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In addition to providing vital retail services, Walmart also provides a wide range of healthcare items and services to its clients.

You might be wondering, though, which credit cards Walmart takes. Do Walmart’s CareCredit credit cards work in the store? The information you’ve been looking for is here.

In 2022, will Walmart honor CareCredit?

As of 2022, CareCredit will be accepted at all Walmart locations for the purchase of health and wellness products and services.

Only in-store purchases are eligible for CareCredit, which can’t be used online or through the Walmart app. A separate payment method will be required for any purchases that are not covered.

What is CareCredit and can you return products purchased with the CareCredit credit card? Read on!

Accept CareCredit at every Walmart location?

All Walmart stores, including Neighborhood Markets and Supercenters, are eligible for in-store transactions using CareCredit credit cards.

Purchases made on the internet or at Walmart petrol stations are not eligible for CareCredit.

Select Walmart eye clinics also accept CareCredit credit cards, depending on the optometrist and insurance carriers they accept.

What do Walmart Products Qualify For The CareCredit Card?

CareCredit covers nearly every health and wellness product at Walmart, in addition to necessities like vision exams and prescriptions.

A CareCredit credit can be used for the following product types:

  • Pharmacist (prescriptions, deductibles, prescription pet medicine, co-pays)
  • Purchasable over the counter (cold and flu medicine, pain relievers, allergy relief)
  • Baby necessities (diapers, formula, car seats, teethers, baby books, and toys)
  • Optical technology (lenses, frames, sunglasses, eye drops, reading glasses)
  • Products and services geared toward maintaining one’s health and appearance (personal care, dental care, hair care)
  • Products and services offered by Walmart’s Care Clinic (immunizations, lab testing)

Using the CareCredit credit card, you may purchase a wide range of items at

How Are CareCredit Cards Used at Walmart?

At Walmart, it’s a breeze to play with a CareCredit card. Prior to paying with cash, use your CareCredit credit first. CareCredit will be charged for all eligible health, personal care, and wellness purchases.

CareCredit doesn’t cover everything, so you’ll have to pay for everything that isn’t covered by the credit card.

Most Walmart shops let you use your CareCredit card at the self-checkout lines or a traditional checkout counter.

What Healthcare Services Are Offered by Walmart?

Scheduling an appointment at one of Walmart’s health clinics is a breeze thanks to the convenience of self-service scheduling options. 

Walmart offers a variety of healthcare services, such as the ones listed below:

  • Dental
  • Labs
  • X-rays
  • Health screenings
  • Primary care
  • Counseling
  • Optometry
  • Hearing
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Health insurance education

Can You Make Online Purchases at Walmart with Your CareCredit Card?

A Walmart retail purchase using a CareCredit credit card is the only way to use it at the time of this writing. No online or mobile purchases can be made using the CareCredit credit card.

The reason why the healthcare credit card is not accepted for online purchases is not stated directly on the CareCredit website.

Can items purchased with a CareCredit card be returned to Walmart?

Assume you bought healthcare products at Walmart and then decided you wanted them back. Walmart returns and refunds are simple, no matter what payment method you choose.

Bring your CareCredit card to the store’s customer service desk if you want to exchange or return an item you bought with that card’s help.

What Is the CareCredit Program?

Several medical treatments and procedures can be paid for in monthly installments using CareCredit.

Health and wellness items may be purchased with CareCredit’s healthcare credit card. Over 225,000 healthcare professionals and retail businesses accept the CareCredit credit card.

Services covered by CareCredit include dental work, eye surgery like LASIK and laser eye surgery, dermatological procedures like chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing, veterinary care, and hearing aids, among others.

If you’d want to learn more about Walmart’s WIC policy, Visa and MasterCard gift cards, and CareCredit, you can check out our related blogs.

Bottom Line

Any Walmart location accepts CareCredit credit cards for in-store purchases of health and wellness items and services. CareCredit cannot be used to make purchases on the Walmart app or on the company’s website.

Make sure you bring your CareCredit card with you when you return things purchased at Walmart to be eligible for a refund or exchange.

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