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Does Walmart Do Engravings

By David Krug 4 minute read

Walmart offers a wide range of things, from jewelry to pet supplies, all at competitive prices.

The question is whether Walmart can engrave rings, jewelry, or even dog tags if customers are looking for really one-of-a-kind items. See what I found out!

What About Dog Tags and Rings at Walmart in 2022?

In 2022, Walmart will be able to engrave rings, necklaces, and dog tags. However, is the only place where this service is available. Customers who want Walmart to engrave an item must first select an item from a list of those that are suitable for online personalization. Walmart offers free engraving as part of the item’s purchase price.

The question is, how can you engrave rings at Walmart? The information you seek can be found right here.

What Is Walmart’s Engraving Service?

When making an online purchase from, you have the option of having rings and other jewelry personalized. But not all rings and jewelry are qualified for this functionality.

It is also necessary to choose from a collection of jewelry that can be customized.

To get started, head to Walmart’s Personalized Jewelry page. From here, you may choose from a broad variety of products that can be engraved, including:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Class rings
  • Rings for weddings
  • Earrings
  • Anklets
  • Tags of Service

Find the product you want to personalize and select the “customize” option once you’ve clicked into a category.

You will then be asked to enter the words you want to be engraved before you proceed to the checkout page.

What Other Options Do I Have at Walmart for Customizing Rings and Jewelry?

The Walmart website offers a variety of customization options for select jewelry items, including engraving. Birthstones can be placed into your ring of choice, for example.

Charms and bracelets that spell out a person’s name or initials, as well as necklaces shaped like their name, are also readily available.

Is Walmart a Good Place to Engrave My Dog Tags?

If you’ve ever had jewelry or rings engraved, you know how easy it is to do it at Walmart.

Find the dog tag you like on Walmart’s website, check to see whether it can be engraved, and add your own personal touch before you pay!

How long does it take to engrave an item At Walmart?

Several factors come into play.

There are a number of factors to consider, including the nature of the product and how difficult it is to customise. First and foremost, the time it takes to engrave a piece of jewelry will depend on the firm that is doing the work.

Many of the things that can be engraved on Walmart’s website are created, personalized, and mailed to you by third-party vendors. For an engraved product to be produced, it will take about three working days if it is ordered through Walmart. Keep in mind, however, that some may take as long as three or four weeks! Check the product description to see how long it will take to customize.

Also check out my Walmart earring piercing page for more jewelry options.

How much does it cost to engrave At Walmart?

The cost of personalizing an item will be included in the product’s price, which will be shown beside the item on Walmart’s website.

There are a limited number of objects that can be personalized, and this is due to the fact that they come from a pre-approved list. If you choose to engrave that item, you won’t have to pay an additional price.

Why Can’t I Make Changes to the Jewelry I Ordered?

Sadly, Walmart does not allow you to change or cancel an order once it has been evaluated and approved. This includes orders for personalized rings, jewelry, and dog tags, among other items. For one thing, it’s one-of-a-kind.

Make sure you enter your personalisation correctly and double-check the order before confirming the transaction.

For those who want to offer a personalized ring as a gift, Walmart’s gift wrapping service and ring resizing services may be of interest.

If you’re not happy with your jewelry purchase from Walmart, you can return it for a full refund or store credit by consulting the Walmart jewelry return policy.

Bottom Line

It is true that Walmart has a wide variety of rings and jewelry that may be engraved and personalized.

However, Walmart’s website is the only place where you may have an item personalized. Find the item you want engraved, make sure it is eligible for the service, then enter your personalization before you check out.

Take your time and do it correctly. It is not possible to cancel, modify, or return a personalized item once it has been ordered.

David Krug