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Does Walmart Do Price Adjustments

By David Krug 4 minute read

There is nothing worse for bargain hunters than purchasing a product that goes on sale a couple of days later.

For Walmart, the largest discount retailer in the United States, saving money is a top priority. So, if you’ve been trying to figure out how Walmart handles price adjustments, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what I discovered:

Pricing Adjustment Policy for 2022 at Walmart

As of 2022, Walmart will adjust the price if you buy a product that has dropped in price within seven days of purchase. Clothing, appliances, home decor, groceries, furniture, and more are all included in Walmart’s price adjustment policy. As a result, Walmart does not change the prices of Walmart Marketplace products.

Stay tuned for more information on Walmart price adjustments and whether or not you need a receipt!

To which products are price adjustments applied?

Some Walmart stores have recently updated their policies and no longer offer a price adjustment policy, according to recent 2022 updates: we’ve received various reports.

Generally speaking, Walmart adjusts the prices of a wide variety of its products. The following are some well-known instances:

  • Groceries that aren’t alcoholic
  • Appliances
  • Decorative Accents for the House
  • Furniture
  • Clothing for men, women, and children.
  • Products for automobiles

At Walmart, how long can you change the price of a product?

7 days after the original purchase, Walmart will refund the difference in the price of products that have been reduced in price.

Even if the product hasn’t arrived, customers must contact Walmart’s customer support team within seven days to report the new price.

Is Walmart able to lower the price of online orders?

Within seven days of purchase, Walmart is happy to lower the price of online orders.

However, third-party marketplace merchandise is not eligible for price adjustments, and only products sold and shipped by Walmart are eligible for price adjustments.

Are Sale Items Priced Differently at Walmart?

Everyone’s thinking about Black Friday and Cyber Week sales.

For Black Friday and Cyber Week, Walmart does not allow price adjustments to prevent customers from taking advantage of significantly lower prices.

Products purchased around Thanksgiving or during a sale such as a value of the day or a sale on clearance do not qualify for price adjustments.

Is Walmart Able To Change Prices Without A Receipts?

As cashiers need hard evidence of the price you initially paid, Walmart is unable to adjust the price if you cannot provide the appropriate proof of purchase, such as the original store receipt or online order invoice.

The method of payment used at the time of purchase is also required for a refund to be authorized.

If Walmart is unable to authenticate your purchase, you may be given a Walmart gift card.

How Do You Adjust Walmart Prices?

Customers should be aware that in-store purchases can only be changed at a Walmart store.

Walmart purchases can only be returned or exchanged online or by contacting Walmart customer service.

Customer service requests are handled at the customer service desk or in an operated checkout lane at the store.

Please make sure to bring your receipt as proof of purchase rather than the purchased item.

Customers may also be required to provide proof of the new price, and the difference in price will be reimbursed using the original payment method once verification has been verified.

It’s possible to get a price adjustment for an online purchase by contacting customer service. For Walmart verification, you may be required to submit a copy of your receipt.

Your debit or credit card will be refunded once the transaction has been approved.

Customers can expect their money back in their accounts in about ten days. You may need to contact your bank if the funds don’t show up.

What Are Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy Limitations?

Products purchased after the first seven days are not eligible for price matching at Walmart.

In addition, you are unable to compare prices between online and brick-and-mortar locations. There is no way to change the prices of alcoholic products because of different state laws.

The Walmart Plus membership discounts and deals cannot be applied to price adjustments. You’ll need to check out online price matching if you want to compare prices from other retailers.

Learn about Walmart’s coupon policy, rollbacks, and hidden clearances in our related guides on whether the retailer matches Amazon’s prices and hidden clearances.

Bottom Line

Within seven days of purchase, Walmart will adjust the price of products that have been reduced in price. Clothing, non-alcoholic groceries, home décor, furniture, and automobiles and appliances are all included. There is no comparison between store-bought products and online purchases because of the difference in prices.

David Krug