How Many People Can Watch Amazon Prime

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Most mobile devices, including the Amazon Fire Tablet, Samsung Tablets, iPads, and iPhones, may be used to access Amazon Prime, allowing users to create various profiles and tailor their shopping experience.

But users may ask how many Amazon Prime accounts they may have and how many devices they can utilize at once. Keep reading if you’re curious about the same subject!

How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime?

A single Amazon Prime account may now be used by multiple people on three different devices at once. Only two individuals can watch the same film on Prime at the same time, despite the fact that three people may simultaneously stream it through Amazon Prime. 

Additionally, Amazon Prime subscribers may set up as many as six different profiles, allowing them to keep track of all the members of their family separately.

Find out how many people can watch Amazon Prime at once, if you can have other people in your home use your Prime account, and much more by reading on!

Can Amazon Prime Accounts be Shared?

Family members and close acquaintances can use their Amazon Prime memberships at no additional cost.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can share your log-in information with family and friends, as well as build a personal profile with all of your favorite shows and movies. Customers, on the other hand, are advised to only give out their Amazon login information to people they know and trust.

Because of this, it is suggested that members only share their accounts with persons in their family or with a friend who has proved to be trustworthy (ex. significant other, best friend, etc).

Can You Have Multiple Users on Amazon Prime?

A single Amazon Prime Video membership may now be used by three persons and/or three devices simultaneously, allowing all three to watch TV series or movies at the same time. When a Prime member is watching a video on their account, only one other user may watch the same video at the same time.

Despite this, all three persons and devices may simultaneously watch other general stuff.
In addition, Amazon Prime customers may establish up to six profiles under a single account, which is ideal for households with several devices.

Is it possible to watch the same video on Prime at the same time on two different devices?

Even though Amazon Prime Film subscribers can stream on up to three devices simultaneously, only two devices can watch the same video at the same time. Although Amazon does not specify the rationale for this restriction, it is logical to assume that simultaneously streaming the same video on two devices might cause connectivity troubles.

Friends or family members who want to watch a movie on Amazon Prime together should use different accounts to avoid problems with the video.

How Do You Add Someone to Your Amazon Prime Account?

It is possible for Prime members to add other people to their account in two major ways.
Creating a user profile for them on your account and providing them with the login details is one option.

Installing Amazon Home, a Prime account that allows families to share their Prime account with other members of their household, is another option. All members of the household must have Amazon accounts in order to utilize Amazon Household. Members of Amazon Household must input the login details for each individual account holder before adding them to the service.

It is important for customers to keep in mind, however, that Amazon Household is primarily intended for parents and their children, as the ability to add users is for both children and teens. As a result, users who desire to share their Amazon Prime account with another adult must grant that person access to their own Amazon Prime account as well

Is it Safe to Share an Amazon Prime Video Account?

Using someone else’s Amazon Prime Video account might be dangerous. Shared Prime Accounts must be accessed using the customer’s login credentials, which must be given to the other party. A Prime Account shared by two people exposes them to the possibility of fraudulent charges on their bill and identity theft, as well as illegal access to other users.

This is why consumers are strongly discouraged from making their Amazon Prime account available to anybody else. In order to keep their accounts safe, consumers can take the following steps while sharing their accounts with others:

  • To prevent them from discovering their friend’s password, they log onto their smartphone on their behalf.
  • Every time they finish using the account, they make sure their friend logs out.
  • Giving them instructions on how they can share their login credentials only when the account user is there and can type it in themselves

Bottom Line

Currently, Amazon Prime Video accounts may be used on up to three different devices at the same time. A third device, on the other hand, can be used to watch a different film or series.

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