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How Long Is Orientation At Walmart

By David Krug 5 minute read

Walmart is one of the world’s most popular employers, welcoming thousands of new employees each year. Following your application and acceptance into Walmart’s workforce, you may be wondering what the following stages in the process are. For instance, what does Walmart’s orientation imply? Here’s what I’ve learned from my previous students!

Walmart’s 2022 Orientation

As of 2022, all new workers at Walmart will receive a paid orientation. It also involves a day-long workshop that exposes the firm’s culture and sales training as well as correct clothing and communication skills. Employees at Walmart are permitted to wear casual attire while on the clock; thus, new hires may do the same.

Welcome to Walmart; keep reading to discover what exciting things await you during your new hire orientation!

How long will it take for Walmart to contact me for orientation?

New hire orientation can be nerve-wracking after the arduous process of obtaining a job offer. As each position and Walmart site has standards that must be satisfied before employment begins, there is no way around the fact that contact time is dependent on your position and the Walmart location where you are employed.

A phone call from management is usually expected within two weeks of the background check being completed for new hires in most cases.

Will I Be Paid For Attending Walmart Orientation?

You’ll be glad to know that you’ll be compensated for the time you spend in orientation. Orientation compensation at Walmart is the same as your regular hourly salary.

What Do I Wear To Orientation At Walmart?

It’s alright to skip the suit and tie at orientation, even if you plan to dress up for an interview.
The dress code at Walmart stores is fairly loose because they are a casual workplace. After years of wearing blue shirts and jeans, Walmart team employees are now allowed to wear anything they choose.

Shirts of any color, jeans, and the Walmart vest and name tag are now permitted in the workplace. Because employees walk 8-10 miles each day, even the top management may now get away with donning shoes to work.

Since you’ll be working in a casual environment, it’s fine to wear it to your Walmart orientation. You may also be interested in reading about the Walmart dress code guideline, which we recently covered.

What Should I Bring To Walmart Orientation?

During orientation, new hires get an overview of the organization and its responsibilities. In order to take notes, you’ll need a notepad and a pen or pencil. An overwhelming amount of information will be thrown your way throughout orientation, so don’t risk missing anything by not taking notes.

Several administrative tasks must also be completed during orientation. For your I9 (Social Security card and ID/Drivers License), you must also submit the proper papers.

Orientation at Walmart starts at what time?

When it comes to the start time of Walmart’s orientation, there is no set method. When most people are at work, retail establishments aim to have orientations in the mornings. Therefore, anticipate being at orientation between 8 a.m. and noon on the first day of school

How Long Is The Walmart New Hire Orientation Process?

A typical new hire orientation at Walmart lasts a week, which includes time spent in the training facility and time spent observing experienced coworkers.

Orientation at Walmart: What Happens?

A whole day of training will be included in Walmart’s new job orientation program.

  • Policies and Procedures. (Understanding the company’s rules and regulations)
  • The advantages. (Understanding what benefits Walmart offers and how to enroll)
  • Exercising. (Practicing skills like lifting heavy objects, using a cash register, and other essential activities)
  • Skills in Verbal and Nonverbal Communication. (Dressing appropriately for work, knowing what to say when talking with customers, and more)
  • Sales Coaching. (Learning the basics of how to sell products at Walmart)
  • Employee Safety. (Understanding how Walmart works to protect its workers from injury on the job)

What Should I Do To Prepare For The Walmart Orientation Process?

Make the most of your waiting time by conducting some research. When it comes to recruitment and hiring, Walmart has a lot of expertise since it has a lot of workers. When it comes to Walmart orientation, the best way for new workers to prepare is to know what to anticipate before they begin the process.

The following are some examples of things you should know before Walmart’s orientation begins:

1. Conduct Research On The Business And Its Culture

Together, we can build a better Walmart..” This is Walmart’s mission statement. We may thus safely presume that Walmart places a high priority on its company culture of teamwork.

Every Walmart employee is essential to the company’s long-term success. As a consequence, Walmart’s work atmosphere is deemed inclusive of all positions.

2. Discover What Makes Walmart Unique in the Public Eye

In the United States, Walmart is a well-known and successful business. As a result of this, the company has been able to hire individuals who are capable of providing first-rate customer service at several sites around the country.

Because of the emphasis on excellent customer service, Walmart looks to hire new employees to support its mission to provide customer service that meets its high expectations. Customer service, for example, is critical to a company’s public image and bottom line because it fosters customer loyalty and trust.

3. Awareness With The Company’s Values

“Customer first, frontline oriented, inventive & agile,” “listen,” “inclusive,” “high performance,” “accountable,” “honesty, and justice” are only a few of Walmart’s key principles. It is reasonable to anticipate these characteristics from front-line employees who deal directly with the public.

4. Recognize Positions And Their Relationship To Success

Because Walmart is such a massive corporation, it’s not surprising that a wide range of positions is available at all levels. You should also master the functions of the following positions:

  • Retail cashiers
  • Retail inventory stockers and cart pushers
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Accounting professionals
  • Store management

In order to be successful in a Walmart retail location, employees must be familiar with the basic job tasks of each other’s coworkers. Visit Walmart’s Careers website for more information.

In addition, if you work for Walmart, you may want to check out our articles on Walmart’s tardiness policy, Walmart’s college program, and if Walmart recruits people as young as 16 years of age.

Bottom Line

New Walmart workers attend an orientation to learn about the company’s values, beliefs, and goals. Workers might get insight into the various divisions of their employer by taking part in this activity. Walmart’s orientation involves a one-day seminar covering sales training, workplace safety, and communication skills. It is typically held in the morning.

David Krug