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How Many Stamps For A Manila Envelope

By David Krug 4 minute read

The tan-yellow envelopes known as manila envelopes are recognizable to anybody who has ever delivered or received crucial documents. To top it all off, these envelopes are the norm for official correspondence because of their durability and the vast range of sizes. Make sure to check out our postage guide if you’re unsure of how many stamps to need if you need to ship one!

How Many Stamps Do I Need at the USPS in 2022 for a Manila Envelope?

There will be only one Forever Stamp needed for smaller sizes (5×7, 6×9) that weigh less than 1 ounce in 2022, while thicker envelopes will require extra ounce stamping. Flats, which include larger manila envelopes (e.g. 9 x 12), start at $1.16 for 1 ounce of weight. In this case, two Forever Stamps will suffice. To learn more about how many stamps a Manila envelope needs, keep reading!

Can a Manila Envelope get mail using one stamp?

You may be able to mail your manila envelope with only one stamp depending on the size and weight of the envelope. Envelopes that measure 5 x 7 inches, for example, fulfill the USPS’ First-Class letter mail size criteria.

You may ship a little envelope like this using just one stamp as long as it doesn’t exceed 1 ounce in weight. Separately, but relatedly, make sure the little manila envelopes you buy don’t include clasps, thread, or medallions if you wish to ship them with only one stamp.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not use machines to sort these products; instead, employees sort them by hand. A non-machinable fee (currently set at $0.30) is levied for this extra service. These envelopes require special non-machinable stamps (currently priced at $0.88) or a combination of cents stamps to cover the difference.

How Many Stamps Do I Need to Complete a 5×7 Manila Envelope?

The smallest envelope size is a 5 x 7-inch manila envelope. The standard-size letter standards of the US Postal Service are met by these envelopes. USPS First-Class mail is able to deliver standard-size letters, including those that fit into 5 x 7 manila envelopes.

When mailing a 5 x 7 manila envelope, you just need one Forever Stamp if the weight of the envelope is under 1 oz. The current price of Forever Stamps is $0.58. An extra stamp will be required if your envelope is heavier than 1 ounce.

Each additional ounce is charged at a rate of $0.20 by USPS (up to a maximum of 3.5 ounces total). To get more ounce stamps, you may buy them online or at your nearest post office. You will be charged for a flat if the weight of your 5×7 manila envelope surpasses 3.5 ounces, which is what the USPS refers to as a “big envelope.”

How Many Stamps Will a 69 Manila Envelope Require?

Similarly to 5 x 7, 6 x 9 manila envelopes meet USPS requirements for standard-size letters.
As a result, they are also despatched through First-Class mail. If your envelope weighs less than 1 ounce, one Forever Stamp will be enough to pay for postage.

Additional ounce stamps (cost $0.20) will be required if your 6×9 envelope weighs more than 1oz. Similarly, if your envelope weighs between 2.1 ounces and 3.0 ounces, you’ll need an extra 2-ounce stamp. If the weight of your 6 x 9 envelope is greater than the 3.5 ounce limit for First-Class letter postage, it will be charged as a large envelope/flat.

How Many Stamps Will a 912 Manila Envelope Require?

This size manila envelope is the most widely used since it can fit 8 12 x 11-inch sheets.
In the eyes of the United States Postal Service, they are big envelopes/flats.

The cost of postage and the number of stamps required is determined by the weight of the envelope. Envelopes of various weights, 9 x 12 manila, can be purchased at these prices.

Weight not over (ounces)Price

You’ll need 2 Forever Stamps to cover the postage on a 1-ounce, 9-by-12-inch manila envelope at the current rate. Additional ounce stamps are required for every additional ounce (currently $0.20).

A 2-ounce, 9-by-12-inch manila envelope that weighs 2 ounces requires three stamps, for example (2 Forever Stamps and an additional ounce stamp). Postage on a three-ounce envelope is four stamps (2 Forever Stamps and 2 additional ounce stamps).

Are Forever Stamps Compatible on Manila Envelopes?

Using Forever Stamps on manila envelopes is fine, although metered postage is typically preferable. You can buy or rent metered postage at the post office or from an approved postage meter.
With metered shipping, you’ll never pay too little or too much for postage again, and you could even see fewer delivery delays.

To make sure you add the exact amount of postage when utilizing Forever Stamps on your manila envelope, use a scale and the USPS postage calculator tool. USPS stamps may be found in our posts on how many stamps you need for a letter, Purple Heart Forever stamps, and 14 different varieties of stamps.

Bottom Line

For a manila envelope, you’ll need to know its dimensions and weight in order to calculate the appropriate number of stamps. There is only one Forever Stamp required for small and lightweight manila envelopes, but big envelopes require several Forever Stamps and/or extra oz stamps (or both).