How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work

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There’s no better way to show someone you care than to give them an Amazon Gift Card, which they can use to purchase a variety of items from the online retailer. When it comes to Amazon Gift Cards, many people are wondering about how they function and what they may be used for. You can find out what I discovered by reading on!

How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work In 2022?

There are physical and digital Amazon gift cards that may be purchased with pre-loaded quantities. A gift card from Amazon can be given to a loved one electronically, in person, or by mail. The recipient can then use the gift card to make any purchase on Amazon. After the gift card is put to the client’s account, the customer can use it for as long as they choose.

Please continue reading for further facts, suggestions, and valuable information regarding Amazon gift cards, including how to redeem them and where they may be used.

How Do I Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

Gift cards can be used only once they’ve been added to an Amazon account by a consumer.
Customers who want to add a credit or debit card to their Amazon account must do the following:

  1. Visit and select “Gift Cards” from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  2. Select “Redeem an Amazon Gift Card” from the Gift Cards menu.
  3. You can find the claim code on the back of a physical gift card or in an email that contains a digital gift card (e-gift card).
  4. Click “Apply to Your Balance” after typing in the claim code.

Selecting “Keep Your Gift Card Balance to Use Later” will allow users to save their gift card balance for a later date. When a customer uses a gift card, it is applied to the amount of their next order.

Do Amazon Gift Cards Stay on Your Account?

As opposed to many other firms that provide gift cards, Amazon gift cards do not expire!
Customers can choose to “Keep Your Gift Card Balance” if they want to use their gift card at a different time than when they got it.

Most Amazon gift cards are good for 10 years from the date of purchase. But once an account’s real balance is added, it may be utilized at any time.

Is There a Purchase Fee to Buy an Amazon Gift Card?

They don’t charge a purchasing fee for Amazon gift cards!! Amazon gift cards are available in $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations, and just the gift card balance is necessary to purchase one.

How Long Do Amazon Gift Cards Last?

Varying locations will have different expiration dates for Amazon gift cards. For the most part, Amazon gift cards are valid for up to ten years after purchase and can be used forever on

For some countries, such as India, an Amazon gift card may only be valid for a year. Under Gift Cards > Terms & Conditions, buyers may learn more about local expiry policies.

Do Amazon Gift Cards Need to be Activated?

Because the gift card can only be used online, buyers must activate it by entering the information into their Amazon accounts.

Using the “Gift Cards” tab, customers enter their claim code and choose whether or not to utilize the funds immediately or store them to their account for a future date..

Can You Use an Amazon Gift Card for Everything?

It is possible to make practically any purchase on Amazon with a gift card from Amazon. It is possible for customers to use their gift cards as partial payment on other products, including those from third-party sellers.

Subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, or blogs, on the other hand, cannot be paid for using gift cards. Other Amazon gift cards cannot be purchased using Amazon gift cards.

How Do I Redeem an Amazon Gift Card if the Code is Unreadable?

Customers who are unable to read the code on the back of their Amazon gift card should contact customer service at Amazon and give the following information:

  1. This is the card’s 16- or 30-digit serial number (if it was provided)
  2. The identities of the purchasers and those who received their goods
  3. The recipient’s e-mail address or home address

Those who have purchased Amazon gift cards are urged to preserve a copy of their receipt in the event that the claim number on the gift card is not legible.

Customers may be unable to use their gift cards if they fail to provide the aforementioned information.

Why Isn’t My Amazon Gift Card Working?

In the event that a client’s Amazon gift card does not function, they can receive assistance from Amazon customer support. However, Amazon may be able to manually activate the card and provide you a new one.

If the card isn’t working, it might be because of a malfunction in the system or because the individual who bought it didn’t complete their transaction properly.

Bottom Line

Both physical and electronic Amazon gift cards are available for purchase. Entering the claim code into the Gift Cards > Redeem a Gift Card section activates and adds the gift card to the recipient’s account, which they may then use.

For the first ten years of their life, Amazon gift cards remain active and can be redeemed at any time, regardless of whether or not they have been used.

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