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Does Walmart Do Car Inspections

By David Krug 3 minute read

You may find a wide range of vehicle products and services at Walmart’s Auto Care Centers, which are located throughout the world’s largest retailer. So, if you’re wondering if Walmart performs vehicle inspections, you’re not alone. Here’s what I learned after doing some investigation!

Does Walmart Do Car Inspections In 2022?

Due to a lack of Auto Care Centers and Supercenters, Walmart will no longer be able to conduct vehicle inspections as of 2022. It’s better to go to Walmart for simple repairs like oil changes and tire alignments. You may go to Midas, Valvoline, Mr. Lube, and Jiffy Lube for proper automobile inspections.

In this article, we’ll explain why Walmart doesn’t do vehicle inspections, where you can have them done, and how much they cost.

Why Does Walmart Not Do Car Inspections? 

A report from the United States says that. When a vehicle is purchased, sold, or registered in a state, the Department of Transportation mandates a new set of safety examinations.

Additional vehicle inspections may be required depending on the driver and the destination, especially if the car is going to cross state boundaries, for some ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber.

Due to a lack of automotive capacity in Walmart’s Auto Care Centers and Supercenters, it is unable to provide vehicle inspection services.

Where Can You Get A Car Inspection?

It is necessary to identify a mechanic who is certified to examine the safety of the vehicle in accordance with the municipal or state’s established requirements (by external authorities) in order to get your vehicle inspected

Services like Valvoline, Mr. Lube and Midas are available at service shops like Jiffy Lube and Valvoline (which has a handy service center locator for your convenience). Alternatively, drivers can use this list of 50 state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) links to get more detailed advice.

How Much Do Car Inspections Cost?

The cost of a car inspection varies greatly depending on where you reside, the inspection place you choose, and the age and make and model of your vehicle. However, basic safety tests are often inexpensive.

Even while certified mechanics in private shops are more expensive, a service facility like Midas or Jiffy Lube can do routine safety checks and provide you with the certification necessary.

Ensure that you are aware of the sorts of inspections that your car will require before going to one. Some states require more than one before you can proceed (such as passing proper emissions tests).

Examining and paying for a vehicle safety check can be broken down into three distinct types:

  • At roughly $80, a basic vehicle inspection covers the mechanics of the vehicle and is the most cost-effective.
  • Typical Vehicle Inspections—A typical inspection includes a thorough examination of the complete vehicle, including all systems and parts. Most repair centers charge between $150 and $250 for this.
  • This is the most comprehensive sort of vehicle inspection, which is suitable for more complex automobile constructions or cars that may be exposed to hazardous materials or circumstances. This can cost as much as $300 or more.

Which Auto Services Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart’s Auto Maintenance Centers provide a wide range of vehicle services, including tire care, oil changes, lubrication services, and more.

When it comes to your automobile, Walmart’s licensed automotive specialists can provide fast, cost-effective, and expert maintenance. Walmart Auto Care Centers offer a broad range of automobile services:

  • Air filter replacement
  • Battery installation
  • Battery testing
  • Coolant system cleaning
  • Flat tire repairs
  • Fuel system cleaning
  • Lube services
  • Oil changes
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Tire balancing
  • Tire installation
  • Tire replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • Windshield wiper fluid change

Once you’ve typed in your ZIP code into Walmart’s store locator, pick “details” next to the store location you want for hours and phone number information.

Bottom Line

As a result, the Walmart Auto Care Centers are unable to provide vehicle inspections. In addition to oil changes and tire rotations, they also provide a wide range of additional car services. However, if you need a car inspection, look into other automotive repair outlets like Midas, Mr. Lube, Jiffy Lube, or Valvoline, which employ skilled and qualified mechanics.