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How Many Calories In Starbucks Hot Chocolate

By David Krug 4 minute read

While a cup of Starbucks Hot Chocolate is delectable, is it really worth the extra calories and fat from the cream and sugar? The question is whether or not it is loaded with calories that will cause you to gain weight.

What are the calories in a Starbucks Hot Chocolate, how does it compare to other chocolate drinks, and can you make substitutions to lower your intake?

Starbucks Hot Chocolate Calorie Content in 2022

There are 370 calories in a Starbucks Grande Hot Chocolate (16 ounces), 140 of which come from added sugar. The Grande size of a White Hot Chocolate has 440 calories, making it the most calorific option. There is no way to reduce the number of calories in non-dairy milk substitutes such as almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, and soymilk.

What is a skinny hot chocolate? What are the nutritional values of Starbucks’ hot chocolate? These and other questions are answered below. All of your questions will be answered here.

How many calories are there in a Starbucks large hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate is often referred to as a sinfully indulgent beverage. There are a lot of calories in this concoction thanks to the sugar, milk, cream, and whipped topping.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate has how many calories? And how does it stack up against the other chocolate-flavored beverages?

In a 16-ounce Grande serving of Starbucks Hot Chocolate, there are 370 calories.

However, it is not Starbucks’ most calorie-laden beverage. Frappuccinos and fruit juices, on the other hand, are even higher in calories.

Is Starbucks Hot Chocolate Made With All-Natural Ingredients?

With steamed milk, mocha sauce, whipped cream, and a drizzle of chocolate on top, Starbucks’ Hot Chocolate is one of their most popular offerings.

Choose non-dairy milks like oat milk or almond milk to make it more unique to you.

It’s also possible to enhance the flavor of your latte by sprinkling on extra syrup, cocoa powder, and cinnamon.

Extra syrup and toppings will increase your beverage’s calorie count.

Also, non-dairy milk substitutes may not lower the calorie count because they contain sugar.

Do You Know How Many Calories Are in a Starbucks Hot Chocolate?

In addition to the calories from milk and whipped cream, a Starbucks Hot Chocolate contains a fair amount of sugar.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate’s nutritional values are as follows:

  • Calories370
  • Fat-Related Calories 140
  • Fat content is 16 g.
  • 10 grams of saturated fat
  • 5 grams of trans fat
  • 50 mg of cholesterol
  • Sodium content of 160 milligrams
  • 4.3 g of total carbohydrate
  • 4 grams of dietary fiber per day
  • Sugars have a 37-gram content.
  • 14 g of protein
  • 25 milligrams of caffeine

How many calories are there in a Starbucks tall hot chocolate?

Starbucks’ 12-ounce tall hot chocolate has a calorie count of 280.

On the Starbucks website, you can find out how many calories are in various serving sizes by visiting the Hot Chocolate product page.

Nutritional information is displayed on the right-hand side of the page as a drop-down menu is selected.

There are how many calories in Starbucks White Hot Chocolate?

So a cup of hot chocolate packs a lot of calories. How does it stack up against the other Starbucks hot chocolate options?

The Grande size of Starbucks White Hot Chocolate contains 440 calories. White chocolate sauce and steamed milk are the main ingredients, with a whipped cream layer on top.

If you want to know how many calories are in a 16-ounce (Grande) serving of White Hot Chocolate, here’s the breakdown:

  • Energy 440
  • Fat has 17 calories.
  • 19 g of total fat
  • Saturated Fat: 13 g.
  • 5 grams of trans fat
  • It has a cholesterol level of 55 milligrams per deciliter
  • (260mg) of sodium
  • 55 g of total carbs
  • 0 g of Dietary Fiber
  • Sugar content is 55 g.
  • A serving of protein has 15 grams.
  • 0 milligrams of caffeine

How Many Calories Are in an Almond Milk Starbucks Hot Chocolate?

Many people mistakenly believe that vegan non-dairy products are low in calories because they are healthy.

The non-dairy options at Starbucks actually contain sugar, so switching them out may not save you any calories.

What Exactly Is A Starbucks Skinny Hot Chocolate?

You can get a skinny hot chocolate at Starbucks by using skim milk, a light syrup, and no whipped cream at all.

This will help you lose weight, but you’ll have to give up some of the decadent flavor of hot chocolate in the process.

Is Starbucks Hot Cocoa Bad for You?

The fact that Starbucks Hot Chocolate is rich, sugary, and best enjoyed during the winter does not make it unhealthy.

White Hot Chocolate is, in fact, a popular wintertime beverage. As a result, neither of the hot chocolate drinks at Starbucks is likely to become a regular part of your diet.

It’s only a problem if you don’t have the time to work out more to burn off the extra calories. And it’s possible that’s a great idea.

Both chocolate and exercise have been shown to improve mood, so incorporating them both into your routine is a no-brainer.

For more information, check out our posts on how big a Venti is at Starbucks; what Starbucks drink has more caffeine; and whether you can microwave Starbucks cups.

Bottom Line

Starbucks’ Hot Chocolate is unquestionably calorie-dense. Even so, it’s not Starbucks’ most calorie-dense beverage, clocking in at 370 in a Grande size.

There are more calories in Frappuccino and fruit juices, as well as White Hot Chocolate. Slim hot chocolate has fewer calories, but it also lacks the creamy flavor of regular hot chocolate.

David Krug