How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install Laminate Flooring

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Vinyl, hardwood, laminate, waterproof, and wood-look flooring are all available at Home Depot, the nation’s largest home improvement retailer.

It’s possible that you’re wondering if Home Depot offers flooring installation in addition to the purchase of flooring? Continue reading to find out what I’ve discovered!

Installing Home Depot Flooring by 2022

Home Depot will offer flooring installation services in 2022 for several types of flooring materials such as laminate, hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and ceramic tile. Materials, underlayment, sealer, and labor, all of which will be quoted by a Home Depot-trusted contractor, will determine the cost of installation.

For more information on how the flooring installation process works, what sorts of floorings Home Depot carries and how much the installation costs, continue reading!

What Is the Process for Installing Flooring at Home Depot?

Flooring installation can be scheduled in-store or online at Home Depot.

To schedule a flooring measurement with a certified professional, you’ll need to provide the zip code of your project.

Home Depot may create a customized price based on the size, shape, and type of flooring you’d like to install in your home.

To begin, simply pay the bill in-store or online and schedule a time for the carpenters to arrive.

Is Home Depot a Reliable Source for Flooring Installation?

Customers have given Home Depot’s flooring installation service a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

80 percent of Home Depot consumers would recommend the flooring installation to a friend or family member, according to the website’s data

The carpet layers have been described as professional, friendly, and efficient in customer reviews, indicating that they have provided satisfied customers.

It has been noted by many how relaxed the installation process was, and how the carpenter went out of his way to ensure everything was tidy at the end of his visit.

In other words, even though the service is wonderful in general, there were some clients who were dissatisfied with their experience.

Home Depot Flooring Installation Costs?

The installation charge, the material selected, the complexity of the project, and the underlay cost are all taken into account when calculating the price of flooring installation.

We’ve outlined the project’s average cost based on a variety of materials in the table below.

  • Floating Laminate Floor

There is an installation fee of about $2, a material cost of $1.50 per square foot, and an underlayment of about 30 cents in the cost of laminate flooring per square foot.

  • Installation of tiles

Including materials and labor, a full tile installation typically costs between $1,000 and $1,500.

Setting materials cost $1.37 per square foot, and the cost of installation is approximately $6.50 per square foot.

  • Flooring Made of Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is more expensive than other types of flooring, with an average project cost of $3,600 when used in large rooms like kitchens.

Vinyl tile or plank click-lock installation costs as little as $2 per square foot, whereas sheet vinyl costs $15 per square yard.

  • Flooring Made of Wood

Home Depot’s most popular flooring installation is hardwood.

An average cost of roughly $7.80 per square foot is based on materials costing $3.80 per foot and installation costs of $4.

In the same way, engineered wood costs $3.50 per square foot, supplies are $2.40, and underlayment is 50 cents.

  • Carpeting for the Floor

Price is determined by the type of carpet, the amount of padding utilized, and the labor fee for carpet installation

Depending on your choice of materials, the cost per square foot of padding might range from 60 cents to $1.

What Kinds of Flooring Can You Get From Home Depot?

A wide array of flooring patterns and materials may be found at Home Depot. Among the most common flooring options are:

  • Floor tile
  • Laminate flooring
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Carpet

Ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles are among the retailer’s most adaptable materials.

Vinyl tiles, which are often supplied in squares or rectangles, offer the best of both worlds.

Intricate designs including hexagons, arabesques, and bespoke shapes can also be found.

Home Depot, on the other hand, has a wide selection of carpets, each with a unique weave design. Berber, patterned, and textured carpets are all possibilities for customers.

Apart from that, there are a variety of carpet padding solutions to consider. Thick padding, on the other hand, is best suited to homes with thinner carpets or lower temperatures.

Is Home Depot Flooring Removal Included in the Installation?

Removing an old floor, disassembling it, and reinstalling the new one are all components of Home Depot’s flooring installation service.

Once the installation is complete, the contractor will clean up the site of any leftover trash and mess.

The entire installation should take one day to complete if these procedures are followed.

What Flooring Isn’t Installed by Home Depot?

Patio tiles are not normally installed by Home Depot.

Home Depot’s flooring installation service is not available to clients who purchase flooring from a different merchant.

Is There a Way to Pay for Home Depot Flooring Installation?

If your house is in desperate need of repair but you lack the funds to pay for it in full, you can apply for one of the various financing options offered by Home Depot.

The Consumer Credit Card is one of the most common ways to get money.

On purchases of $299 or more, cardholders can get up to six months of financing and 24 months of financing during special promotions.

To be eligible for the card, you must be at least 18 years old and have satisfactory credit.

Consider the Project Loan card, which allows you to borrow up to $55,000 to cover the costs of construction supplies and necessities.

Low monthly installments of $20 for a $1,000 loan and $1,100 per month for the maximum borrowing amount are possible with this card.

What Other Installation Services Does Home Depot Provide?

All of Home Depot’s clients have access to installation, repair, and remodeling services.

Home Depot can help you with a variety of installation needs, including:

  • Bathtub
  • Shower doors
  • Blinds
  • Window
  • Door to the outside and the inside
  • Fence/Pergola/Shed
  • Systems for heating and air conditioning
  • A home’s kitchen (including cabinets and countertops)
  • Electricity (such as ceiling fans, generators, and light fixtures)
  • Hardware for the doors

Now that you know about Home Depot’s installation services, you may also view our related topics on whether or not Home Depot cuts tiling, if Home Depot cuts blinds, and if Home Depot produces window screens.

Bottom Line

Home Depot will remove and dispose of the old flooring and install new tiles, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, or carpet.

Total prices are based on the quantity of material, labor, and any underlay/padding or sealant utilized.

Note that Home Depot’s carpenters do not normally lay exterior tiles. Customers can pay for the installation immediately or apply for a finance plan.

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