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Does Walmart Take Used Oil

By David Krug 4 minute read

Used oil and oil filters can be hazardous to the environment and must therefore be handled and disposed of appropriately to avoid this problem.

Is it possible to dispose of spent oil and used oil filters at Walmart’s Auto Care Centers, where oil and filter changes are offered? Here’s what I’ve discovered during my investigation!

In 2022, will Walmart accept used oil and used oil filters?

It will be free to dispose of spent oil and oil filters at Walmart Auto Care Centers starting in 2022. Non-contaminated motor oil can be given up to 5 liters per day. It’s also a possibility to donate your old engine fluids to places like AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts.

You can learn more about how to donate your used oil and oil filters to Walmart, where else you may dispose of them, and much more by reading on!

Walmart Uses What Type Of Oil?

Regardless of the brand or where it came from, Walmart’s Auto Care Centers will recycle and dispose of any sort of motor oil. Be aware that Walmart does not take non-motor lubricants such as brake fluid, power steering fluid, or radiator fluid.

The motor oil you send to Walmart must be free of any of these fluids in order to be approved for recycling purposes.

Is There A Fee For Accepting Used Oil & Oil Filters At Walmart?

No, Walmart outlets do not charge for the dumping of oil and oil filters.

How Do I Return Used Oil & Filters To Walmart?

You must visit a Walmart store with an Auto Care Center (you may use the Walmart store finder) during its open hours to return old oil and oil filters. Go to the Auto Care Center and tell the employee you want to dispose of some used oil and an oil filter after you’ve located a retailer.

The staff will take the containers and oil filters from you and have you sign a paper stating that you are returning spent oil. As a result, workers will check your used oil to ensure that it is free of contamination before allowing you to put it in the store’s used oil storage.

What is Walmart’s policy on used oil disposal?

There are no limits on the amount of old oil Walmart will accept from one consumer on any given day. If extra oil is needed, you can bring it in the following day.

Where Else Can Used Oil & Oil Filters Be Disposed Of?

To dispose of your spent oil and filter, if your Walmart does not offer an Auto Care Center, you may go to any nearby vehicle service shop, repair facility, or quick lube center. To dispose of spent oil and filters, you may visit any Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone outlet in your area.

You may also identify local facilities that will dispose of your used motor oil and filters by calling 1(800)-CLEANUP or visiting Earth911 and entering your zip code.

What Can You Do With Used Oil Apart From Recycle It?

Because it poses an environmental risk to landfills, used oil cannot be disposed of in your regular rubbish. Because of this, you can do a lot more with old motor oil than just throw it out at Walmart. Uses for spent motor oil include the following:

Remove dirt and grime from leather goods.

You may clean and shine a leather shoe by applying a small layer of old oil and stretching it out for up to 15 minutes before using a cloth to remove the oil.

“Emergency” heat

You may generate heat by burning used motor oil if you find yourself in a cold environment without access to electricity.

Keep your lawn and garden tools safe.

The wooden items you use in your yard, such as rakes, will begin to deteriorate and splinter with time. You may preserve the wood by applying a thin layer of old motor oil.

Bolts and other fasteners, which are prone to rust, can be treated using old motor oil. Using motor oil to coat the surface can help keep the hardware in place for longer.

Lubricate household appliances

You may use motor oil to lubricate door hinges, grill hinges, and other household surfaces if you need a little more lubrication. If you use it on chains, such as bicycles and chainsaw ones, you’ll need a different type of lubricant.

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Bottom Line

All Walmart shops with an Auto Care Center do fact accept old oil and used oil filters. Doing so is completely free and you can provide up to 5 gallons of motor oil a day without paying a cost. Keep in mind that other types of oils and fluids should not be mixed with the motor oil.