed below.

Does Petco Microchip Nearby?

You can easily discover a Petco store that can microchip your pet by visiting the company’s website’s microchipping section. On the page, there are two buttons that you may utilize to get to the next page.

A search for a veterinarian in your region is possible using one of these tools while scheduling an appointment is possible with the other. To find a Petco pet hospital near you, enter your zip code into the location finder.

All of these stores will be included with their phone numbers and addresses so that you can be sure that your pet may be microchipped there.

It is easier to track down your pet if it has a microchip, which Petco offers at its pet hospitals, which are conveniently placed near their retail locations.

Set up an appointment in advance with Petco’s management to ensure a pleasant visit and avoid dealing with extended waiting periods.

How Much Does Microchipping a Dog Cost at Petco?

Petco charges $28 to microchip a dog. For starters, you’ll have to pay for the microchip itself, which is quite inexpensive, but the total cost of the operation and any other choices you want will determine the final price.

Also, in certain circumstances, you’ll have to pay to register your details in a database for pet recovery. At Petco, you can get the microchip put for $28 if you only want it.

How Much Does Microchipping a Cat Cost at Petco?

At Petco, a cat microchip costs $28. To keep expenses down, the corporation employs its own in-house veterinarians to carry out this task.

There is a webpage set up by Petco’s Vetco Clinics division that shows the pricing for various operations by state.

Microchipping cats is a typical $28 procedure, providing you don’t have any further procedures done.

Does Petco Conduct a Microchip Scan?

Microchips may be checked for at Petco’s pet hospitals if you just purchased a dog or cat. Using this method, Petco avoids having to insert two microchips into the animal, which might lead to problems.

A microchip can be reprogrammed for you if it is discovered by scanning by the staff and the former owner’s data is swapped out for your own.

If your dog or cat goes missing, you won’t have to put in a second microchip or take out the one that’s currently there to find them.

Microchip scanners at Petco can read the contact information recorded on a microchip to identify whether an animal found without a collar or tag is either a stray or a pet.

What type of microchip does Petco employ?

Microchips from 24PetWatch are used by Petco. Petco’s loyalty program offers a $25 voucher toward the cost of a microchip as part of their collaboration.

Features of these chips include:

  • Always available pet recovery service
  • Database accuracy and integrity
  • Free registration
  • Preloaded ready-to-inject syringe
  • Coated in a substance that speeds up tissue bonding and reduces the chances of rejection

Is Petco able to remove microchips?

Microchips cannot be removed by Petco. Even if it is technically feasible, PetCoach, Petco’s online vet service, advises against removing the microchip.

To prevent it from moving about the body, a pet microchip attaches to the tissue. It’s also a pain to get rid of.

Most vets would not do the treatment unless the animal is in good health, therefore problems arising directly from the chip are quite unusual.

Because a pet microchip is not an active transmitter, it is unnecessary to turn it off if you are concerned about this possibility.

Scanners outside can pick up your contact information thanks to a unique serial number that is encoded in the device.

This is the phone number you provided during the installation process that will be used to contact you.

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Bottom Line

Petco’s in-house veterinarians at its pet facilities microchip both cats and dogs. A Petco online search for a local store and the contact information to set up an appointment is all you need to get these services. Petco charges $28 to implant a microchip in a dog or cat.

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