How Much Does Autozone Pay An Hour

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With over 6,000 locations worldwide, AutoZone is the largest retailer and distributor of automotive accessories and parts in the United States.

AutoZone employs over 105,000 people in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil. How much does the company pay its employees as it grows? Find out in the next paragraphs!

What Will AutoZone Be Paying Employees in 2022?

The average hourly wage at AutoZone ranges from $9.63 for cashiers, $11.44 for retail sales associates, and $17.73 for management trainees, depending on the position. Commercial sales managers earn more at $16.23 an hour, while experienced specialists such as senior system engineers can make up to $119,375 each year.

More relevant AutoZone salary information may be found in the next sections, including how much different positions and locations pay.

What Is AutoZone’s Per-Hour Rate?

AutoZone employees get an average hourly wage of $12.44, which is slightly more than the $11.99 published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. AutoZone’s lowest-paid employees include cashiers, front-end staffers, and drivers.

Front-end employees make $10 an hour, and delivery drivers make an average of $11.41 an hour. Sales cashiers make $9.63 to $10 an hour.

How much do AutoZone’s Parts Managers get paid each year?

According to AutoZone’s data, the national average hourly wage for parts managers is $13.28.

Parts managers can make up to $16, depending on their degree of experience, which is calculated based on the number of years in the industry.

How much do delivery drivers make at AutoZone?

A driver’s salary is depending on their title, according to reports.

However, delivery drivers earned an average hourly wage of $11.41, while commercial drivers earn an average of $11.46, and driver’s assistants earn an average of $11.62.

The hourly rate for couriers is $20.21, making them the highest-paid workers in the industry. Drivers who work in teams earn an annual salary of $85,618; those who work in transport earn $20,000; and those who drive tractor trailers make an annual salary of $70,000.

How much do AutoZone’s management trainees get paid per month?

At AutoZone, a management trainee can earn $17.73 an hour. A manager in training can expect to earn an annual income of $47,465 on average.

As a manager, your income rises based on the specific responsibilities you hold.

How much do assistant managers get paid at AutoZone?

AutoZone’s assistant managers get an hourly wage of $14.91 on average. If you’re an associate manager or a commercial manager, for example, your hourly wage is $12.26 and yours is $13.90.

The average hourly wage for a shift manager is $13.59. However, your earnings may be substantially influenced by your location and amount of expertise, as well as the state in which you reside.

How much do AutoZone’s cashiers get paid per hour?

AutoZone’s cashiers are among the company’s lowest-paid workers. These workers earn between $9 and $10 per hour.

AutoZone employees make less money per hour than the national average for cashiers, which is $11.51 per hour in the United States. It is possible to earn up to $13.38 per hour for cashiers with more than ten years of experience.

Commercial Sales Managers at AutoZone earn what?

Averaging $16.23 an hour, AutoZone’s commercial sales managers are the company’s highest-paid employees.

This is a high-paying position at AutoZone due of their managerial positions in sales. Furthermore, sales managers with more experience earn more and see their pay rise as they advance in their careers.

Is there a variation in AutoZone’s compensation across states?

The cost of living varies from state to state, so employees at AutoZone are paid differently based on where they live.

Employees in California communities like Elk Grove and Sunnyvale are paid more than $50,000 a year, according to reports.

Additional AutoZone employees in New York, Washington D.C., Texas, and Massachusetts earn an average salary of $30,000 to $40,000.

How Much Money Do AutoZone’s Different Divisions Make?

Among the several divisions, the sales and retail sectors are the most profitable, while the parts and store departments are less profitable.

Directors at AutoZone, on the other hand, make an average yearly salary of $121,603 more. Directors and managers may earn more or less based on their location and amount of expertise.

Is there a bonus program at AutoZone?

Annual bonuses at AutoZone average $5,280. According to employees who have gotten incentives from the corporation, the sum ranges from $1,250 to $5,855.

Bonuses for commercial managers are the lowest, while bonuses for retail managers are the highest.

Do AutoZone Employees Get Paid?

Pay is either weekly or bimonthly for AutoZone employees. A large majority of employees said that they were paid on Fridays twice a week.

However, the state’s labor regulations may have an impact on these salary schedules.

Is there a discount for AutoZone employees?

If you work at AutoZone, you get a 20% discount on all purchases and get access to discount programs from many merchants.

Customers of “AutoZoner” companies such as Apple, Dell, Ford, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Chrysler, and many more will receive special savings.

Do AutoZone Workers Get Paid Time Off?

AutoZone only provides five paid holidays to retail staff, according to prior employees’ accounts.

For New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Christmas, employees receive paid time off. Part-time employees, on the other hand, may be exempt from the requirement for paid time off.

What Extra Perks Do AutoZone’s Employees Get Access to?

AutoZone’s employees enjoy a wide range of additional benefits in addition to their base income. Employees in the United States, for example, can take use of medical and financial well-being programs.

Health savings account, health reimbursement account, flexible spending account and state medical coverage are just a few of the important benefits that are included in the 401(k) plan for the pension.

Workers in Mexico also receive a generous benefits package that includes retirement savings, life insurance, meal coupons and discounts on AutoZone products worth up to 20%.

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Bottom Line

In AutoZone, compensation varies by location, department, function, and level of experience. For example, retail sales associates make an hourly average wage of $9.63 to $10, whereas management trainees make an hourly average wage of $17.33.

Commercial sales managers, on the other hand, get $16.23 an hour, while senior system engineers might earn up to $119,375 each year.

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