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How Long Will UPS Hold A Package

By David Krug 6 minute read

It’s possible that packages be kept for a variety of reasons, from necessity to someone’s request. If a box is not picked up by UPS, what happens to the parcel? Keep reading to see what I learned about this topic if you’re interested!

How Long Will UPS Hold the Package?

UPS will be able to store cargo for up to seven days in 2022. For example, package holds requested by the recipient might be used to obtain a signature or to protect valuable goods. If you fail to pick up your cargo, it will be returned to the sender. UPS My Choice or the local UPS Customer Center can be used to seek a hold.

If you’d like to put a hold on your next UPS delivery or if you’re having problems with an item that’s currently on hold, please continue reading!

How long can UPS keep a package?

Your cargo may undoubtedly be held for pickup by UPS! UPS provides a variety of services to make shipping and receiving items safe and convenient for its clients, including this service.

UPS Access Points, the UPS Store, and UPS Customer Centers are all places where packages can be kept for pickup. There are several reasons why UPS could put a shipment on hold, however here are just a few examples:

  • UPS is informed by the addressee that they are on vacation or out of town.
  • Requests for package hold can be made via UPS My Choice or by calling a UPS Customer Center in the intended recipient’s area
  • Due to the recipient not being able to sign for a signature service, there were many missed delivery attempts
  • Because of the package’s worth, either the sender or the recipient requests a hold
  • Instead of specifying a street address, the sender used a UPS facility to deliver the box.
  • When the package’s label or address can’t be read, it means one of two things:

Check out the following area for helpful hints and thorough instructions if you’re interested in using UPS’ hold for pickup services for any reason other than those stated above!

Can UPS hold my package until I’m available to pick it up?

In order to have your UPS shipment held for pick-up, you may either phone UPS or make use of your UPS My Choice account. To request a shipment hold from UPS, call 1-800-PICK-UPS or 1-800-742-5877 (customer support).

The automated system will ask for additional information from you after you’ve contacted the phone number. Tracking numbers are essential since they are the sole means by which your shipment may be identified and detained.

The following steps can help you locate your order’s tracking number:

  • Keep an eye out for the UPS confirmation email that you got.
  • Look for the email sent by the sender of the package once it has been delivered.
  • Look at the receipt’s bottom.

Your cargo will be held at UPS’s preferred location or until the delivery date you specify once you’ve answered all the automated system’s questions about tracking and holding information.

Your UPS My Choice account is the ideal option if you prefer to perform this transaction online. You may either create a new UPS My Choice account or log in to an existing one by visiting this page and following the on-screen instructions.

All of the items that are currently being delivered to the address that you signed up for may be viewed in your UPS My Choice account once you’ve established or logged in. Click “Delivery Options” after finding the package(s) you’d like to have held, then follow the instructions. Delivery choices on UPS My Choice allows you to select from a wide range of options for holding your package, including:

  • Having your delivery stored and then delivered to the stated address at a later period.
  • Having the box sent to a separate location (i.e. a UPS Access Point, The UPS Store, or UPS Customer Center) so that it may be picked up at a later date

If you’re able to pick up your box quickly, having it held at a UPS location is usually the fastest choice for a held shipment.

You may look for a UPS facility near you that provides package holding services on the UPS website here. In order to locate a UPS Access Point, UPS Customer Center, or UPS Store near you, use the search bar on this page.

For how long does UPS keep packages?

Deliveries kept for pick-up are an excellent convenience, but they must be picked up as soon as possible. UPS stores shipments for a maximum of five business days, including weekends, at a time.

At the very least, most shipments will be kept for a minimum of five days at some places.
If you’re having your UPS shipment held, having it kept at a UPS location is an excellent option:

  • Due to safety concerns or to prevent robbery
  • Preventing package damage as a result of the bad weather that is predicted
  • If you don’t receive the shipment after many delivery attempts, you may need to sign for it.

If you’re on vacation or out of town, you may want to avoid having your item held at a UPS site because of the service’s time-sensitive nature. Instead, you may want to try having your shipment held until a certain date.

If you’re unable to pick up your box from a UPS location because you’re out of town, you can have it delivered to a trustworthy individual. Due to a delivery exception or any other reason, if your item is being held at a UPS location, make sure to pick it up in a timely way.

What Happens If You Forget to Pick Up Your UPS Package?

Many times, UPS facilities such as Customer Centers, Access Points and theUPS Store are held because a receiver has requested that a package be kept there. Occasionally, however, a shipment is kept because of a problem with the package or the facility, or because the sender requested it be held.

As a result, UPS will notify you through the tracking information for your delivery, which can be found by entering your package’s tracking number on this page. Either the shipment is being held, or a delivery exception has occurred, and you will be given advice on how to find out more about it in the message.

In most cases, packages that have been asked to be kept are picked up on time. Packages detained for various reasons, on the other hand, may take longer than UPS’ regular 5-day hold period.

A package that has been on hold at a UPS location for an extended period of time will be released. Within five business days of being detained, parcels are often returned to the sender. Calling the UPS facility where your item is being held if you are unable to pick it up within the indicated time range is an option.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s not always possible for UPS to keep onto the box until you or an authorized individual can come and pick it up. As a general rule, if you wish to prevent having your box returned to the sender, you should keep a tight check on arriving deliveries and promptly collect any goods that are held for you.

Bottom Line

The UPS Store and UPS Customer Centers, as well as UPS Access Points, do keep shipments for customers. UPS stores normally hold packages for five business days before returning them to their senders.

You can call the UPS Customer Service line at 1-800-PICK-UPS or create or sign in to your UPS My Choice account to request that your shipment be held.

David Krug