How Long Does Walgreens Hold Prescriptions

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How long does Walgreens keep prescriptions for customers in 2022?

Customer reminder calls are made two to three times a day for seven days after a prescription has been filled at Walgreens pharmacy. Unfilled controlled substance prescriptions are kept on file for six months, and unfilled prescriptions for other medications are kept for up to a year.

What happens if you don’t pick up your prescription, what to do after the hold period expires, and much more can be found in the following paragraphs.

Weigh the pros and cons of not picking up your prescription from Walgreens pharmacies.

  • Walgreens pharmacies will fill your prescription and you can pick it up within seven days.
  • After seven days, if you do not pick up your prescription, it is returned to the pharmacy’s shelves.

Note that although Walgreens’ official policy requires that they hold a prescription for seven days, some pharmacies may keep prescriptions for longer periods of time and most pharmacies will hold a prescription for a small amount of time longer if you contact them and let them know when you will be in to pick up your prescription.

Use the Walgreens store locator to find the phone number of a Walgreens near you so you can inquire about the policy of that particular store on this from your local Walgreens.

No, Walgreens Does Not Call Customers Whose Prescriptions Have Been Filled

In order to remind customers to come pick up their filled prescriptions, Walgreens makes two to three courtesy calls to them.

Walgreens keeps filled prescriptions for seven days before shipping them out.

Depending on the location, the number of courtesy calls varies, but every pharmacy will make at least two calls to remind customers to pick up unclaimed prescriptions.

After the hold period, can you get your prescriptions filled?

Walgreens returns the prescriptions to the shelves once the seven-day period is over.

You can simply call Walgreens and ask them to fill the prescriptions again if you need them after this time period.

Remember that Walgreens only keeps unfilled prescription records for a short period of time, so if you call after the record has been removed, you’ll have to send a new prescription to Walgreens.

If you would like to learn more about how long other companies will hold prescriptions, you can read our articles for Walmart or CVS.

Walgreens Maintains Prescription Records for an Unspecified Period of Time

In Walgreens, prescriptions are kept on file for a period of two years after being filled. Unfilled prescriptions, on the other hand, are only kept on file for a year from the date of writing.

Only six months after the date of writing are prescription records for controlled substances like hydrocodone kept. During this time, you can contact Walgreens to have your prescriptions filled at any time.

If a prescription has been filled for six months (for controlled substances) or one year, Walgreens deletes the record.

So if you want Walgreens to fill the prescription again, you’ll need to send them a new one.

Bottom Line

There are numerous Walgreens pharmacy locations around the United States, making it a convenient place to get your controlled substance prescription, or other pharmacy prescriptions filled. Pharmacy representatives and pharmacy workers manually prepare items, such as asthma inhalers, pill bottles, topicals, and other common medications.

There are numerous security and safety checks throughout the prescription filling process, in order to ensure the safety and legality of the process.

In order for Walgreens to return a prescription to the shelves, they must hold it for seven days before doing so. Two to three phone calls will be made during this time to remind customers that their prescriptions have been filled.

Most Walgreens locations may hold a filled prescription longer, if you contact them and let them know when they can expect you to come in and pick up your prescription.

Walgreens keeps records for unfilled prescriptions for a year, and these records remain valid for the entirety of that year, meaning you can call Walgreens to have the prescription filled at any time during that time. However, records of other unfilled prescriptions, such as for hydrocodone or other controlled drugs, are only kept for six months.

Frequently asked questions

How can you contact Walgreens corporate customer service with any pharmacy issues?

You can contact Walgreens corporate customer service either by phone, live chat on their website, or physical mail.

Their phone number is: 1–800–925–4733 (1–800–WALGREENS)

You can write to them at:

ATTN: Consumer Relations

Walgreen Co.

200 Wilmot Rd.

MS #2002

Deerfield, IL 60015

Does Walgreens pharmacies fill direct mail prescriptions?

Walgreens does not currently fill direct mail prescriptions through their pharmacy facility, but they have future plans to do so.

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