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Does Walmart Have A Neighborhood Market?

By David Krug 3 minute read

Walmart is continually extending its store network around the country in order to meet the growing demands of its customers for a wide range of goods and services.

What exactly is the Walmart Neighborhood Market? if you’ve ever wondered. What are the benefits of using it? What’s more, how good are they?

What Is The Neighborhood Market At Walmart?

The average size of a Walmart Neighborhood Market is one-fifth that of a Walmart Supercenter. It’s also convenient for customers to shop at Walmart Neighborhood Markets because they’re generally located near major urban areas.

To discover more about what Walmart Neighborhood Markets sell, whether or not they’re more pricey, and more, keep reading!

What Products Are Sold in Walmart Neighborhood Markets?

A Walmart Neighborhood Market focuses on three of Walmart’s most significant products: groceries, pharmacy, and gas.

The broad range of fresh food products sold at the neighborhood market is a major part of the market’s branding.

In addition, Walmart Neighborhood Markets offer stamps, prescriptions, flowers, alcohol (in certain states), cigarettes, gift cards, milk, and other needs.

Are Walmart Neighborhood Markets capable of selling clothing, electronics, and appliances?

In 2022, Walmart Neighborhood Markets will not be able to offer electronics, appliances, apparel, or other major consumer products.

Because Walmart’s profit margins on smaller consumables are bigger than those of Neighborhood Market’s, the latter cannot stock these larger products.

Is Fresh Produce and Beverages Available in Walmart Neighborhood Markets?

A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and dairy goods, may be found in Walmart Neighborhood Markets. Additional beverages include wine, beer, ground coffee, and fresh fruit juices and smoothies for consumers to purchase in the store.

Is Walmart Neighborhood Market Expensive?

It is true that Walmart Neighborhood Markets’ merchandise is more costly than at a typical Walmart because of the lower volume and lower total supply of Walmart’s products.

It’s mainly because Neighborhood Market stores are located in areas with less competition and greater operating expenses, allowing Walmart to raise prices.

Is It Possible To Return Walmart Purchases To A Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Yes, Walmart Neighborhood Markets do accept returns from Walmart shops and Walmart Supercenters. A Walmart Neighborhood Market isn’t likely to carry the same merchandise as a regular Walmart.

There is no return policy for shoes purchased at the Walmart Supercenter since the Neighborhood Market does not carry clothing, electronics, appliances, gardening supplies, and other things that are not sold at the Supercenter.

What Are the Hours of the Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Walmart Neighborhood Markets are now open Monday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. However, hours may vary from location to location, so it’s wise to verify ahead of time.

Walmart Neighborhood Market: Is It A Grocery Store?

American Express cards may shop at Walmart Neighborhood Markets. Rewards are available to Amex customers who buy in-store.

Are Walmart Neighborhood Markets the Same as Other Neighborhood Markets?

When Walmart opened its first Neighborhood Market in 1998, the company’s objective was to provide local residents a “smaller-footprint” choice for shopping.

Walmart’s Neighborhood Marketplaces were created with the goal of evoking nostalgia for the little neighborhood markets of the 1960s. The neighborhood market brand is essentially a homage to the local marketplaces of the past.

What Are the Significant Differences Between Walmart Neighborhood Markets and Supercenters?

In comparison to Walmart Supercenters, the size of Walmart Neighborhood Market Stores is significantly lower. 38,000 square feet compared to the 182,000 square feet average size of Walmart Supercenters is the average size of Walmart Neighborhood Markets.

Neighborhood Markets employ an average of 95 employees, and Supercenters employ an average of roughly 300 employees.

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Bottom Line

There are more and more Walmart Neighborhood Markets being established every year as the market grows. When Walmart Neighborhood Markets initially opened their doors in 1998, they quickly became hugely popular with locals.

A wide variety of fresh fruit, pharmaceuticals, and gasoline are readily available to customers at Walmart Neighborhood Markets.

Walmart’s success in the retail business has been bolstered by its ability to maintain its position as a market leader through the use of neighborhood markets.