How Many Points To Get Fired At Amazon

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When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is a popular choice, but it’s also a large employer in the United States, employing both staffs who work from home and those who work at the company’s warehouse.

As a result, potential Amazon employees may be wondering about Amazon’s policy on terminating its employees and how simple it is to be dismissed. Keep reading to see what I discovered if you’re interested in finding out more!

In 2022, Amazon’s Termination Policy

With Amazon’s points system, an employee may be dismissed if they build up just six points. Infractions such as taking time off without permission, chronic lateness to shifts, clocking out of work too early or too late, and similar acts can earn employees points and end in dismissal.

For additional information on how many points lead to termination at Amazon, Amazon’s cause for terminating employees, if Amazon rehires discharged employees, and more, please continue reading!

Can You Reapply for a Job After Being Fired by Amazon?

After a specific amount of time has passed since being dismissed from Amazon, a former employee may be eligible to reapply for a position there. As a result, this may or may not be the case.

Ex-Amazon employees report that the amount of time an ex-employee has to reapply varies based on their prior position and the Amazon division they worked in.

As an example, one Amazon employee indicated that former employees must wait a year before reapplying, but another employee stated that the minimum waiting period is 90 days.

There is a good chance that Amazon’s rehiring policies differ based on the cause, location, and position of those who have been dismissed from employment with Amazon. This is logical.

How Many Points Result in Amazon Account Termination?

In order to terminate employees, Amazon uses a point system that, according to former Amazon employees, has a maximum firing threshold of 6 points.

While Amazon requires six points to terminate an employee, some supervisors within Amazon divisions may be more forgiving, since some Amazon employees have been recorded to receive up to 13 points yet still be employed.

When an employee is written up for an offense such as being late to work or taking unrequested time away from work, Amazon may use the violation as the basis for terminating the employee’s position, even if the individual has accrued a large number of points.

Why Are Amazon Employees Fired?

If an Amazon employee consistently breaks any of the company’s established regulations, he or she will be terminated from the company.

Fireable offenses for Amazon employees include:

  • Wearing restricted cosmetics (lipstick, heavy makeup, etc)
  • Bringing gum into work and chewing it during a shift
  • Drinking beverages during a shift (water only)
  • Improperly packaging orders
  • Working at a slow pace
  • Showing up to work sick
  • Clocking in/ out too late/ early
  • Talking too much (warehouse workers)
  • Wearing a watch and other expensive jewelry
  • Showing up to work late

Amazon workers should be aware that although some of the aforementioned infractions are less serious than others, breaching these rules will raise the likelihood of being terminated.

As a result, future Amazon employees are recommended to carefully review these job agreements before signing on the dotted line.

Are Severance Packages Given to Terminated Amazon Employees?

Employees who are dismissed from Amazon are offered a $5,000 severance payout if they want to quit the company. If former employees take the severance money, they can no longer seek a position at Amazon in the future.

As a result, employees who want to reapply to Amazon in the future should avoid taking the severance, as doing so will make them ineligible to work there in the future. Employees who want to look for jobs elsewhere should accept their severance money if offered it.

Is There an Alternative to Being Fired at Amazon?

Employees at Amazon may not be fired immediately if they are found guilty of a fireable crime. A two-month training program, called Pivot, will be offered to them by their boss to help them enhance their work ethic and productivity.

After completing the Pivot course, staff employees will return to their usual tasks as soon as they have completed their probationary period and passed the exam.

We advise anyone looking for a job at Amazon to stick it out to the end so they can get back to work. Staff workers who are able to find work elsewhere may be more inclined to take the severance payout than those who aren’t.

Is Amazon Hiring and Firing Employees?

In order to achieve their target for the number of people they expect to lose each year, certain Amazon managers have been known to hire staff members with the goal to fire them.

In order to be able to terminate employees for poor performance, Amazon frequently hires people who aren’t as well-qualified for the jobs they’re applying for.

As a result, applicants who are afraid that they will not be recruited because of this reason may withdraw their applications from Amazon or contact their manager directly.

Additionally, you may read our postings on Amazon’s vacation and transfer policies as well as its background check policy.

Bottom Line

A minimum of six points is required for an employee to be terminated from their employment at Amazon, according to the company’s termination policy. When employees consistently miss work or take unexpected time off from their jobs, they may be dismissed.

Instead of a severance compensation of $5,000, employees who are let go by Amazon are typically offered the option between that and a two-month training aimed at improving their work ethics.

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