How Hard Is The Postal Exam

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So many people desire to work with the USPS because of its competitive salary, numerous prospects for growth, and good benefits. However, you can’t expect those three weeks of paid leave and your health insurance to just appear in your inbox.

In order to work for the US Postal Service, you’ll need to complete a number of tests. The first step is to fill out an online application, followed by a proctored exam in person. Are you still on board? Keep reading to find out what you need to know about the USPS exam.

In 2022, how difficult will the USPS exam be?

Postal exams 474, 475, 476, and 477 have a failure rate of between 80 and 90 percent, according to the USPS, making it a difficult test. Examinees are asked about their educational and professional background, their personality, and how they would manage typical work situations as part of the exam. Additional arithmetic and critical thinking questions may be included in some tests.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the USPS tests!

For the USPS, what exam do you need to pass?

Knowing which exam you need to pass before discussing the difficulty of the USPS exam is a good first step.

Depending on the position you’re looking for, you’ll need to take a different exam. There are currently four primary USPS exams:

474: Exam for City and Rural Carriers

When people hear the word “mailman,” they picture someone like this. On foot or in a vehicle, these postal workers distribute and collect mail. In all kinds of weather, they’re expected to work and to lift up to 70 pounds of mail each day.

Postal Service Handler Exam, Number 475

These workers transport mail containers and other postal facility equipment. In addition, they open and empty mail containers. They, too, must be able to lift containers weighing up to 70 pounds, much like carriers.

476: Exam for clerical work (for clerks and mail processors)

Sorting mail manually and operating mail processing equipment are the duties of mail processors. Aside from that, they sort and transport the finished mail. Lifting and moving bulky containers is a regular occurrence for these employees.

the Associate Exam (477) (for customer service clerks)

Customers of the United States Postal Service are served by retail associates who operate in post offices across the country.

An additional 955 exam is required for mechanical and technical employment at the USPS, and it can be found here. No mail is handled by these employees. Instead, they are responsible for the upkeep, repair, and testing of machinery utilized in postal systems and equipment.

How Long Is The USPS Exam?

When you’ve completed your application and learned which exam you must pass, you may question how long the exam will take.

Part I and Part II make up the bulk of each exam. The first step entails taking an online test. A proctored exam is the second part of the test.

USPS provides the amount of questions and the recommended time for each section in part one, which is untimed. Online exams often take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Even if the exam scheduling is variable, there is no grace period after you receive the invitation to take the exam. After obtaining an email invitation, you have 72 hours to take the exam.

For each exam, you can see exactly how long it will take and how many questions it will include.

474 (Also referred to as Virtual Entry Assessment MC 474)

Section NameNumber of QuestionsSuggested Time
Work Scenarios (Situational Judgment Test)97 minutes
Tell Us Your Story (Biodata Questionnaire)202 minutes
Describe Your Approach (Personality Test)566 minutes

475 (Also referred to as Virtual Entry Assessment MH 475)

Section NameNumber of QuestionsSuggested Time
Work Scenarios (Situational Judgment Test)911 minutes
Tell Us Your Story(Biodata Questionnaire)223 minutes
Describe Your Approach(Personality Test)798 minutes
Check for Errors(Verifying Information Test)12 (4 rows, each with 3 questions)2 minutes

476 (Also referred to as Virtual Entry Assessment MP 476)

Section NameNumber of QuestionsSuggested Time
Work Scenarios(Situational Judgment Test)911
Tell Us Your Story(Biodata Questionnaire)223
Describe Your Approach(Personality Test)798
Check for Errors(Verifying Information Test)12 (4 rows, each with 3 questions)2

477 (Also referred to as Virtual Entry Assessment CS 477)

SectionNumber of QuestionsSuggested Time
Work Situations(Situational Judgment Test)108
Work Your Register(Work with Bills, Coins, and Change)32
Tell Us Your Story(Biodata Questionnaire)212
Describe Your Approach (Personality Test)566

A proctored in-person testing may be required of those who pass the online assessment with a score of 70 or higher, depending on the position’s availability. About 90 minutes are needed for this evaluation.

How can I prepare for the USPS exam?

In order to prepare for the USPS exam, there are numerous options available.

For this exam, general study habits such as working while most alert, finding a quiet space to work, and maintaining a consistent study regimen are all useful

Consider the type of questions you will face on the exam as a good idea as well.

Spend some time learning about the various types of questions and focusing on the ones where you aren’t as sure of your abilities.

You can also gain a feel for the format and pace of the exam by taking free online practice exams.

Companies like Job Test Prep offer videos, test guides, and preparation materials for a monthly subscription if you like even more preparation.

Postal Exam Secrets Study Guide: USPS Virtual Entry Assessment 474, 475, 476, and 477: Review and Practice Tests

Getting ready for the USPS tests is easy thanks to the wealth of available information. Get the most up-to-date facts before making any decisions. Everything published prior to 2019 is out-of-date because the USPS altered the test in 2019.

To learn more about the United States Postal Service, you may check out our posts on whether or not USPS is a federal job, whether or not USPS is a good job, and whether or not USPS is a government organization..

Bottom Line

There is a 90% failure rate on the USPS examinations, therefore it’s worthwhile to spend some time preparing for them. Practice tests are a great way to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you might expect on test day. You’ll be successful if you put in the effort to prepare properly.

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