How Long Does Walmart Keep Security Footage

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Security cameras are everywhere at Walmart shops and even at self-checkouts because of the store’s size and the number of items it sells.

By the year 2022, Walmart has installed hundreds of cameras in and outside of its shops to combat theft, keep a watch on its personnel, and keep track of any in-store events that may occur against consumers.

Customers and employees alike may be curious as to how long Walmart retains surveillance video. Here’s what I found out!

In 2022, how long will Walmart keep surveillance footage on file?

In 2022, Walmart plans to preserve security CCTV video for an average of six months to one year, depending on the size and location of the shop. 

Security video may be kept for between 30 and 90 days at smaller Walmart locations. Keep reading to find out how to see Walmart’s surveillance footage!

How long does Walmart maintain parking lot surveillance footage?

Keeping customers safe in the parking lot of Walmart Most Walmart locations maintain CCTV video for an average of 30 days, however this varies from store to store.

How do I gain access to Walmart’s surveillance camera footage?

You must have a legitimate reason for requesting Walmart security camera footage, such as being a victim of theft or in-store violence, to do so.

You might want to keep track of the date and time, as well as where the event occurred in the business, in order to make it easier to locate surveillance video.

The Walmart store manager who witnessed the event will be able to assist you if you bring this information with you when you go to the Walmart store.

Alternatively, the police will be allowed to see the surveillance tape on your behalf if you decide to submit a report.

Does Walmart use facial recognition in their surveillance footage?

Yes, Walmart has announced that it will begin partnering with face recognition technology companies in 2020 in order to catch shoplifters in the act and follow their whereabouts throughout the store.

Walmart has verified to Business Insider that face recognition cameras have been installed in 1000 of its locations across the United States, a company spokesperson said.

Walmart’s surveillance cameras are monitored.

Yes, Walmart does keep an eye on its security cameras, but not all the time. Walmart has recently invested in AI security cameras that may alert employees to irregularities or concerns without the need for ongoing monitoring.

In high-crime regions, surveillance footage is more likely to be regularly examined, but in most states, Walmart employs its security cameras as a tool to support prospective claims and police investigations rather than to prevent immediate theft.

What Does Walmart’s Policy Regarding Theft Entail?

It is a severe matter for Walmart, as it is for the majority of big-name retailers. Walmart has cameras and employees trained to swiftly spot a thief in action.

There are a number of major factors in Walmart’s theft policy:

  • In the event of a suspected shoplifter, staff should not intervene.
  • Only primary trained people are capable of apprehending prospective shoplifters; untrained staff are unable to do so.
  • There should be at least one person of authority present at the time of arrest.
  • Once the shoplifter has left the store, store workers should only intervene.

Security cameras and customer data collected by Walmart might help track down the shoplifter’s whereabouts.

Alternatively, a shoplifter may be barred from all Walmart shops in a certain state or from all Walmart stores in a given region.

Additionally, you may check out the other guides on if Walmart prosecutes shoplifters, the methods Walmart uses to track stealing, and the most stolen Walmart items.

Bottom Line

Walmart’s video surveillance system uses AI and faces recognition technology that is up-to-date and sophisticated.

For the most part, Walmart keeps surveillance video from its stores for six months to one year on average, but this varies from shop to store.

Walmart security footage may only be obtained or seen by contacting the specific Walmart store directly or by asking for the store manager at the assistance desk.

Whether you can see surveillance tape depends on the shop manager’s decision that day, although Walmart is more than eager to cooperate for most possible illegal or detrimental situations.

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