How Long Does Safeway Hold Prescriptions

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For many years, Safeway stores have operated pharmacies, and these have proven to be superior to pharmacies like Shoppers Drug Mart and others.

If you shop at Safeway and are thinking about using their pharmacy to fill your prescriptions, you might be curious about how things work there. If so, keep reading to find out what I discovered!

In 2022, what will the pharmacy operations at Safeway be like?

Many pharmacists and pharmacy assistants are employed by the Safeway Pharmacy. Prescriptions are written and filled daily, immunizations are given, appointments are scheduled, blood pressure is checked, and many other services are provided. Prescriptions can be delivered to patients’ homes by Safeway pharmacy.

Please continue reading if you’d like to learn more about how to get prescriptions from Safeway pharmacy, what products they carry, how to refill prescriptions and more.

Do you know how to get prescriptions from the Safeway Pharmacy?

Prescription refills can be done online, in person, or by phone at Safeway Pharmacy. Customers can call their local Safeway pharmacy to refill a prescription by phone.

Customers can refill prescriptions online by filling out a form on and providing the necessary information.

A pharmacy assistant can be contacted at a Safeway Pharmacy to assist customers with refilling prescriptions in person.

To whom can I hand in my Safeway medication orders?

Customers who are unable to pick up their prescription at the time it is ready can have another person pick it up for them if certain conditions are met.

Family members may pick up prescriptions for customers if they have the necessary information. Caretakers who have been given permission to pick up medication are also covered by this rule.

Non-family members or non-medical workers who come in to pick up an individual patient’s prescription at Safeway may do so on the basis of the pharmacist’s professional judgment.

Is Safeway Pharmacy a mail-order pharmacy?

The majority of Safeway pharmacies provide their customers with medication delivery services. There is a standard courier delivery fee of $7.99, and a standard mail delivery fee of $3.99.

However, Safeway Pharmacy will occasionally offer free prescription delivery as a promotional offer. Customers can opt for contactless delivery, in which case their package will be left at their door.

The Safeway pharmacy also offers same-day delivery to patients if they request and order before 10:30 am via courier delivery.

In order to ensure that your prescriptions arrive as quickly as possible, they must be sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

What Kind of Items Can You Find at the Safeway Pharmacy?

McKesson Pharmaceuticals supplies Safeway Pharmacy in Canada with medication, supplies, and other necessities. As far as I know, Safeway does not provide this information online.

To find out where Safeway gets its medicines from, patients in the United States can call their local pharmacy and ask for assistance.

Pharmacies and hygienists can be found together in Safeway stores. Customers can buy vitamins, painkillers, and other over-the-counter medications in this section of the store.

Customers can also purchase soap, shampoo, and conditioner, bandages, and other medical and hygienic necessities from the pharmacy area in addition to medication.

Do you know Safeway Pharmacy’s operating hours?

During regular Safeway store hours, pharmacies at this location are open. If you’re looking for a pharmacy in a Safeway, you’ll find that they’re open from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday.

Refilling and picking up prescriptions is possible at Safeway at any time during business hours. There may be a wide range of appointment times available at each store.

Customers can call their local Safeway pharmacy and inquire about their store hours, or they can search their pharmacy location online for more information.

Is There a Safeway App for Refilling Prescriptions?

Patients can refill their prescriptions on the go with the Pharmacy app from Safeway.

This method of filling prescriptions can be used by customers as follows:

  • Use Google Play or Apple’s App Store to get the app
  • Sign up for a Safeway account or sign in if you already have one.
  • App users can access and manage a list of prescriptions via the app.
  • When a prescription is ready for pickup, a notification is sent to the user’s phone.

The Safeway Pharmacy app is only available in the United States, which is a bummer for international customers.

On the website, by phone or in person, patients in Canada can order prescriptions.

Is it possible to have multiple members of my family use the same prescription?

Safeway’s pharmacy log allows for the addition of multiple patients with the same phone number. But each patient must be registered separately.

A pharmacy assistant can assist a family that has requested to be registered at the Safeway pharmacy under the same phone number in properly completing their registration.

Exactly How Do Safeway Pharmacy Text Alerts Work?

Patients at Safeway can opt to receive text notifications when their prescriptions are due. Soon after a prescription has been filled, the pharmacy will send a notification to the patient letting them know when they can collect their medication.

Ten days after a patient receives a text message, they must respond. Patients whose prescriptions haven’t been renewed after 10 days will have to submit a new request for a refill.

How do I alter the time I pick up my prescriptions?

Prescription customers can change their pickup times in the event they are unable to make their scheduled time.

The Safeway pharmacy can assist them with this by simply calling and requesting assistance.

If a customer confirms a pickup time and later needs to change it, they can do so by calling the pharmacy directly.

It’s also possible for a Safeway customer who accidentally typed STOP into their text reminders for a prescription pick-up to return to the text alert list by calling and letting them know they made the mistake.

Is there a pharmacy in every Safeway?

A full-service pharmacy can be found in most Safeway grocery stores.

It’s possible that pharmacies in some Safeway stores aren’t available or have been discontinued.

Customer service representatives at Safeway are available to answer questions about whether or not the store has a pharmacy.

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Bottom Line

There is a full complement of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in every Safeway pharmacy.

In addition to filling prescriptions, administering vaccinations, and scheduling appointments, they also offer other services. Prescriptions can be filled at the pharmacy, online, or via an app.

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