Home Depot Appliance Cancellation Policy

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When it comes to buying appliances, Home Depot is a great place to start. They have everything from TVs and refrigerators to dishwashers and ovens.

Suppose you bought an appliance from Home Depot and aren’t happy with it. Everything I’ve learned about Home Depot’s return policy for appliances is included here!

Return Policy for Home Depot Appliances in 2022

In 2022, Home Depot only offers appliance returns on smaller appliances, which consumers have 90 days to return. Customers can only return faulty or broken large appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and microwaves. Returns must be made within 48 hours of the date of purchase.

Read on if you’re interested in finding out how to return your appliances to Home Depot, which appliances are eligible, and how long you have to return them.

Without a receipt, can I return a Home Depot appliance?

If you have another form of payment, such as the product’s original packaging or a packing slip, you can return an appliance to Home Depot without a receipt.

However, Home Depot may be able to locate your order if you paid with a credit or debit card and made the transaction within the last 90 days. Note that Home Depot may accept your return but pay you with a store credit for the lowest price of the item if you cannot produce proof of purchase.

Is it possible to return a Home Depot appliance without its box?

Provided you don’t have the box for your appliance, Home Depot may still take a return if it’s in excellent working order, according to online buyers.

Make sure to keep in mind that if you return a Home Depot appliance without its box, the store manager has the last say on the reimbursement.

How Long Can I Return an Appliance from Home Depot?

In order to receive a refund for a large appliance that is defective, you must return the item within 48 hours after purchase (however, it may be 3-5 years if you opted for an appliance warranty).

If the small appliance is not malfunctioning, you can return or replace it within 90 days for any other reason.

If you bought your appliance using a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card or another Home Depot credit card, you’ll have a full year to return it.

Can I Return An Appliance After The Return Window Has Closed?

The Home Depot manager has the final say on whether or not to accept a return on a small appliance that has not yet been opened.

For big appliances, you have just 48 hours to return them to Home Depot if they are defective. Even so, many big appliances come with a manufacturer’s guarantee that extends beyond the original return date.

Purchase a Home Depot Protection Plan, and you’ll get a lifetime warranty on your new appliance.

How Do I Return an Appliance I Purchased at Home Depot?

Appliances purchased from Home Depot should be returned in their original packaging, including all of the accessories and parts that came with them. Make sure you have these items before returning an appliance to Home Depot.

Returning A Major Appliance

Home Depot does not allow customers to return big appliances unless they are defective or damaged. There is a 48-hour window in which to return or schedule a pick-up of your big appliance from Home Depot if it is defective.

You may call the Home Depot customer care department at (800) 455-3869 to get help with a return on a big appliance purchased online.

Get A Small Appliance Refund

A small appliance purchased from Home Depot can be returned or exchanged for a refund or credit up to 90 days after purchase at any Home Depot location.

If you like, you may also call the Home Depot customer care department to set up a return.

What Appliances Can I Return To Home Depot For a Full Refund?

For the first 90 days following purchase, Home Depot will only accept small appliances for return or exchange. These and other items may be found at Home Depot in the “small appliances” section.

To return big kitchen appliances, Home Depot will not accept returns unless they are damaged. You only have 48 hours to return a big appliance to Home Depot if it is defective after you have purchased or received it.

What Should I Do if My Home Depot Appliance Breaks Down?

To return or exchange your Home Depot appliance, simply bring it back to the shop with the receipt. You have 48 hours to request a refund from Home Depot for big appliances, while you have up to 90 days to get a refund for smaller appliances.

You have the right to refuse delivery of an appliance from Home Depot if it is damaged. If you wish to swap or refund your appliance, Home Depot will do so.

As long as the item in question isn’t defective, you’ll get your money back if you return it to Home Depot. As a result, you may face additional costs for re-delivering the goods.

Bottom Line

With a wide variety of appliances available in-store, Home Depot ensures that consumers are delighted with their purchases. Refunds or minor appliance exchanges can be made up to 90 days after purchase at Home Depot.

When it comes to big-ticket items like appliances, Home Depot will only provide refunds for defective items returned within 48 hours after purchase.

Keep all the original packaging and receipts in order to maximize your chances of getting a refund from Home Depot.

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