How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install Carpet

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Customers wishing to add texture and color to the floors of their homes and workplaces may purchase a range of indoor and outdoor carpets in custom sizes from Home Depot.

You may be asking if Home Depot offers carpet installation if you are purchasing carpets from the shop. Here is what my study has shown regarding this!

In 2022, Home Depot will begin carpet installation for customers.

Customers who purchase carpets from Home Depot in-store or online will be able to have them measured and installed for free starting in 2022. 

Customers should anticipate paying $1-$4 per square foot of carpet and $0.25-$1 per square foot of padding. Typically, installation takes one day.

Please continue reading to find out more about Home Depot carpet installation, carpet varieties, and pricing. Thank you!

How can I have Home Depot install my carpet?

If you buy your carpet from Home Depot, they will put it in for you. They promote a four-step procedure for selecting carpets on their website and in their stores.

1. Choose Your Flooring

Home Depot provides a broad variety of carpets to choose from, both in-store and online.

In addition to offering free samples of some carpet designs, Home Depot allows customers to request samples of the carpet they want to purchase.

Project consultants at Home Depot can answer your questions regarding carpet installation and the carpet you should choose.

2. Have Your Residence Measuring

You can count on Home Depot to send a professional to your home to measure the space where you want your carpet to go.

The installation professional will take exact digital measurements of your room, as well as note any specific installation requirements you may have.

There is a $50 non-refundable fee required for Home Depot’s measurement process to guarantee your time slot. After your purchase, this sum will be removed from your total.

3. Get an Estimate and Make a Payment

You can get a personalized price from Home Depot once you’ve chosen your carpet and had your room measured.

A detailed breakdown of the cost of supplies and labor will be included in this Home Depot quotation.

You may choose from a variety of payment options when you pay for your new carpet at Home Depot.

4. We will install your carpet

Carpet installation is included in the price of your carpet purchase from Home Depot. Prior to the installation, Home Depot offers services that might include relocating furniture and disposing of any carpets.

Keep in mind that Home Depot provides a variety of deals, so you might be able to save money on your carpet installation.

How quickly does Home Depot install carpets?

Carpets can be put reasonably fast by Home Depot, with some carpet designs allegedly completed seven business days after the home has been surveyed and payment made.

Select models can be installed in as little as 72 hours or 7 days in many Home Depot locations.

When it comes to carpet installation, many people claim that Home Depot workers can complete a whole room in a single day. Obviously, larger rooms will take longer for this to complete.

What is the cost of carpet installation at Home Depot?

The amount of carpet and padding used per square foot is used to determine the cost of carpet installation at Home Depot, which is free of charge to customers.

The price of a carpet varies widely depending on the type of carpet you choose, but it normally ranges from $1 to $4 per square foot.

If you’re shopping for carpet, these are the pricing ranges you may expect:

  • Rugs with a textured surface cost between 71 cents and $3.74 cents per square foot.
  • If you’re looking for the most luxurious carpet for $10-$28 a square meter, go elsewhere.
  • The cost per square foot for Berber carpet ranges from 71% to 57%
  • On average, a water-resistant carpet costs $1.39-$5.79 per square foot.

Adding a layer of carpet padding might help keep your carpet from wearing out too quickly on the floorboards beneath it.

A variety of cushioning alternatives are available for purchase at Home Depot, ranging in price from 60 cents to $1 per square foot. 

Padding expenses can vary widely, but here are some averages:

  • 25 cents to 84 cents per square foot or $129-169 per roll for recycled foam.
  • Foam. 83 cents to $1.19 per square foot for regular foam
  • A square foot of synthetic fiber costs between 44 and 80 cents.
  • Ruber costs $1.06 per square foot.

Who installs the carpeting at Home Depot?

In addition to installing carpets, Home Depot provides a variety of additional services through local contractors.

A comprehensive background check has been performed on each of the local specialists that Home Depot works with to confirm their suitability.

Third-party carpet installers Home Depot works with are licensed and insured to ensure that you get the finest service possible.

Can Home Depot relocate my furnishings prior to carpet installation?

Installers hired by Home Depot may move basic furniture like sofas, dressers, and tables out of the way before they begin installing carpet.

Due to their size and weight, the installers are not able to transport objects such as:

  • Large storage units
  • Entertainment systems
  • Bed frames
  • Safes and security units
  • Glass cabinets
  • Antiques
  • Electric beds
  • Pianos or other large structures
  • Aquariums

The design experts at Home Depot can help you if you’re unclear about what the installers can do.

Can I install the carpet myself at Home Depot?

If you buy the carpet from Home Depot and have it installed, you’ll get it for free. Purchasing the carpet from Home Depot necessitates the installation.

In the meanwhile, Home Depot may be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a contractor to install your new carpet.

Home Depot’s website includes a search engine for locating nearby service providers.

What types of flooring does Home Depot sell?

Carpets from Home Depot may be used in every part of your house, including bedrooms, living rooms, and even stairways.

Other carpet options include Berber, texture, pattern, and indoor/outdoor usage carpets from Home Depot’s extensive collection.

Additional characteristics offered by Home Depot carpeting include stain resistance and enhanced softness.

Carpet tile, glue down, residential carpet, and commercial carpet are just some of the carpet installation options offered at Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Perform Quality Carpet Installation?

Over 87,000 customers have given Home Depot 5-star ratings for carpet installation services they’ve received from customers who used the company’s services.

Reviews of carpet installation services from customers near you may be found on the Home Depot website, which allows you to narrow down your search by zip code. Overall, Home Depot’s carpet installation services have received a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Does Home Depot provide a warranty on its carpets?

The manufacturer’s guarantee for Home Depot carpets ranges from five to twenty-five years. 

In addition to accidental spills and normal wear and tear, stains are also covered under this policy.

For this guarantee to apply, you’ll need to have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months at the Home Depot.

As for restretches, stair work, and difficulties with seams, Home Depot’s carpets come with a lifetime labor warranty.

Home Depot flooring installation, Home Depot cutting and binding carpet, and whether or not Home Depot rents carpet cleaners are all topics we’ve covered in previous postings if you’re interested in learning more.

Bottom Line

Both in-store and online, the business makes the process of installing carpets at Home Depot as simple as possible for customers.

The Home Depot will install your carpet for free if you pick from a variety of designs, kinds, and pricing. For free, a team of local pros will measure and install your carpet from Home Depot.

Purchasing and putting in carpets at Home Depot is made easier by the close collaboration of the company’s regional experts and employees.

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