How Much Does It Cost To Develop Film At Walmart

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You can use disposable cameras to take images on an exciting vacation, but the shots must be processed separately.

So, you may be wondering: Is Walmart also the manufacturer of disposable cameras? You may see the results of my investigation here!

In 2022, does Walmart produce disposable cameras?

Disposable cameras are developed by Walmart, however, they are outsourced to third-party companies.

In order to get their film processed, Walmart customers will need to bring in their disposable cameras to a dropbox at the Walmart Photo Center. Each 4×6-inch exposure costs $7.96, and processing might take up to one week.

Keep reading to find out more about the costs of developing disposable cameras at Walmart, as well as the wait periods!

How Do You Develop Disposable Cameras at Walmart?

Go to one of Walmart’s Photo Center locations in your area and fill out the disposable camera film processing order form to have your film processed there.

The quantity and size of prints, as well as shipping choices, will be requested on this order form.

The film from the disposable camera must be placed in the accompanying envelope and placed in the ‘film processing’ dropbox at the Photo Center because Walmart does not develop disposable camera films in-store.

A third-party film development business will process and develop your disposable camera’s film and return the photographs electronically to Walmart, which they will do. After Walmart prints the photographs, they will also give you a CD with all the images.

How much does disposable camera development cost at Walmart?

There is a wide range of costs associated with processing disposable camera films.

There is a detailed breakdown of the cost in the following spreadsheet:

12 exposures24 exposures27 exposures36 exposures
Single prints$7.96$9.96$10.96$13.96
Double prints$9.96$12.96$14.96$18.96

However, keep in mind that these rates apply to ordinary 4-by-6″ prints. No additional sizes are available for printing from disposable cameras at Walmart. In the pricing shown above, you’ll get a CD with all of the digital photographs.

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Throwaway Camera at Walmart?

Disposable camera film is normally processed in a week at Walmart. Nevertheless, due to the fact that this entails shipping your film to a third-party processing facility, you may have to wait for more than a week.

What Print Size Does Walmart Provide for Developed Disposable Cameras?

Walmart sells 4-inch by 6-inch prints of the produced photographs. In order to receive prints of a different size, you will have to pay additional fees, as these are not included in the initial transaction.

How Can You Determine If a Local Walmart Offers Disposable Cameras?

As long as the Walmart Photo Center is open, you can bring in your disposable camera film for processing. The Photo Center in your local Walmart store may not be available, though.

Use the Walmart Store Finder to find out if this service is available in local Walmarts, and then call them to inquire about it.

Does Walmart return the film once it has been processed?

After the disposable camera film negatives have been processed, Walmart does not give them back.

The film is sent to a third-party processing facility and the photos are retrieved electronically, reducing further shipping costs. The third-party firm disposes of the negatives, therefore Walmart does not return them.

That being said, Walmart gives you an extra CD with all of the photos from your film for free, so it’s worth noting.

There are several more places where you may get your film developed, such as Walgreens or Costco.

Bottom Line

In-store Photo Centers at Walmart do really process disposable camera film. Single 4 x 6 prints will cost you anything from $7 to $14, depending on the number of exposures you have taken.

The processing of the films takes one week since Walmart sends them to a third-party vendor and more in some cases.

There are no negatives returned to Walmart since it does not process disposable camera films.

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