How Long Do Home Depot Special Buys Last

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In order to encourage consumers to purchase a significant number of things while in the shop, Home Depot offers a wide range of deals and discounts, including power equipment, supplies, materials, and more.

It’s understandable that you would want to know when Home Depot offers specials in order to get all of your necessary products. Take a look at what I’ve discovered thus far!

In 2022, what is Home Depot’s sales schedule?

As of 2022, Home Depot runs deals on a variety of days, including New Year’s, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Boxing Day. Excessive inventory might also lead to local sales. Home Depot also features a daily Special of the Day on their website, which highlights a different product in a specified category each day.

The whole list of Home Depot sales days, whether you may combine multiple discounts at Home Depot, and much more are all covered in this article!

How Often Do Home Depot’s Sales Take Place?

Throughout the year, Home Depot holds a variety of deals, including Boxing Day and Thanksgiving sales. A look of Home Depot’s sales for the year 2022:

  • There is a New Year’s Day Sale on January 1st.
  • Good Friday is on April 2nd.
  • There will be an Easter Monday sale starting on April 5th.
  • Spring Black Friday Sale, 8-18 April.
  • Memorial Day Sale on May 3rd. Details to follow.
  • Red, White, and Blue Sale: Fourth of July (also known as the 4th of July sale)
  • Labor Day Sale on September 8th.
  • Black Friday begins on November 26th.
  • Cyber Monday Sale on November 29th.
  • Green Monday is on December 14th.
  • Dec. 26th: After-Christmas Clearance Sale (Also known as Boxing Day Sale).

As a bonus, Home Depot consumers may keep an eye out on the internet for news of upcoming promotions, which may or may not be in place.

At Home Depot, what products can you buy?

The items available for purchase at Home Depot are determined by the sort of promotion that is presently taking place. When it comes to big discounts like Black Friday, practically all of the store’s inventory is on sale and may be purchased at reduced costs.

Other deals, on the other hand, will be centered around things that are either relevant to this sale or that will become less popular in the future months. On this Memorial Day, the Home Depot is offering grills and barbecues at a discount because these things are popular at the beginning of the summer.

Grills and patio furniture will be on sale at a bigger discount after Labor Day because demand has dwindled, so expect to see these goods in summer discounts. It is hoped that buyers would take advantage of this year’s Green Monday deal, which follows the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains.

Last but not least, Home Depot’s After-Christmas Sale is a perfect time to stock up on Christmas decorations for the following year.

Do you know what a “Special Buy” at Home Depot is?”

You may generally get a 50% discount on chosen goods or categories listed on the Home Depot website every day. Everything from light fixtures and drapes to drywall and paint may be found in this category.

Home Depot’s Special Buy of the Day website is a great resource for keeping tabs on the latest deals.

In a similar vein, Home Depot provides a Pro Special Buy of the Week for professionals looking to save money on supplies and equipment for upcoming projects. Make sure to keep in mind that regular customers may also take advantage of this excellent discount.

How Long Do Home Depot’s “Special Buys” Last?

At 3 AM Eastern Time, 12 AM Pacific Time, 1 AM Mountain Time, and 2 AM Central Time, Home Depot’s special bargains on its website are reactivated for a 24-hour period, after which they are no longer available.

It’s easy to keep track of how much time is left until the bargain expires using the countdown clock (based on Eastern Standard Time, or EST).

The countdown and reset timings for the Pro Special Buy of the Week are based on the same time zones, and there is also a countdown clock until the offer expires. These bargains expire on Sunday/Monday and are reactivated the following Sunday/Monday.

Why Can’t I Use My Discount During Sale Events at Home Depot?

Sadly, you can’t combine military savings with Home Depot’s sales, which is a shame. As a result, the firm would be forced to make a loss if it offered lower pricing on its already-discounted merchandise.

Regular-priced products are not exempt from the 15% military discount.

Is Home Depot willing to price match items that are on sale?

According to the offer at hand, Home Depot may or may not price match with other brick and mortar locations. Home Depot now price matches with the following retailers:

  • Lowe’s
  • JCPenney
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Staples
  • Macy’s
  • True Value
  • Mom-and-pop stores.

Home Depot would not match the prices of online-only shops like Amazon or wholesalers like Costco. It’s possible that they’ll investigate a cheaper pricing at one of the above businesses if you provide proof (such as a local ad).

The same goes for items that are on discount, have been slashed, or have been discontinued. In addition, if an item is marked as ‘Online Only,’ it will not match the pricing on its website.

Bottom Line

Throughout the year, Home Depot holds a variety of specials to keep up with the seasonal shifts in customer demand and availability. More garden and outdoor equipment will be on sale in the spring, while grills and patio furniture will be on sale in the summer.

On their website, Home Depot provides a 24-hour Special Buy of the Day and a seven-day Pro Special Buy of the Week.

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