Does Walmart Take Old Tires

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In order to protect the environment, you must separate old tires from your usual waste and trash. Leaving them in landfills can be harmful to the ecosystem.

You may be asking if Walmart accepts old tires because it provides a wide range of tire-related services at most of its locations. Here’s what I discovered!

Are Old Tires Accepted At Walmart By 2022?

Walmart’s Tire and Lube Express and Auto Care Centers will no longer accept used tires for recycling or disposal as of 2022. However, Walmart Auto Care Centers will dispose of your old tires for a cost that varies by state when you have new tires placed.

You’ll find out how to dispose of your old tires at Walmart, as well as the locations of other agencies and businesses that accept old tires, in the following paragraphs.

Is there a free tire recycling program at Walmart?

At Walmart’s Auto Care or Tire and Lube Express Centers, used tires are not accepted for free.

If you buy new tires or have any kind of tire repair done at Walmart, you’ll have to pay an extra cost to dispose of your old tires.

The Fall Cleanup Tire Event, which takes place every year in September, is another opportunity for Walmart consumers to save money on tires.

If the tire manufacturer doesn’t have a recycling program that accepts old tires by mail or pick-up, you can reach out to them and inquire about it.

You can also find a ‘Tire Amnesty Day’ sponsored by local municipalities to get rid of your old tires for free this way.

On the designated date, you can bring your old tires to the particular locality and have them disposed of for free.

Is There A Fee To Dispose Of Old Tires At Walmart?

When new tires are installed, Walmart charges a tire disposal fee, which varies by state.

To find out how much it costs to dispose of old tires, use the Walmart Store Finder to locate a location near you.

In what other ways are old tires disposed of?

There are a few options for disposing of your old tires if a Walmart in your area does not have an Auto Care or Tire and Lube Express Center.

A tire return program that collects and recycles old tires can be obtained by contacting the tire manufacturer directly.

Ask your town’s waste management department if you can dispose of your old tires somewhere.

Toll-free at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Request that your old tires be taken away by the company. There is a modest price for them to pick up and deliver any type of tire.

Recycle your old tires by visiting and delivering them immediately to a nearby facility that recycles tires.

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Bottom Line

Walmart Auto Care and Tire and Lube Express Centers do not accept old tires.

It’s possible to recycle your old tires by keeping an eye out for the Walmart ‘Fall Cleanup Tire Event,’ which takes place annually in September.

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