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How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take

By David Krug 5 minute read

Instacart shopper jobs allow people to work at their own pace and choose their own schedules, making them in high demand around the country.

However, it’s clear that not everyone who applies will be hired by Instacart. Indeed, the organization has a thorough background-checking mechanism in place to ensure that its customers are trustworthy.

A background check on Instacart is just what it sounds like. What you need to know is right here!

An Instacart Background Check in 2022: What’s the Meaning of It?

Instacart conducts a thorough background check on every new employee, including a review of your driving and criminal records. Background checks can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but in 2022, some will be completed in as little as a day or two.

There’s a lot more information concerning Instacart background checks that you should be aware of, such as what to expect, what to watch out for, and why it’s taking longer than 10 days. Keep searching for more information!

When it comes to Instacart Background Check, what should you expect?

If you fulfill our first requirements, you may receive a conditional offer for onboarding from Instacart, but we cannot respond to every candidate. Customers will be routed to a background check webpage to provide their personal information after receiving their Instacart card in the Shopper app.

A background check, which investigates criminal and driving histories as two essential records while working with Instacart, is authorized by this information input. Checkr., Inc. and Sterling do background checks for Instacart.

Founded in San Francisco in the same year as Instacart, Checkr. also performs background checks for Netflix and Papa John’s. Sterling is located in New York City and has worked with a number of notable companies, including Dell.

A dedicated page for Instacart applicants is also available on the website of the other company. We must stress that prospective employees must agree to the background check before it can be carried out. Your entire legal name, address, date of birth, and social security number must be provided.

A valid driver’s license is also required to participate in this program (especially if you are applying to be a full-time shopper, who shops and delivers).

This information will then be used by the background check business to gather more information.

Sterling’s website points out that receiving several Public Records Notices is not always a bad thing. Just to let you know that the firm is looking into your public records, you’ll be notified. More than 10 business days on average is typical for a background check.

Some of the comments on message boards support Sterling’s claim that its checks are routinely completed within 24 hours.

What Do Instacart’s Background Checks Look for?

To further understand what Instacart does with your personal information, let’s take a closer look at the background checks they perform.

Instacart does a background check on every prospective shopper in the manner described above, which includes these four primary components. Ridester’s authors have done a fantastic job of breaking down these items, including the following:

  • A history of driving offenses, including DUIs (driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs), moving violations (traffic accidents), and other offenses (excess of parking tickets, etc.).

This data may be found in open databases for drivers. Even if you have a few DUIs on your record, employers may be wary of hiring you if you have a string of them.

  • Having a criminal record doesn’t automatically disqualify you, but serious offenses, recent felonies, or a long history of criminal activity are tough to overcome.

According to Ridester, criminal databases may be searched and SSNs can be traced by background check businesses. Can you please tell me how long it takes for an Instacart background check?

To avoid wasting potential employees’ time, Instacart does background checks. However, the procedure might take up to ten days.

In reality, some consumers have been waiting for months for a response to their remarks.
It’s also worth noting that some people have been accepted just a day after they authorized the background check.

It’s best to hold off for at least ten days. If the background check company or Instacart hasn’t contacted you by then, try contacting them both. Contact information for Checkr, Sterling, and Instacart may be found lower down the page.

Who Cannot Be an Instacart Vendor?

There are some things in your background check that may create a more unfavorable impression, even if Instacart is allowed to recruit anybody it wants. Having a violent or sexual offense conviction on your record, for example, can be extremely tough to overcome, especially if it occurred recent.

If it’s been a decade or more since you’ve rehabilitated your life, you may be able to describe your position to someone.

To demonstrate your reliability and dependability, you’ll need a clean driving record and proof of a history of profitable employment.

If you have a history of driving under the influence, that might be a problem. When you’re young, a single DUI isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm. For the past three years, you’ve had a spate of DUI arrests, and this will be sent to Instacart.

Why Is Your Background Check for Instacart Taking So Long?

When a background check takes more than 10 days, Instacart Onboarding detects this.
If you haven’t heard from Sterling in 10 days, you may use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with him.

Instacart and Checkr can be contacted using the details provided on this page, as well as through the Shopping app.

Delays may be caused by a backlog of applications being processed by the firms or even by unforeseen office closures.

Does Instacart Drug Test?

According to, Instacart does not conduct pre-employment or post-employment drug tests.

If you’re applying to be a driver, you should be extremely cautious about your drug use, especially when you’re behind the wheel. Don’t drive while intoxicated for the sake of everyone else’s safety.

Why has your background check been halted by Instacart?

Instacart’s background check has been paused, according to Checkr, because the firm requires additional information from you.

That might be information that you can simply share with them, or it could necessitate the sending of some kind of paperwork. To ensure that your background check doesn’t become blocked, you’ll need to submit the information to them as promptly as possible.

Is it possible to work with Instacart if you have a DUI?

They may purchase and deliver for Instacart even if they have a DUI on their record according to some users on this Indeed post

It appears that a DUI is not an automatic bar to employment if you have maintained a clean driving record after the incident. We all make errors, and Instacart wants to make sure that this was a one-time occurrence and not a long-term trend.

Bottom Line

Due to the time and resources involved in conducting in-house background investigations, Instacart relies on Checkr and Sterling, two reputable third-party background check providers.

Instacart doesn’t automatically reject applicants with any of these marks, but significant offenses or a history of driving offenses makes it more difficult to get hired for this position.

David Krug