How Much Does It Cost To Assemble A Grill

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Customers can buy a range of grills from top hardware retail outlets in the United States, including gas and charcoal barbecues, but constructing these grills can be a pretty challenging chore for most.

You may be wondering if Home Depot also assembles grills for clients, given that they have such a large selection of grills for all kinds of settings and uses. See what I found out about it below.

In 2022, does Home Depot assemble grills?

In 2022, Home Depot will be able to build a variety of barbecues, including charcoal, propane, and natural gas grills.

In-store assembly is free, while Home Depot’s service partners may construct the grills for between $99 and $179, depending on the grill’s dimensions.

What kind of grills can Home Depot construct, how much does this service cost, and much more are all covered in this article!

What Grills Does Home Depot Construct?

Nexgrill, Traeger, and Weber are just a few of the grills that Home Depot can construct. As well as assembling charcoal grills, the famous retail company can also build propane and natural gas barbecues.

In other words, if you buy a grill from Home Depot, you can be assured that they can construct it for you as well.

How much does Home Depot charge to put up a grill?

For free, you may have your barbecue constructed in a Home Depot store and have it delivered to you within 2 to 4 hours the following day. As a result, bringing the barbecue inside your house will necessitate the use of a huge truck. 

Customers may hire a vehicle from Home Depot for as little as $19 for this reason. Alternatively, Home Depot may arrange for your barbecue to be delivered and assembled at your residence.

It costs between $99 and $179 to put together a barbecue on the Home Depot website, with prices ranging based on the grill’s size.

Make sure you know that Home Depot will charge you an extra $75 to remove your old grill if there is one.

It is also important that the grill is in its final place before Home Depot’s service crew assembles your new barbecue at your home.

How long does it take Home Depot to put up a grill?

It might take up to four hours for your barbecue to be ready to take home after you purchase it from a Home Depot shop and have it installed there.

Those who purchase their barbecue through the Home Depot online store will have to wait up to two additional business days in order to book an appointment for the grill to be assembled.

The length of time it takes to assemble a grill varies according to the location, availability, and model.

Can Home Depot assemble my grill?

Home Depot service providers are not permitted to connect your barbecue. Your grill cannot be connected to a gas source while it is being assembled by a Home Depot service provider.

If you need help connecting your grill to gas, Home Depot offers a variety of tips and directions on its website.

Are Pre-Assembled Grills Available at Home Depot?

Home Depot sells a wide variety of barbecues, including pre-assembled grills, in-store and online.

Ask a Home Depot staff for help locating pre-assembled grills while you’re in the store. Pre-assembled grills are also available on the Home Depot site.

How do I assemble a grill purchased from Home Depot?

To save you time and money, Home Depot will construct your barbecue at no charge if you buy it in-store.

On the House Depot website, if you want to have your barbecue installed at your home, you may add an extra assembly cost to your shopping cart.

You will receive a phone call from Home Depot within two days of the grill’s arrival to set up a delivery time slot.

Can I Put Together My Own Home Depot Grill?

If you don’t want to pay the assembly costs or transfer an assembled barbecue to your house, you may construct your grill at Home Depot yourself.

Your grill’s instructions will specify all of the equipment you’ll need to construct it, and many of these items are available at Home Depot.

In order to find out more about Home Depot’s other services, you may check out their dishwasher installation, carpet installation, and Nexgrill manufacturer information.

Bottom Line

Service providers at Home Depot are able to install grills in-store and at the customer’s location by scheduling the service. ‘ Do not expect Home Depot to assist you with connecting your gas BBQ, though.

Home Depot’s assembly time might range from four to two days, depending on whether or not the service professionals visit your home to help you assemble the product. Home Depot grills may also be made from scratch.

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