How Much Are Sugar Gliders At Petsmart

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Unfortunately, even though sugar gliders are wonderful pets for the appropriate family, they are difficult to maintain and in some areas are illegal to breed, sell, or even own.

Read on if you’d want to discover if PetSmart carries sugar gliders; how much they cost; and how to obtain one.

In 2022, how much will sugar gliders cost at your local PetSmart?

In 2022, certain states will prohibit the sale of sugar gliders, thus PetSmart does not stock them. However, the company sells sugar glider-friendly equipment. A private breeder must be contacted if PetSmart desires sugar gliders. Prices might range from $100 all the way up to $500 in certain situations.

To learn more about sugar gliders, including where to find them at PetSmart, how to care for one, and how to keep one, keep reading!

Are Sugar Gliders sold at PetSmart?

There are no sugar gliders available for purchase at PetSmart.

Why Isn’t Sugar Gliders Available at PetSmart?

Several states in the United States prohibit the sale of sugar gliders, so PetSmart does not carry them.

Consequently, PetSmart would be breaking the law if they bred, owned, or offered sugar glider products for sale.

Sugar gliders are regarded as unusual animals. Human and animal diseases not native to the United States are believed to be spread by them, as immunity to these diseases has not yet been created.

Overpopulation and competition for food could harm native species, as well as the animals themselves.

What Other Pets Are Available at PetSmart?

PetSmart has a wide selection of pets for sale or adoption. You can adopt a dog, a cat, or a monkey from one of our partner rescue organizations.

There are hamsters, squirrels, mice, and guinea pigs to choose from if you prefer smaller pets.

The price of a sugar glider can buy you any of these critters. If you do this, you’ll get as much pleasure out of it with a lot less effort.

Other than PetSmart, Where Can I Get a Sugar Glider?

You can purchase sugar gliders from pet shops, private breeders, or rescue groups in any area where they are legal.

Before you buy a sugar glider, check to see if it is legal to keep one in your area.

Although sugar gliders are legal in the rest of the state of Minnesota and New York, some municipalities like St. Paul and New York City have banned their ownership.

Sugar gliders, on the other hand, are lawful in 41 states and can be owned with a permit in an additional three states.

How much does a sugar glider cost at petsmart?

Because PetSmart doesn’t sell sugar gliders, there is no pricing listed.

However, the price of sugar gliders varies depending on their age, training, and coloration when they are sold. An item’s value increases the more appealing or unusual its hue is.

As a side note, it’s advised that you get at least two sugar gliders. Consider this while calculating the total cost.

Between $100 to $200, adults buy sugar gliders, while infants cost $200 to $500.

Is PetSmart a Good Place to Get Sugar Glider Supplies and Food?

PetSmart carries most of the supplies you’ll need to care for your sugar glider.

Some of the essentials for your sugar glider, along with some indicative pricing from PetSmart, are as follows:

  • The price of a cage ranges from $58,40 to $94,99
  • Accessories for cages: $3.99-$45.99
  • Dishes priced between $5.99 and $9.99
  • Bowls of water – around $7.99
  • Nest boxes and bags – about $12.99
  • $9.99 for toys
  • Airline carriers ranging in price from $19.99 to $25
  • Treats – $8.99. (for a veggie kabob)
  • Mattresses and cage covers—about $9.99.
  • Nutritional value: roughly $4.99

You’ll notice that the items on this list are diverse. Visit a PetSmart location or shop online at to find everything you need.

What Should I Do in Order to Be Ready to Receive My Sugar Glider When It Arrives?

Sugar gliders are notoriously clumsy, and as a result, they are prone to injury and even death. Here are some suggestions for pet-proofing your house:

  • Find a trustworthy breeder who can teach you everything you need to know about sugar gliders and even help you prepare your home for them.
  • A vet that is familiar with sugar gliders is essential for any medical difficulties, as not all veterinarians are equipped to handle a sugar glider patient.
  • Because sugar gliders are so little and agile, it’s a good idea to have them microchipped or collared.
  • Prepare your sugar glider’s cage and all of its necessities.
  • Don’t leave water-filled containers about the house, especially if you have a toilet.
  • To keep your sugar glider safe, keep cabinet doors closed and openings in the walls and ceilings sealed up. Close all of the windows and vents in your home.
  • Razors and other sharp objects should be kept far away from where a sugar glider could get them. Be sure to turn off the ceiling fans to avoid accidentally hitting your sugar glider with them.
  • Every outlet should be covered with an outlet cover. If a sugar glider foot gets stuck in one of those openings, it might be catastrophic.
  • Your sugar glider should only have access to a few select areas of your home. Keep it out of the kitchen since that is a dangerous place for the sugar glider to be.

We’ve written about whether PetSmart sells ferrets and hedgehogs and axolotls if you’re interested in learning more.

Bottom Line

Laws prohibit pet stores from selling sugar gliders because of their unusual and interesting nature. In spite of the fact that they are available for purchase elsewhere, ensure that they are well cared for.

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