How Hot Is Starbucks Coffee

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Customers who were burned by hot coffee spilled on them have filed lawsuits against McDonald’s and Starbucks, and you’ve undoubtedly heard about them. Additionally, you may be concerned about the potential dangers of consuming hot beverages, such as coffee or tea.

This is why you might be wondering how hot Starbucks coffee and other drinks are. There you have it.

How Hot Is Starbucks Coffee in 2022?

It is served between 150 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit at Starbucks. To achieve a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, hot tea is steeped in water straight from the coffee maker. Your tea may be made more drinkable by asking for ice cubes. Drinks for children are supplied at a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius.

If you have more queries, such as how to get Starbucks coffee extra hot and how to keep your coffee hot, please continue reading below. Here are the answers.

Exactly What Temperature Is Starbucks’ Coffee Served At?

Temperatures of 150 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit are the industry standard for Starbucks coffee.

If you want to drink your coffee at a lower temperature, you may ask for it to be served at “kids’ temperature,” which is roughly 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to wait a long time before sipping your Starbucks coffee, you can ask for it to be served at a higher temperature.

Is Starbucks Coffee Available in a Hotter Temperature?

Baristas may prepare your coffee to a temperature of roughly 180 degrees Fahrenheit if requested in advance.

In order to keep your coffee at the right temperature, your barista will steam the milk for a bit longer. Because it’s so hot, your coffee will stay hot for as long as you need it to.

How Hot Is Starbucks Tea?

Coffee brewers supply Starbucks with hot water for steeping its hot tea, which is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Coffee can be brewed at this temperature, but tea can’t. To avoid burns, the barista’s tea cup is always double-cupped because of the high temperature.

Using too hot water for steeping tea has the additional effect of bittering the flavor. Ask the barista to add a few ice cubes to your cup to eliminate the bitter flavor and bring your tea to a more comfortable temperature.

How Hot Is Starbucks Hot Chocolate And Other Hot Drinks?

Coffee from Starbucks is served at about 170 degrees Fahrenheit, as with other hot beverages including spiced fruit drinks and steamers.

How to Keep Your Starbucks Coffee Hotter for Longer

If you’re a coffee purist, you’ll tell yourself that warming your coffee would ruin the flavor. If you need to keep your coffee warm for an extended period of time, here are some ideas. You may keep your Starbucks coffee hit by asking the barista to make it extra hot if you plan on waiting a bit before sipping it.

When you’re ready to start sipping your coffee, you’ll have it at the perfect temperature because you started with an extra hot cup.

The barista may also utilize your insulated travel mug for your order of hot coffee, tea, or chocolate if you have it with you. Coffee can stay hot for up to six hours in this mug and Starbucks will even provide you a ten-cent discount for doing so.

Bottom Line

Between 155 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit are given as the ideal serving temperatures for Starbucks’ hot coffee. There are some people who enjoy their coffee at a slightly lower temperature than the industry norm of 140 F, therefore they can request it at 130 F.

To make its hot tea, Starbucks uses water heated to 200°F. You might ask for a couple ice cubes to cool down your drink if the current temperature is too much for you.

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