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At Walmart, you can find a wide variety of products at low prices in massive “Supercenter” stores that serve an estimated 37 million customers per day!

Walmart, they say, has it all. Would it be possible to purchase these items at Walmart? According to Walmart’s own public statements, this is what we know.

In the year 2022, will Walmart be selling cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes?

Cigarettes and cigarillos, as well as rolling papers and rolling tobacco in some of Walmart’s U.S. stores (excluding Canada and certain states and counties), are available as of 2022. Walmart stores in the United States will no longer sell electronic cigarettes, vapes, Juuls, or vape juice as of 2019.

However, what does this mean for the company’s clients?

You can find everything you need to know about buying tobacco and other nicotine products at Walmart here. Tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes will be discussed. See for ourselves by taking a closer look!

Is Walmart a Cigar Retailer?

Cigars are available at Walmart stores in the United States and most other countries. Just like with cigarettes, you’ll need to show proof of identity and sign a legal document.

Remember that Walmart’s selection of cigars is comparable to that of a gas station, bodega, or a small corner store. These are not “fine” Cuban cigars that have been kept in a humidor.

Can You Tell Me About Other Tobacco Products That Walmart Sells?

Other tobacco products can be found at Walmart, but the selection is limited. Chewing tobacco and snus, another smokeless tobacco product, are the most popular choices. As well as cigarette rolling tobacco and papers, they offer a variety of other tobacco products as well.

Is Walmart a Retailer of Juul?

Juul pods were once available at Walmart. Although this ended on September 20th, 2019. When Walmart made the announcement, e-cigarettes were no longer for sale at its American stores.

Amidst the ongoing negative press coverage of vaping, as well as numerous state and local laws to restrict the sale of vaping products, this happened.

According to Walmart’s official statement, “Given the growing regulatory complexity and uncertainty regarding e-cigarettes at all Walmart and Sam’s Club U.S. locations,” they plan to stop selling electronic nicotine delivery devices.

Is Vape Juice Available at Walmart?

Juul pods, e-cigarettes, and other vaping products are not sold at Walmart. They haven’t sold any e-cigarettes or vaporizers of any kind since 2019.

Are There Other Nicotine Products Available at Walmart?

Nicotine gum and lozenges, available at Walmart as smoking cessation aids, are available for purchase. Non-prescription products have the same photo ID and age requirements for sale, despite the fact that they do not require a prescription.

Similarly to other products, Walmart stocks its smoking-cessation aids in varying quantities to meet demand at specific locations. In addition, many Walmart locations sell a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

To buy tobacco at Walmart, what are the prerequisites?

Tobacco products can only be purchased in Walmart stores in the United States with a government-issued photo ID. A driver’s license, military ID, passport, sheriff’s ID, or tribal identification card are all acceptable forms of identification.

A government-issued photo ID is also required. For example, student IDs from a university are not accepted.

Depending on the state in which a person lives, the legal age to purchase and consume tobacco may differ. In most states, the age of consent is 18 years old. –

Some states, on the other hand, mandate that smokers be at least 19 years old before purchasing tobacco. Other states began raising the age of consent to 21 beginning in the year of 2019. To ensure compliance, Walmart asks customers who appear to be under 40 to show a photo ID at the time of purchase.

Can You Buy Cigarettes At Walmart Canada?

In 1994, Ontario became the first province in Canada to prohibit the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies. Some Walmart pharmacies necessitated a ban on the sale of tobacco products because of this.

When the 1994 bill was passed, Walmart decided to stop selling tobacco products in all Canadian stores rather than having different policies for different provinces. Cigarettes have been unavailable at Walmart Canada since that time.

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Bottom Line

In the middle of the line, there is a cashier-operated register that sells cigarettes. Tobacco products are also available for purchase at this particular register. Since 1994, no tobacco products have been sold at Walmart Canada. E-cigarettes and other vaping products are not available for purchase here.

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